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We are passionate about finding fantastic teas from around the world. With more than 140 varieties of loose-leaf teas and tisanes, we have the perfect choices for the connoisseur (as well as newbies). 

Dig a little deeper into our treasures…the richest and most splendid teas in the world.

Jasmine Pearls

Organic Jasmine Pearls 

Our superb hand-rolled, fragrant jasmine green tea features tightly rolled pearls. Watch as they unfurl into a light, sweet, brewed cup. The blossom-forward aroma defined green flavor and rich honeyed notes bring forward a delightful infusion. Sweet floral notes are balanced by a vegetal tone and a smooth, lightweight body. 

Black Dragon Pearls

Black Dragon Pearls

This premium black tea is a spherical beauty. The lovely rolled leaves are slightly varied in color and texture, producing a complex, yet nuanced cup. The tightly-rolled pearls dramatically unfurl, some up to two inches in length. This is a full-bodied, exquisitely earthy black tea with hints of brown sugar and malt. 

Ginseng Oolong

Ginseng Oolong

Deep-green rolled orbs coated in ginseng powder give a slight zing. They are beautiful to look at as the leaves unfurl with each steeping. The leaf brews up with a pleasantly roasty aroma and a bright flavor that is herbaceous and faintly sweet. 

  Are you intrigued by our pearl teas?

Try our Top Shelf Tea Sampler.

This sampler features a few of the best of the best:

Silver Needle White Tea - This tea offers a luxurious cup—an exceptionally smooth, creamy mouthfeel with woody flavors, hints of mellow roasted nuts and fresh sweet herbs. 


Monkey Picked Oolong Tea - The unfurling leaf of this exquisite oolong produces a golden cup and brings forward an earthy aroma. The flavors are complex, with accents of roasted nuts and caramel, and orchid and honey undertones. 


Jasmine Pearls Green Tea - The glowing brew is highly aromatic. It is a fresh, green menagerie with distinct jasmine overtones. Jasmine Pearls is a tea to savor slowly as floral flavors linger in the aftertaste.

Golden Monkey Black Tea - The subtly sweet aroma precedes the beautiful dried leaves. The infusion is soft and mellow with notes of semi-sweet chocolate, leather and caramel. 

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