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Computing Insights for October/November 2013

Greetings from EagleTech Computer Service!

October was such a busy month for us and as a result I didn't get my monthly newsletter out, so this month I'm combining October and November entries.  My apologies for the delay. 

Here are some topics we will be covering in this edition :

- CryptoLocker Virus...a Possible Fix
- Software Specials
- Watch out for Malware
- Windows 8.1 Update is now available

We are here at EagleTech are very thankful this Thanksgiving for each of you who have become clients/friends over the years and we wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thanks for being the great clients each of you are...!!!

Tom Sparks


CryptoLocker Virus...Possible Fix :

In my last newsletter I described this new horrendous virus named "CryptoLocker."  So far none of my clients have encountered it...yeah for that!  

But in addition to that good news I'm pleased to be able to tell you that I now have a special utility I can add to your computer that will block your computer from ever getting it. I can install this utility remotely to any of your computers that are connected to the Internet.  Because the creators of this terrible virus are continually changing its programming code this utility must be updated from time to time. While the utility itself is free you will need to decide how you want to handle regular updating. Here are some options:

1. I can train you to go to the developer's website and update the program yourself.  This of course would be the 100% free approach, after I've completed training you.
2. I can connect to you remotely on a monthly basis and update it for you in about 15 minutes.  The fee for this would be $9.
3.The developer of the software will provide continual updates for a one time fee of $25.

Consider these options and let me know how I might assist you...

Software Specials:
I'm often asked what kind of prices I am able to obtain for my clients on popular software packages so here are a few options that I have available:
Microsoft Office 2007 Small Business (includes Word, Excel, Outlook, Publisher, Powerpoint - $150
Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Student (includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint) - $110
Microsoft Office 2010 Professional (includes, Word, Excel, Outlook, Publisher, Powerpoint, Access) - $200
Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Student (includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint) - $115
Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Business (includes Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint - $180
Quicken Deluxe 2013 - $40
Quickbooks Premier 2013 - $245
Kaspersky 2014 Antivirus (Receives the highest tested ratings of all Antivirus programs):
3 users one year subscription - $35
Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit operating system - $100
Windows 8.1, 64 bit operating system - $110
Let me know if you would like any of these and I'd be happy to order them and come to your home or office and install them for the price of the software and a one hour service fee.  The one hour would also include a tune-up of your computer.

Watch out for 2 new Malware Deceptions:

Google Chrome Browser Update - There is a malware hacker who is attempting to intimidate Google Chrome users into falsely updated Chrome with a popup that says they need to update it. Do not fall for it. You will immediately receive a virus on to your computer.  Google Chrome does not use an updating methodology of this type.
Adobe Flash or Adobe Reader Update - There is a hacker who is a attemtping to trick Adobe products users into updating their Reader or Flash products with a popup that says they need to update these products. The ONLY safe method for updating Adobe products is to go directly to their website and use their updating options on their webpage.

Windows 8.1 is available:
If you have a new computer with Windows 8 on it Microsoft has just come out with a new and significant update called 8.1.  It is available at the following website: .

The update is free and I'm recommending that all of my clients go ahead and update their current version of Windows 8 to 8.1. If you would like my assistance with this update I would be happy to do so. Be prepared for the upgrade to take some time. The file size is 3.63GB, so how fast it downloads and sets up will depend on your internet connection. I would anticipate from start to finish will take between 1 to 2 hours.

From my wife and I at EagleTech Computer Service we'd like to wish you a -

Best of success to you in all your computing.
I’m here to assist you when you need it.  As just a reminder... my onsite residential fee is $35 per hour and for the commercial setting it is $45 per hour. Once again...for any clients you send my way, who use my services for an hour or more, I'd be happy to credit you with $9 of free computer service at your next call.  Do let me know if you send folks my way and I'll keep notes on that as a credit for my next visit to you, and don't feel embarrassed to remind me you would like that credit when I visit.
Thanks so much!
Your Computer Technician
Tom Sparks




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