"Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life."
-Omar Khayyam
Hey <<Name>>,

It's been a while since my last newsletter. I apologize for that. Life sometimes gets in the way. However, I have some fun updates!

I finished chapter one in Sunflower Kisses Book Two! Yes, again. That's the thing about being a writer, your craft is never finished. No chapter will ever be complete in my mind because I will always think of something else I could add to it, remove, or change. Alas, once that final draft is complete, there are no more changes. That's why I knock it out now.

I also had an idea for a full length-novel that I have decided to turn into a short story to submit to Inked in Gray's newest anthology, For Those Who Deserve to Exist. The story will center on a young woman who sells her soul to the devil for the opportunity to escape her abusive father and become a famous country singer. The inspiration came from a Twitter post that asked you to build a story based on your zodiac signs and the corresponding tropes that went along with them. Funny where inspiration can come from.

Speaking of anthology submission, I received and approved the edits on two short stories (Breaking Point and A Deal With the Devil) that will be published by Creative James Media in 2022. The two anthologies (Happily Never After and Dark and Stormy Night) will be the first anthologies I will be published in. I'm super excited to share more information with y'all as it becomes available.
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Mental Health

Getting Out of My Own Head

You ever have those moments where you got so wrapped up in your head and own thoughts you lost sight of everything else? Sometimes, as someone with severe anxiety, I can get wrapped up in my own thoughts. What happens is I hyper-fixate on something. I travel down these rabbit holes of endless ‘what if’ scenarios.

Three Things Being Bipolar Taught Me

At this point, it is no surpise for me to tell you that I’m bipolar. I’m open about my diagnosis because it is just a much a part of who I am as the color of my eyes. Would I choose to be bipolar if I had the option? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean being bipolar hasn’t shaped my life. I’ve learned three important lessons in my life that I attribute to my bipolar.

To My Wife, From Your Bipolar Husband

My beautiful wife. You never cease to amaze me. Not only are you beautiful, but you’re so incredibly smart. You’re talented at whatever you want to do, you have so much potential.

Rewritten Realms Posts


A Voice of Reason

I shot up with my eyes open. I panted as I blinked slowly to gain my composure. Ever since I had asked Val for help to control my rage, these thoughts had invaded my mind. When I slept, I dreamed of darkness with voices screaming at me from the void.

A Long Walk

My shifts were becoming more frequent the longer I stayed in New Orleans. They never occurred in the bayou, only in the city itself. They all started the same, with an undeniable rage building in my chest.
In The Crescent


A Man With a Plan

“Wait, are you serious? This could be a huge story! An assassination attempt on Pollo, New York City’s Most Eligible Bachelor, successful pop star, night club mogul.”


I smiled and closed my eyes. I loved my club, the drinks, the music, the dancing, the women. Delos was my home, both the island and now the club. I’ve been living here in the penthouse for a few months now. I needed the space from my family for a bit.
In the Pantheon
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