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Greetings, <<First Name>>!

Despite everything Christopher Walken says, we don't need more cowbell.
(not sure what this means? Here's the original Saturday Night Live clip: More cowbell!)

Our brains can only take so much input before they hit overload.

Our message, therefore, has to get to the point. Quickly.

From my upcoming book, Clarity Wins:

  1. Human beings have restricted attention spans (limited input).
  2. Every person has only a small amount of mental space they can allocate to remembering your message or business (limited memory).
  3. If the brain has to work too hard to understand, process, and remember your message, it just ... won’t (limited processing power).
  4. More is not better. More leads to shutdown (limited bandwidth).

 Every person you’re trying to reach suffers from a permanent case of GMO (Grey Matter Overload). It’s not a disease; it’s a hard-wired reality.
   (Clarity Wins book, chapter 2)

Our listeners are already hearing too much cowbell. Let's make sure that our message is short, sweet, and simple - and definitely non-GMO!

>> Check out the King of Clarity Facebook page, where I share several "Clarity over Coffee" mini-videos every week. These little snippets are actually some of my best content! This week, you get to meet Kona and Mr. Chicken!


Warm regards,

Steve Woodruff
King of Clarity

Coming November 2018
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