The blending of Japanese and European chamber traditions with a very American rhythmic propulsion was unexpectedly groovy.  New York Times 8/31/2013
We are honored to announce that the acclaimed Duo YUMENO, New York based koto / shamisen player and singer Yoko Reikano Kimura and cellist Hikaru Tamaki, will be joining us to present a special concert at Japan House on Saturday, May 21, 2016 at 4:30 p.m. Mark your calendar now for this very special performance in the beautiful setting of Japan House.

Suggested donation: $20 ($10 for Student/Over 65) CASH ONLY
please note: all donations go directly to the artists


Haru No Umi for koto & cello (Michio Miyagi)
Cantabile for koto & cello (Daron Hagen)
In the Land of Dreams for shamisen & cello (Yoko Sato)
Send Off at the Yellow Crane Tower for koto & cello (Marty Regan)
Murasaki no Fu (Minoru Miki)
Suite for violoncello no. 2 (J.S. Bach)

Prior to the concert we will have tea ceremonies at 2:00 and 3:00. Click here to see if there are any available reservations.
"Although the pairing of the koto and cello was unexpected, I was instantly spellbound by the exquisite sounds created by the two instruments and deeply touched to hear instruments from two different cultures playing in such beautiful harmony and sounding completely compatible with each other. Duo YUMENO's wonderful appeal comes not only from the unique combination of their instruments but from Kimura and Tamaki's superb technique and impeccable ensemble work. In the Flowers, Birds, Wind, Moon suite, a commissioned work by American Marty Regan, the voices of the koto and cello shifted in color like a kaleidoscope, creating a variety of rich and expressive tones. We present the Aoyama Music Award's Baroque Saal Prize to Duo YUMENO in hopes that Kimura and Tamaki’s compellingly powerful soundscapes will reach audiences not only in Japan and the US but throughout the rest of the world."

Yasuko Tazumi, Jury President, Kyoto Aoyama Music Award 2015
Duo YUMENO is New York based koto / shamisen player and singer Yoko Reikano Kimura and cellist Hikaru Tamaki, who together create a singular fusion sound, inspired by tradition but with a contemporary sensibility. Duo YUMENO’s repertoire includes a dynamic range of compositions – both traditional and contemporary - all of which explore the dialogue between classical Japanese and western music. Duo YUMENO champions works by contemporary American and Japanese composers, including Marty Regan, Daron Hagen, James Nyoraku Schlefer, Gene Coleman, Yoko Sato, Martin Max Shreiner, Lou Harrison, Minoru Miki, Takatomi Nobunaga and Hiroki Tamaki. In 2014, they were awarded the Chamber Music America Classical Commissioning Program grant to commission a new work by Gene Coleman, and in 2015, received the Aoyama Baroque Saal Award. Their activities have been featured in the media, like the New York Times, Chamber Music Magazine, New York Classical Review, Yomiuri Shimbun, Hōgaku Journal and NPR.

The duo’s name YUMENO 夢乃 means “of dreams” in Japanese. It is taken from a scroll which was given to Hikaru by Soko Morinaga, the Zen Buddhist master from whom Hikaru received his name. The text reads 夢乃里無片雲 (In the land of dreams, not a single cloud exists.) The duo cherishes the scroll and took the first two characters for their name, hoping that their dreams will be as clear as a pure blue sky.



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