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Greetings, <<First Name>>!

If your business is to have clear direction, clear strategy, and a clear message, you need to spell out five things. Not 100, not even 10 - there are really five specific elements to business clarity.

Define these things, and you can set your business GPS AND activate referrals.

From my upcoming book, Clarity Wins:

I use the following format as a summary whenever I do clarity consulting:

What: Single-sentence summary of exactly what product or service your business provides.

For whom: Succinct but detailed description of the ideal client who needs what you have to offer.

Why: The key business realities — the business needs, pains, or hopes — that will trigger a decision to listen and buy.

How: The “superpower” possessed by your business that differentiates you in the marketplace.

Where: The domain(s) and/or location(s) where you do business with clients.

   (Clarity Wins book, Chapter 5)

I don't know the percentage of businesses that have actually defined their market-place with these elements, but I suspect it is rather small. Which is a tremendous opportunity for you and me. In a world of obscurity and generalities, we can plant a clear flag and attract the right customers for the right reasons.

>> Want more clarity? Be sure to check out the King of Clarity Facebook page, where I share several "Clarity over Coffee" mini-videos every week. Today's 3-minute snippet: Humans marketing to humans (what a concept!)


Warm regards,

Steve Woodruff
King of Clarity

Coming November 27, 2018
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