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First, get heard. Then you can get referred!


Happy Tuesday, <<First Name>>!

Today, I'm going to tell you a story. A lot of $$$ is at stake. Got your attention?

I got a call Friday afternoon from one of my pharmaceutical training clients (for those of you who don't know about the "other half" of my business, I provide Clarity workshops and training vendor referrals for commercial biopharma departments).

Someone in another division of the client's company dropped a massive, and unplanned training need on his desk. They were putting a huge enterprise software platform in place (go-live mid-2020). High-priority, short time frame….and had anybody in that division thought about rolling out user training??? I think you know the answer. <sigh>  A six-figure nightmare!

My client messaged me for vendor recommendations. So I reached out to my client and vendor network with a brief description of the need late Friday afternoon. By Monday morning, I had 7 potential providers lined up. Over the phone, the client and I narrowed the list down to the three most likely to be a “fit,” and by late Monday, one of those potential suppliers was already at work putting together some high-level budget numbers so that this Head of L&D can come to the rescue with a go-forward plan.

Here was the irony - this potential supplier had just been on the phone with this very client about a different initiative the week before. But the client didn't know that this company also did this type of software training development/deployment! Think of the potential opportunity lost - on both sides.

Does a clear message matter? One thing I've learned over and over through the years is that we should NEVER assume that people actually know what all we do - not prospects, and not even current customers. We need to continually give everyone a clear, simple, memorable message.

The good news in this instance: I was there to make the referral connection, because I knew enough about the supplier's business to put 2 + 2 together. Now they're in the running for a project that will likely run into the mid-six figures.

Is it worth investing in message clarity that makes your sales efforts more effective, and also enables productive referrals?'$ your answer!

Also, this week I just published some thoughts about something that's been on my mind - our customers have to know what's at STAKE if we want them to act. Would love your reaction to this brief video.


Warm regards,

Steve Woodruff
King of Clarity
Facebook: KingofClarity

P.S. I do Clarity Leap sessions with businesses and individuals ranging from 2 hours to 2 days. There's a financial advisor in Texas that's about to kill it in his marketplace because of a 2-hour clarity session last week sharpening his strategy and his message. How can I help you?

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