From The Pagan Otherworlds Tarot 

"When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached,
don't adjust the goals, adjust the action steps."

Dear Kindreds,

With the end of winter and longer times of light, I am feeling an increase of energy and focus. Rather than channeling this extra goodness into my day to day life and work, I have found myself overwhelmed. My TO DO List is bullying me. Has it been hard for you?

Does your need to be effective and productive trump your sense of well being. What if you moved through the day with flow? Inspired Action - a lovely flow of focus and energy to accomplish not only what I need to but also what I want. It is letting the actions be dictated by a pace of guidance and breath. It isn't time driven yet seems more effective. I feel more relaxed and creative with my endeavors (cherished or mundane). 

1) Intent.
All magic comes from intent. What is your intent? What do you want to do, be and experience in your life?
Envision 5 years from now with a list of 10 items. Let it cook for awhile to make sure this is what you are putting on the table. What would you need to do to have those manifest? Create action steps. Make a list of 10 tangible steps towards these goals for this year.  

2) List
There is a durth of information of organizing ideas and lists. I find the
Kan Ban board helpful because I think in images. Each task has its own colored post notes. The colors are determined by project, social, house tasks, etc. that "feel" right. I carefully choose what needs to be done within two months. While working on a task, the post note is in the "Doing" column. When completed, it is moved to the "Done" category.  I can't tell you how much my brain loves that column. 


3) Vespers
Pray, think, sit, receive and/or meditate three times a day. Start your morning with a short ritual of welcoming the day or some other action that inspires you before any screen time. For many tarot lovers, we tend to pull a card of the day as a guidance. It is rather nice though to pull a card at the end of the day as a reflection. My husband and I pull a card and read the definitions for each other. I put them on my kitchen altar. Adding a sacred intent to your day will usher in the spirit of "spirit".  


4) Basics
Sleep more. Eat well. Move any way you want or need that day. Drink water lovingly.Seriously, one or two more hours of sleep can feel like energetic nirvana.

5) Be Where You Are
Know when you are working and when you are not working. Release the feeling that you "should be doing more or other". Guilt is not a real emotion but rather a plastic card put over undesired ones. Wherever your feet your path.

6) Music
Play music or podcasts during particularly gnarly tasks. It is amazing how well my taxes proceeded with English Beat in the background.

7) Befriend your Resistance
If you find yourself going down Facebook rabbit holes or other numerous distractions.....look at what is preventing true momentum. Write down each of your fears and concerns on sheets of papers. After you have gotten everything down on paper, go through each one denouncing them...for instance," I will never be able to make the money I need". Hold the sheet and say I am not this pattern of poverty. Say it again. Say in again. Then rip it up into small pieces as you say "I am Love and Light".



8) Celebrate and Reward Yourself
Enjoy where you live. Line up some bodywork at the end of the month. Declare one weekend a season that you do no work. Go out with a friend. Each evening is a great time to mention 3 things that cause true gratitude.

9) Ask Spirit
If you don't know or if you get lost in the shuffle of the day - ask Spirit what is truly needed.


Blessings of this Spring to you. May new growth be of ease and pleasure!


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