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April 2017


Humans are hungry for meaning and connection—but too many Jews haven’t found them in established Jewish institutions. We’re well aware that the Jewish models of the past may not work for the future, which is why our movement is committed to innovation.

In this issue of Journeys, you’ll learn how our students, rabbis and congregations are finding new ways to create serious and positive Jewish experiences.

With our sources and traditions in hand, we’re incubating ideas for the Jewish future.


Looking for the Next Big Idea in Jewish Life

Through a grant program, our rabbis and graduates are: leading Torah study for unaffiliated adults; helping young urban professionals form an independent prayer community; combining social action with Jewish learning in innovative ways; leading services in a vegan cafe, and so much more.

Read about RRC's approach to entrepreneurship and how we’re using micro-grants to turn inspiring ideas into concrete initiatives.
Studying Mussar, and the Jewish View of Tattoos, on Campus

RRC students are gaining valuable experience on college campuses while making a difference in student’s lives and shaping a new generation of Jewish leaders.
Check out how one of our students, Marley Weiner, helped a university student develop a spiritual practice.
Judaism’s Greatest Cultural Masterpiece

In her new book, Rabbi Mira Wasserman, Ph.D., explores the Talmud’s most controversial volume. Along the way, she tackles anti-Semitism and makes the case for the Talmud’s relevance for progressive Jews.

Read the cringe-worthy and laudatory things the Talmud has to say about non-Jews and how we should interpret the complexity.
We Want to Hear Your Story!
Has your life – or the life of someone you know - been transformed by a Reconstructionist rabbi or congregation? Please share your inspiring stories!
Congregations have procedures for everything, but do they have one for responding to cold calls and emails from potential members? Rachael Burgess, a member of RRC's communications team with a strong background in public relations and marketing offers some valuable tips.

As Shavuot approaches, check out this tune on Ritualwell that gets us into the counting of the Omer spirit.

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