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Greetings, <<First Name>>!

You occupy a marketplace niche. Either consciously, or unconsciously.

Make it conscious.

You can't be all things to all people. Choose wisely, and very specifically.

From my upcoming book, Clarity Wins:

The clearest path to finding the right customers, and charging a premium for great work, is specificity. No stadium owner pays a janitor a six-figure salary, because people who do this open-ended kind of work are everywhere. But in our sports-saturated culture, a highly skilled baseball relief pitcher (especially a late-innings closer) makes a fortune for doing exacting, high-stakes work with a special set of well-honed skills.
Specific + rare + high-stakes = valuable. Generic + common + not badly needed = minimum wage. Do the math: I’m pretty confident about where you want to land when considering these equations.

   (Clarity Wins book, part 2 Introduction)

If you're like me, you're tempted to spread the net too wide, trying to get "everybody" on board. That's a big mistake. The winning formula is narrow and deep, not broad and shallow.


Warm regards,

Steve Woodruff
King of Clarity

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Coming November 27, 2018
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