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For countless millennia, humans have passed on knowledge through stories, both oral and written. Jonathan Gottschall, author of the book The Storytelling Animal, says, “We are, as a species, addicted to story. Even when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night, telling itself stories.”

As businesses people, we all want to get into the minds of our audience. We want to break through, turn a light on, and be remembered.

Stories are your BFF.

From my upcoming book, Clarity Wins:

In business, we can bypass the barriers by taking advantage of the wide-open door nature has already provided for us: a hunger for stories. Being memorable and clear is so much easier when our message rides into the mind of listeners on the back of a story. Storytelling is not just for teachers and parents. It’s one of our secret promotional weapons. We sell with stories. And stories are often the vehicles for person-to-person referrals.

   (Clarity Wins book, chapter 3)

In the book, I talk about three very important story types that will help embed us in the memories of our listeners:

1. The origin/destiny story - how did you get started, and where are you going?
2. The success story - who (like me) have you helped, and how?
3. The how-it-felt story - your reaction, at an emotional/experiential level, to a common human experience.

People won't remember bullet points or logical arguments. But they will remember stories. Do you always have a few stories ready to go, as part of your clarity quiver?


Warm regards,

Steve Woodruff
King of Clarity

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Coming November 2018
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