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Computing Insights for July 2015

Computers open the world of information and entertainment and we are dedicated to making that experience stable, enjoyable and interesting.

Here are some topics we will be covering in this edition :

- IDrive Cloud Backup Service Special
- Fake Microsoft Support Calls
- To Windows 10 or not to Windows 10?
- Windows Activation Issue


IDrive cloud backup service special:

In the interest of full transparency I do need to tell you that I am a representative for IDrive backup service, so I receive a small compensation for referring their service to you, but having said that my greatest motivation in sharing it with you is to help you avoid the sorrow of lost personal data if your hard drive should crash or a virus were to corrupt all your data. iDrive's backup service is an excellent service, and right now, rather than charging $59.50 for a one year subscription, they are offering you a year for just $14.88.

If you are interested you can safely click this link and check them out:

Ever lost your smartphone, or had a hard drive crash? We keep a lot of our lives on digital devices now, and that important data needs protecting. Here's an opportunity to make sure you never lose your data again!

IDrive Online Backup, an award-winning cloud backup solution, is offering a special, exclusive offer this week: 75% off IDrive for only $14.88 for the first year. This is a secure, affordable way to keep your critical files safe from data disasters. IDrive also makes your data accessible from an unlimited number of devices at no extra charge! IDrive provides you with 1 terabyte of backup space and you can use that for one computer or split it up between several of your computers and phones.

IDrive's features include:
Universal Backup - Backup an all of your devices at no extra cost. This saves you money, and ensures that your entire network is secure and linked up.
High-level Encryption - IDrive offers the gold standard for encryption: military-grade 256-bit AES. They also offer Private Key Encryption, allowing you to choose your own unique key phrase so no one but you can unlock your data.
Cross-platform Compatibility - IDrive supports PC and Mac computers, Android and iOS devices, and a host of servers including Linux and Windows.
IDrive was recently honored with the 2015 PC Mag's Editor's Choice award, in which they stated that "IDrive does just about everything you need an online backup service to do and more."

To sign up for a year of IDrive's Online Backup solution for only $14.88 (marked down from $59.50!), simply click here:

Fake Microsoft Support Calls:

Have you ever gotten a call from someone claiming to have been sent your way by Microsoft? I've shared in past newsletters how this is ALWAYS a scam, but here is Microsoft's own description of how this is NEVER them:

Don't feel foolish for having allowed them to convince you they are the real deal. They are very good at their scam. They hook millions of people a year and millions of dollars from their scam.

And here is the Federal Trade Commission's statement to the same effect:

If you've ever allowed one of these scammers to connect remotely to your computer it would be best to have me take a look at things to see if they left behind an open remote connection service so they can get on to your computer any time they want, or if they placed a Trojan virus on your computer that will collect your usernames and passwords to websites. One of the most important questions I can ask you at this point is "Did they talk you into sharing with them any of your website passwords?" If they did then you will want to quickly go to that site and change your password. This will block them out of that site and protect you.

If they talked you in to allowing them to charge your credit card for their services you will want to quickly contact your credit card company and ask them to reverse and remove those charges and they will do this for you.

I also recommend you visit the Oregon Department of the Consumer Protection Agency and file a complaint on these callers:

To Windows 10 or not to Windows 10 ???

Everyone wants to know if they should upgrade to the free Windows 10. My feeling on the issue is that it never hurts to wait at least 3 and maybe 6 months after Microsoft comes out with a new version of their operating system. Whether Windows 10 will need this long will be determined by just how much it causes problems in computers around the world on the early adopters.

It is going to be offered free to everyone who has a legitimate copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. We're being told that if you have a Windows Vista operating system it will "likely" run on it, as long as it has the specs recommended below, and even in some cases it will run on a Windows XP computer, but in both a Windows Vista machine and a Windows XP machine Windows 10 won't be free from Microsoft. My guess, if you have a Windows Vista or Windows XP machine, and you decide you'd like to have Windows 10, that you go the route of purchasing a new computer rather than buying Windows 10 and hoping it will run on your older computer. I'd be afraid you would be wasting your money because you'd have the cost of the software plus the cost to have someone like me install it on your computer. Keep in time goes by Windows 10 will change, become more needy of system strengths, and if Windows 10 maxes out your Windows XP or Vista machine it will over stress it in the near future as Windows 10 upgrades itself.

Here's what I recommend...When Microsoft indicates Windows 10 is available for download I recommend you download the Install Package they will be making available but maybe not actually double click on that install file once its been downloaded to your computer. I recommend your downloading it to your Download folder on your computer and then waiting to see how the reports come in on it. This way you have it ready to go but you don't have down time on yourcomputer because it is intially causing problems. Even if the new Windows 10 initially has bugs it won't likely take Microsoft very long to provide Windows Updates that will address those bugs.

Here are some basic computer specification that Microsoft is recommending for computers to have that will be upgrading to Windows 10:

Minimum specs -

Processor: I'm going to recommend nothing lower than 1.7GHz, because slower than this and your computer will run too slowly
RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit) (I'm going to recommend nothing lower than 2 gigabytes whether you have a 32 bit or 64 bit system)
Free hard disk space: 16 GB
Graphics card: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver
A Microsoft account and Internet access (you will easily be able to create this when it comes time to install Windows 10)

Caveats -

Beyond the speed of processor, you will also need a 32-bit or 64-bit CPU that supports three different processor features - PAE, SSE2 and NX. Windows 8.1 also requires support for these, so if your machine runs Windows 8.1, chances are it'll run Windows 10.

If you're running Windows 7, you can download the Windows 8/8.1 Upgrade Assistant (available at to see if your hardware is up to spec or use the CPU-Z utility (available at to check if your processor supports these features.


Windows Activation Issue:

Have I ever installed Windows on your computer or sold you a refurbished computer and several days after I left you got an error message that read "This copy of Windows is not genuine" ? If you have it isn't because it isn't genuine it is because I forgot to enter the activation code in a second time. I have that activation code, your copy is a genuine copy, and if this ever happens to you just give me a call and I can resolve it in a matter of minutes at no cost to you.


Best of success to you in all your computing!

I’m here to assist you when you need it.  As just a reminder... my onsite residential fee is $45 per hour and for the commercial setting it is $55 per hour and will continue through the month of March. For those times when working remotely with your computer over the Internet is a good option then the cost savings to you are substantial since I only need to charge on a "15 minute" increment instead of the full hour fee for an onsite visit. This means just $12 per 15 minutes. Once again...for any clients you send my way, who use my services for an hour or more, I'd be happy to credit you with $12 of free computer service at your next call.  Do let me know if you send folks my way and I'll keep notes on that as a credit for my next visit to you, and don't feel embarrassed to remind me you would like that credit when I visit.
Thanks so much!
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