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 Posted By David Richards  20/05/2016
Gerry Harvey’s chance of getting his foot in the door to bid for The Good Guys are “Zilch” according to insiders.
PC Makers Set To Expand Google OS Offering At The Expense Of Win 10
 Posted By David Richards   20/05/2016
David Richards + Bloomberg: PC Companies are rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of being able to deliver top end PC’s and workstations, that run Google Chrome while at the same time allowing users to access their Android apps.
Laser Launches Navig8r Crash Cam Pro X
 Posted By Martin Kovacs  20/05/2016
Laser has launched its new Navig8r Crash Cam Pro X dash camera, with intelligent alerts built exclusively for the Australian market.
Demand For Smart TV’s ‘Booming”
 Posted By David Richards  20/05/2016
TVs are getting smarter, and consumers are upgrading to the latest models that deliver Netflix and 4K viewing claim researchers.
New, Thou Shalt Not Spend Wristband
 Posted By David Richards   20/05/2016
A UK Company has developed a wristband that delivers a 255-volt shock if you go to spend and you don’t have enough credit or funds in your bank account.
4K Set-top Boxes On The Rise Amid Overall Market Decline
 Posted By Martin Kovacs   20/05/2016
Sales for 4K set-top boxes will buck an overall trend of decline in the set-top box market, quadrupling from less than two million units in 2015 to more than 7 million this year, growing by 46 per cent annually through to 2021, according to ABI Research. is a website for trade professionals in the CE, AV and SMB industries.

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