"Happiness is a direction, not a destination."

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Hey <<Name>>,

I've got some bad news for you today. I haven't touched Sunflower Kisses Book 2 since my last newsletter. I fell back into a dark place for a little while because of a medicine change. Losing all motivation made me feel useless, and I didn't want to do anything. Honestly, I almost gave up on the site because I wasn't writing three posts a week like my initial goal.

But the significant thing about goals is they can change. They can adapt to the situations you face and become more attainable based on new knowledge. So I realized that reading a book, reviewing it, and interviewing the author every week was a lot on top of my novel writing, short story writing, writing for online publications, my jobs, and life.

Never fear, I also have some good news!

I decided the primary goal, for now, would be to incorporate a weekly mental health article into my regimen, as a much more achievable goal. I'll still do book reviews and author interviews as I read, but I'm not putting a limit on myself. So far, I have stayed on track since coming to this decision and have written mental health posts every week.

Since my last email, I joined Rewritten Realms' other online magazine team, In the Pantheon, besides writing for In the Crescent. I will write as the voice of Apollo, God of the Sun, Music, & Healing. His first two posts, Most Eligible Bachelor and Wake Up America are live on their site now!

I also wrote and published a piece called Barbershop on a new site called 5 Minute Affairs. Three amazing ladies I know and their stories run the site. The stories they have up there so far are amazing. They are currently looking for submissions, so be sure to check them out!
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Mental Health

Be Kind.

But one day her husband passed away and she still had to go to work the next day to pay the bills. She didn’t make it known, though. She smiled and said ‘hey sweetie, extra dumplin’s today?’

Stunt Driver

Being bipolar is kind of like being a stunt driver. It’s a daring ride. Both dangerous and exhilarating, you can’t help but to want more. So how exactly is being bipolar like being a stunt driver? Well, I’m glad you asked.

It's Been a While

I was having panic attacks two or three times a day. Panic attacks where I would stiffen and couldn’t breathe. I gasped for air and clenched my fist tight, digging my nails into my palms.
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Rewritten Realms Posts



I laid in my new bed filled with straw, staring up at the ceiling of the tiny swamp cabin I had taken residence in. It wasn’t much, but it was my piece of home. It almost reminded me of the hogan I grew up in, the one where my father constantly beat me. A chill ran through my spine as the memories of my father flooded my mind.

A Dance With Destiny

It had been a few weeks, and I hadn’t travelled outside of the bayou yet. I preferred being around nature, but I was growing bored with not doing anything. I was used to moving from place to place, never really staying anywhere for more than a few days. Part of me wanted to leave this place behind and ignore my brother altogether, but there was the pull that just kept convincing me to stay.
In The Crescent


Most Eligible Bachelor

For a thousand dollars, you could nominate yourself or someone else to be named New York City’s Most Eligible Bachelor or Bachelorette. Along with the title came a few media appearances, some magazine articles, but mainly bragging rights. Mortals love their bragging rights, but so do I.

Wake Up America

I couldn’t shake the thought of the mysterious Thomas Asterson I met a few weeks ago. He knew who I was, but how? I had been very careful since being back about revealing any of my powers. Sure, Pollo may not have been the best name to separate me from my real identity, but it was catchy.

In the Pantheon
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