New Year - Jan 2014

2014 - The Year of the Horse
Or as we like to call it, the year to travel to Mongolia.To celebrate the advent of our favourite Asian astrological sign, we are offering a lunatic lunar new year discount of £100 off any one of our trips that includes a horse trek, if booked before the end of February.
Choose from a range of exhilarating equine escapades - trek to the remote reindeer herding community in Northern Mongolia on our Taiga Trails; explore the rolling hills of central Mongolia on our Orkhon Valley Ride; mount up in the peaks of the Altai on our Tsambagarav Trek; or be one of the first to explore a new Goyo Travel route in Zavkhan on our exciting new recce trip Mongolia 5 Ways.
The 31st of January ushers in the Mongolian Lunar New Year, known in Mongolia as Tsaagan Sar - or 'White Moon'. It is a time of celebration, feasting and family get-togethers - fuelled by thousands of mutton dumplings (buuz) and spirited toasts. So, for any of you UB expats, or any of you passing through Mongolia in a couple of weeks time, we have put together a couple of short breaks to make the most of the seasonal festivities and escape to the countryside to enjoy the winter sunshine!
Nomadic New Year - Celebrate with the locals as you venture out to Terelj to stay with a nomadic family near the banks of the frozen Tuul river. Take part in their New Year's Eve rituals of Bituun, and join in the evening family feast of buuz. The next day, accompany your hosts to the family elders for a large celebratory gathering of thanksgiving and more festing. Brush away the cobwebs the next day on a day's horse ride through the frozen wilderness under clear blue skies (hopefully!)

Secret Escape - Head north of Ulaanbaatar to the Secret History ger camp for a long weekend of special celebrations showcasing the cultural spirit and traditions of Tsaagan Sar. Learn about shamanist beliefs and rituals, play traditional anklebone games, visit a local herder's family, try your hand at archery, watch horse racing and enjoy a traditional New Year's feast.

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Goyo Travel Mongolia - New Office Ulaanbaatar
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As Tsagaan Sar approaches, there is only one thing on a Mongolian's mind - buuz! Families often spend days preparing over 1000 of these mutton dumplings, ready to steam and serve to the hoards of visitors they will receive over New Year.
In honour of this humble dumpling, here is the recipe of our own twist on this traditional delicacy -
Goyo's Buuz Recipe
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