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EagleTech Computer Service Newsletter

Computing Insights for November 2016

Greetings from EagleTech Computer Service!

We here at EagleTech Computer Service would like to wish all of our clients a very Happy Thanksgiving! We know that we are certainly thankful for each of you!!! It has been a great year for us and that is because of your patronage and referring us to your friends and family. We "never" take your patronage and referrals for granted and are incredibly thankful for the opportunity to serve you and your computing needs.

Here are some topics we will be covering in this edition :

- Watch Out for Holiday Scams
- We have Refurbished Computers Available
- Buying a New PC for someone?
- Windows 10 Updates and Your Printer...
- Past Newsletters


Watch Our for Holiday Scams:

If you should happen to receive an email that tells you either USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, or one of the other lesser known package delivery services, that tells you they tried to deliver a package to your home or place of business and didn't find you home and they need you to click on a link to give them additional information as to when they can find you home, DON'T CLICK THE LINK!!!

Just clicking that link could easily put a virus on your computer. None of these delivery services notify their customers that they tried to deliver you a package via an email. If they have a package for you, that they couldn't deliver because you weren't home when they tried to deliver it, they will use one of two methods to let you know.

One: they will leave a note on your door
Two: they will mail a letter to you explaining the delivery issue


We have Refurbished Computers Available:

If you are needing a nice Desktop computer, fully refurbished with a brand new 1 Terabyte hard drive, we have several available. The cost is only $185.

They are not equivalent to brand new computers because they have an older processor than is used on the newest computers, but Intel Dual Core machines are still very good processors if what you are looking for is something that works well with surfing the Internet, checking on and sending emails, and running your standard core softwares such as Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, Quicken, Netflix, and many games if those games are not too graphically intense (like Call of Duty, for example).

Let us know if you would like one and we'll make sure to have one setup to your personal specifications.


Buying a New PC?:

If you are considering purchasing a new computer this holiday season then watch some of the local big box stores for some great buys. Locally I recommend the following stores:

The reason I tend to recommend the big box stores is because they have onsite warranty service and are very willing to allow you to return your new computer if it either fails to perform to expectations or is defective.

Here are some specs that I've shared with you in previous Newsletters:

Brands I recommend: Lenovo, Asus, Dell
Processor: Intel Core i5 with at least a 2.5GHz processing speed
RAM: At least 8 gigabytes
Hard Drive Size: At least 1 Terabyte

I'm not a big fan of extended warranties but if it gives you a comforting sense of protection then by all means purchase that at the time you purchase your new computer.

Keep in mind that all new Computers will come with the new Windows 10 but I don't recommend you let that stop you from a new purchase. Windows 10 continues to improve, and while from time to time it causes glitches in computer performance most of those are fairly easy to resolve and aren't a significant enough issue to avoid Windows 10 for.


Windows 10 Updates and your Printer...

If you have Windows 10 and it updates itself and then your printer fails to print you aren't alone. Unfortunately this has been all too frequent a dilemma for folks. Generally the best fix is to uninstall the printer software, restart the computer, and then reinstall it. This will generally resolve the issue and get you back and printing again.

Past Newsletters:

If you are a newer customer and you are interested in past newsletters we've sent out we keep links to all past newsletters on our website:

These can be especially helpful if you want insights on how to avoid many of the current scams that face computer users. I highly recommend you check out these past newsletters for some great protection for your computers.

Best of success to you in all your computing!

I’m here to assist you when you need it.  As just a reminder... my onsite residential fee is $45 per hour and for the commercial setting it is $55 per hour and will continue through the month of March. For those times when working remotely with your computer over the Internet is a good option then the cost savings to you are substantial since I only need to charge on a "15 minute" increment instead of the full hour fee for an onsite visit. This means just $12 per 15 minutes. Once again...for any clients you send my way, who use my services for an hour or more, I'd be happy to credit you with $12 of free computer service at your next call.  Do let me know if you send folks my way and I'll keep notes on that as a credit for my next visit to you, and don't feel embarrassed to remind me you would like that credit when I visit.

Thanks so much!
Your Computer Technician
Tom Sparks


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