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EagleTech Computer Service Newsletter

Computing Insights for March 2016

Greetings from EagleTech Computer Service!

Here are some topics we will be covering in this edition :

- Web Page Pop-up Scam
- Windows 10 Re-Start Issues
- Some Cleanup Tools for you


Web Page Pop-up Scam:

I apologize for redundancy on an issue we've discussed here previously, but because soooo many clients continually call me about one of the most frequently experienced scams on the Internet I felt it would be good for everyone on my newsletter email list to hear it once again...No one, and so far as I know this is a 100% no one, on this planet or any other planet knows absolutely anything about the condition of your computer, whether you have a virus, whether anyone has been trying to hack into your computer, or if you have errors in your operating system. If a website pops up and says you do have issues it is a bogus scam and all you need to do to get it to go away is press and hold your computer's power button until your computer completely turns off and then turn it back on. Once it boots back up none of the scam will remain.

Think of it this way...just imagine if the millions and millions of people who are being contacted by these scammers actually had computers that others could determine were infected, etc., this would mean that virtually everyone on the planet had a pure 0% personal computing privacy. It would mean that criminals have access to every computer on the planet because everyone on the planet is being contacted by these scammers with the same message "You have problems on your computer and we are calling to help you...blah, blah, blah." It would be the biggest news article in the world and the very worst possible scenario for people with computers that could exist. Imagine...a pure 0% of personal security...that would be so awful that it is hard to even form the words to describe just how horrific such a condition would actually be.

Fortunately, no one on this planet has any idea whatsoever about what is going on with your computer and they certainly don't know if you have viruses, or if people have been trying to break into your computer, etc.

These guys will want you to visit a web page, enter a code, and bingo...they are on your computer, and literally within 10 seconds they can download a key logging virus on to your computer that from that day forward every single time you sign in to a bank account, an investment account, a site where you shop online, etc., these guys would be able to capture your User Name and Password, and then when you sign out they could go back in and transfer out all the cash in your bank accounts and charge any amount of items from the online store you shop at until your card was rejected because your credit limit had been maxed out by their purchases. This is just how serious letting these criminals on to your computer could be.

Have I scared you yet? I mean REALLY scared and terrified you? If not feel free to give me a call and I'll go into even more details of how horrific it is to let anyone on to your computer that you don't know.

Sooo, in recapping...if a website pops up, or someone calls you, or you get an email that tells you that you need to talk with them, visit a web page, type in a code or let them on to your computer you never never never want to let them do it.

I do hope this helps you because just about every single day of the week I get between 1 and 5 calls from clients who tell me they did receive one of these scam calls or notifications and let someone from India on to their computer who claimed to be working for Microsoft or some other company.

Feel free to call me if you have any questions about these scams.

Here's to true safety on the Net...


Windows 10 Failure to Restart Properly:

With the advent of Windows 10, because it is still a "Work in Progress" we can all anticipate a few glitches along the way. One of the glitches that frequently take place have to do with Windows 10 Updates.

Microsoft has setup Windows 10 in such a way that you really can't stop the Updates they want to install, so this means your system will be changing from time to time in ways you just have to live with. In most cases these are positive changes, but in some cases your computer may not reboot properly and may need for you to force turn off your computer and then restart it again. You don't want to rush to use this procedure because in some cases your computer will eventually complete its startup eventually if you give it around an hour, but if you've tried to restart your computer and you just get a lingering black screen for over an hour then it is time to force the computer to turn off and then restart. In my experience usually three attempts will solve the issue for you.

Here are some other tips to help avoid a Windows 10 Update failure:

1) Prior to restarting your computer to complete the Update temporarily turn off your Antivirus Software. This is usually done by right clicking the Antivirus Software icon in the lower right corner of your Taskbar, and locating the option to turn off the software permanently. Choose that option, restart your computer, let the Update fully install, and then return to the Antivirus icon and turn it back on.

2) Never force your computer to turn off while an Update is in the process of installing unless your computer has been locked up for at least an hour. Forcing a Windows update to quit during the update process can corrupt the Windows operating system.

One more thought on Windows 10. For those of you who don't have Windows 10, but your computer is telling you it is available...Microsoft is changing their Upgrade approach and instead of asking you if you'd like for them to Download and install Windows 10 they will just begin the process of doing it. They will pop up a window telling you they are going to complete the Upgrade unless you instruct them not to. Sooo, if you've decided not to Upgrade to Windows 10 you will want to watch for this and deny it when alerted. If you would like for me to remote in to your computer and turn this off for you I can do so inside about 5 minutes and  then they won't nag you anymore about it. Just let me know if you'd like for me to do that for you.


House Cleaning Tips:

As we come into this new year it is a good idea to do a little house cleaning, and here are some of the simple to use programs that I generally recommend:

CCleaner, found at: choose the free edition.

AdwCleaner, found at:

Malwarebytes, found at: choose the free edition.

Simply download and run these programs. If you'd feel more comfortable having me do this for you I'm always here to assist.

Best of success to you in all your computing!

I’m here to assist you when you need it.  As just a reminder... my onsite residential fee is $45 per hour and for the commercial setting it is $55 per hour and will continue through the month of March. For those times when working remotely with your computer over the Internet is a good option then the cost savings to you are substantial since I only need to charge on a "15 minute" increment instead of the full hour fee for an onsite visit. This means just $12 per 15 minutes. Once again...for any clients you send my way, who use my services for an hour or more, I'd be happy to credit you with $12 of free computer service at your next call.  Do let me know if you send folks my way and I'll keep notes on that as a credit for my next visit to you, and don't feel embarrassed to remind me you would like that credit when I visit.

Thanks so much!
Your Computer Technician
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