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EagleTech Computer Service Newsletter

Computing Insights for May 2016

Greetings from EagleTech Computer Service!

Here are some topics we will be covering in this edition :

- Facebook Messenger Scam
- Ransomeware Threat Update
- Microsoft Word Defaults Setup
- Windows 10 Upgrade Warning
- Windows 10 Upgrade Decline
- Speed up your Computer


Facebook Messenger Scam:

There is a new Facebook Messenger scam going around that could potentially get you a very serious virus. If you get an invitation from within Facebook to accept a new friend, even if it is a person you know and recognize, you DO NOT want to accept their invitation until you call and ask them if they originated that request to be added as your friend.

The reason you want to do this step is because criminal hackers have figured out how to pose as friends on Facebook and create a fake request to join your Facebook as one of your friends. Then, once you have accepted this fake request you will later receive an invitation to chat on Facebook Messenger app and dialogue with your friend, however it is not really your friend.

Then, if you have fallen for their scam and you get their request to chat on Facebook Messenger they will ask you if you've heard about the big government grant money giveaway. They will tell you that they applied for the grant and received $150,000 delivered by UPS.

All of this is a scam and has nothing to do with your real Facebook friend. At this point if you click on the link they will share with you for information on this fake government grant you will either immediately receive a virus, or some form of malware, or they will want a certain amount of money to actually share with you the information on this grant. All of it is a scam and you don't want to fall for any part of it.

Next, you want to go into your Facebook friends and delete that person as one of your Facebook friends. This will stop their approach to you and protect you from further Messenger requests from them. Then, give your real friend a phone call and let them know their Facebook page has been hacked by an Internet criminal and they need to immediately change their Facebook password.

They should thank you, because otherwise they are going to have all their Facebook friends mad at them for giving their friends a virus. Let me know if you have any questions or need any assistance with this. I'd be happy to help.


Ransomeware Threat Update:

Ransomeware has become the number one threat on the Internet. It largely infects your computer by you clicking on a fake email link, but once it gets on your computer it corrupts all your personal files and the only way to recover your personal files is to pay them a financial ransom. It is very ugly, cruel, and prolific on the Internet and well worth your extra caution with every email link.

Here is a link to a good article describing the danger and how to avoid it:

I can come on to your computer, using TeamViewer, and install a free software from Malwarebytes by the name of "Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit free". This little free application will sit quietly in the background of your registry protecting you from the ransomeware code infecting your computer. I'd be happy to help install this free protection on your computer if you don't already have it installed.

By the much do you think these guys rake in per year from their criminal scam using this ransomeware???  The FBI just released some numbers this week and they believe the amount is somewhere between $330 - $500 million per year. Let's be sure they don't get you.

Microsoft Word Defaults Setup:

Occasionally clients will ask me "How do I setup my Microsoft Word defaults so my fonts, line spacing, etc are what I want them to be without having to change them every time?"

Here's a document that will explain just how to set that up and completely resolve that frustration for you:

Windows 10 Upgrade Warning:

In a few cases lately, where folks have attempted to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10, using Microsoft's free offer, it has not gone well, and either Windows 10 didn't fully load, or it loaded but they didn't like the new environment and wanted to roll it back.

In some of these cases the rollback has failed or the upgrade process failed and it has required me to go out and back up all of their data and reinstall their Windows 7 operating system along with all their files, programs, and setups. It is a $150 job, and while it is nice income for is painful for the client and I'm all about watching out for my client's best interests. Sooo, ponder very carefully before you attempt the free upgrade.

Windows 10 Upgrade Decline option:

I have mentioned in previous newsletters that Microsoft has shifted their upgrade approach from being purely optional to forcing the upgrade to take place, so that when you turn on your computer you will discover they have installed Windows 10 without your knowing they were doing it.

Sooo, what to do about it? You have two options -

1) In the initial pages of the new upgrade steps one of the steps (if you look closely) will be to give you the option to "Decline" the upgrade, in which case it will roll your system back to the previous version of Windows you were using.

2) If you miss the Decline option and allow it to install all the way up to your new Desktop, then we can still roll it back using a hidden rollback option. I can help you with this.

Unfortunately, these rollback options aren't full-proof and in some cases your operating system will become corrupted and need my assistance to rebuild your operating system. I anticipate all this will get Microsoft locked into a major class action suit, but for now all we can do is deal with the fallouts.

If this hasn't happened to you yet I can still come on to your computer with TeamViewer and prevent it from happening.

Very important...whatever you do, when you find the upgrade is in progress, don't force your computer to shut down. It will likely completely corrupt your operating system and could even make your files unavailable again.

If you have any questions you can always call me.

Speed up your Computer:

Client's often ask me if I can speed up their computers, and of course there are always some tweaks I can do to help, but there is one sure fire way to add a tremendous amount of speed to your existing computer and that is installing a new Solid State Drive. The Solid State Drives have no moving parts so they don't wear out like the turning disk type drives and they are super fast in their processing capabilities.

The time to arrive at the Desktop Screen from startup is generally between 10-13 seconds, and when opening your various programs a solid state drive will open them approximately 30% faster. All in all a solid state drive is a very nice approach.

Current costs for these drives? A 256 gigabyte drive will cost around $125 and a 500 gigabyte drive - $160. In addition to this cost there is the cost of installation and setup and for that I generally have a $150 fee.

It's something to consider... Here's a link to a site that compares regular hard drives to solid state drives:

I would only recommend it for a computer that was no older than 3 to 5 years old. You wouldn't want to put one in a computer that was so old the motherboard was potentially near the end of its lifespan.

Best of success to you in all your computing!

I’m here to assist you when you need it.  As just a reminder... my onsite residential fee is $45 per hour and for the commercial setting it is $55 per hour and will continue through the month of March. For those times when working remotely with your computer over the Internet is a good option then the cost savings to you are substantial since I only need to charge on a "15 minute" increment instead of the full hour fee for an onsite visit. This means just $12 per 15 minutes. Once again...for any clients you send my way, who use my services for an hour or more, I'd be happy to credit you with $12 of free computer service at your next call.  Do let me know if you send folks my way and I'll keep notes on that as a credit for my next visit to you, and don't feel embarrassed to remind me you would like that credit when I visit.

Thanks so much!
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