July 2014

2014 - The Year of the Horse
Happy Naadam from all our Goyo Travel office staff! This week sees the highlight of the Mongolian calendar - Naadam Festival - celebrated up and down the country. In a nutshell - men wrestling in tight pants, children riding bareback for up to 35km, colourful parades, Mongolians togged up in traditional clothes, a surfeit of huushuur (fried meat pasties), all washed down with airag (fermented mare's milk) and potent local vodka. What's not to love about all that? If you're not joining us for this year's festivities, it will all happen again next year, so look forward to seeing some of you then. As they say here, Saikhan Naadarai! Now try saying that after a couple of glasses of Chinggis.
What exactly does a trip to Mongolia involve? Why not let one of our guests - serial globetrotter and blogger Martin Weaver - tell you about it. He's currently 19 days into a 27 day epic overland adventure, and armed with a tablet and a sporadic internet connection, he's regaling us with the highlights of his trip in anecdotes and pictures. Riding through wildflower meadows in the Orkhon Valley, climbing sand dunes at dawn, snacking on air-dried goat, taking cover from a rainstorm in the Gobi Desert, curing a hangover with a boiled sheep's head, a face-off with a golden eagle, getting to grips with dumpling-making, soaking in natural springs, and all this before the main event of Naadam in Tariat yesterday and today. No doubt he'll be giving us his update any day now, so log on and check out what great adventures are to be had with us in Mongolia -
Effective immediately, the government of Mongolia have lifted visa restrictions for a further 42 countries until December 2015. This includes the UK, plus most of Europe and South/Central America. So, what are you waiting for? From Andorra to Uruguay it's now easier than ever for most people to come to the greatest country on earth! Although it's a shame your passport won't look as colourful as it once did - nothing like a bit of nostalgia for ex-communist bureaucracy and paperwork. You'll still get the stamp though, don't worry.
On most trips, truly local experiences in Mongolia are in the countryside...until now! Goyo Travel have been leafing through our plump address book, calling on some old friends in select centrally located apartments, and encouraging them to open their homes to guests. The result of our quest is that we can now offer homestays as an interesting and cheaper alternative to hotels - authentic local B&B accommodation in your own private room in a Mongolian family's apartment. Crack open the airag!
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