A Meadow Memory
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A Meadow Memory
"If You’re Green, You’re Growing"

By Bree Bryant

   There's an old saying that goes, "If you're green, you're growing." For me, that has been the feel at Green Meadow Farm for the last few weeks.  Looking around the farm, it's obvious to see physical growing that's happening as the meadows get tall and the trees fill out.  The new garden is full of plants that are bigger each day.  The staff, instructors and horses at GMF are also growing.  Ever since the decision was made to open up for lessons in June, there has been a flurry of activity and learning as we worked to prepare for students.  After putting everything on hold for months, it has felt like so much needed to happen in a short time for all of us to be prepared and back in the swing of things.  

This busy time has been so fun and so rewarding for me. I was able to spend time in relationship with each of our horses, helping them grow in areas and also being reminded of the ways they are each already uniquely brilliant. I was also able to meet with each of our fabulous instructors and staff. We reviewed what we had been learning before the shut down and brought in some new concepts, sometimes on an individual basis and sometimes in small groups.  I got to share more relationship strategies, discuss questions and process new thought patterns.

I love helping others learn, but I also got to experience a good bit of growth for myself.  I needed to figure out how to best share new techniques, which information to give at which time and how much to push in versus allowing someone to do their own processing.  Packed into a short time, I got a good look at things I'm doing well and also found where my deficits are.  Getting to explore that with a group of people who have a desire to learn and such a heart for this ministry has been an absolute delight.  It has truly been a time of refreshment for my learning and renewal of enthusiasm for this program and everyone connected to it. 

Now comes the harder part, the rest.  I am expecting a baby any day now so my time of pouring in at the farm will be significantly reduced.  I am doing my best to stay connected while reminding myself that I need to rest in the promise that God has a plan that He was worked out for good.  The opportunity He gave us for that teaching and growing and learning was so valuable but the truth is that even without all that, He is more than enough for each of us.  

My prayer moving into this lesson season is that the momentum of that refreshment and renewal continues, that we feel a sense of the Lord guiding us and working on us as we interact with each other and students.  I am also praying for a deep, internal sense of rest, a quiet kind of strength and steadfastness that can only come from the Father who has prepared us for such a time as this.

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