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Enhanced Training

Those of you that have completed the Foundation Training with us are now eligible to access the Enhanced Training Modules.  We have two of these courses coming up in November with limited places so book on quickly.  For many practitioners these courses are in fact free through the Devon Safeguarding Children Board (DSCB).    

Who is covered by the DSCB?

Education – schools who are still part of the local authority are covered by DSCB funding, Academies and Independents are not.
Health – NHS staff including GP's
Police – covered
Children’s Social Care – (Local Authority) covered
Voluntary Sector – There is some limited funding for voluntary agencies through the VOYCE.

If your service or agency is not covered through the DSCB then get in touch for course costs.

Our Enhanced One Day Courses Cover Two Areas:-

1. Young People - Alcohol and Risk Enhanced course
You build on the Foundation Course by exploring alcohol and its impact on young people.  Consolidated with case studies and a short documentary film, attendees will explore the issues relating to alcohol , its historical context, effects, metabolism, harm reduction strategies and it’s impact on young people. Attendees will also have the opportunity to use a range of alcohol educational resources.
Learning Outcomes
  • To gain an understanding of the context of alcohol use and its impact on young people.
  • To explore why young people use/misuse alcohol.
  • To gain more knowledge of alcohol, it’s effects, history, metabolism and impact on young people.
  • To look at basic harm reduction strategies in relation to alcohol and its use.
  • To use case studies to explore and consolidate knowledge gained from the course.
  • In groups to use a range of alcohol educational resources to consolidate learning.

2. Young People and Cannabis Enhanced Training
Building on Knowledge gained from the 2 Day Substance Misuse and Young People Course (attendees have to have completed this course) this course explores cannabis in detail and its use/misuse by young people.  Often dismissed by its users as a 'harmless drug'.  This course delves into gritty world of cannabis use and examines it's place in youth culture.
Learning outcomes.
  • To gain knowledge around the historical context of cannabis, globally and within the UK.
  • To explore types of cannabis, it’s chemicals, effects, metabolism and current scientific research.
  • To look at basic harm reduction strategies in relation to cannabis.
  • In groups to consider the current arguments for and against cannabis and its standing within the misuse of drugs act.
  • To use case studies to explore and consolidate knowledge gained from the course.

If you haven't done this training take a look on the Training Page to see when you can come along.
NPS - Legal Highs packets of synthetic Cannabis = plant foliage sprayed with toxic chemicals

The Internet and Drug Use

Thankfully the Necknomination phase has passed us by but we would be naive to believe that this is last time we will see social media being used as a conduit to deliver a self destructive message to the masses.  Some people were seriously hurt and some even died from the dreadful campaign that plagued our facebook feeds.  We know that young people we work with talk about their drug use via social media.  Some of those are misguided enough to arrange to buy and sell drugs via the internet.  Opening forthright conversations about how to conduct yourself online is as important as teaching a child how to buy bread and milk from a shop.  A large majority of  enquiries we receive from worried parents involve some form of conversation about something they have seen their child post on Facebook that concerns them.

We've found that internet safety is an ongoing conversation and needs  revisiting regularly.   

If you have young people that you are supporting that are using New Psychoactive Substances or other party drugs then talk to them about meeting with Y-Smart.  You can access our referral form here.  It is a quick and easy process and in less than three weeks your young person could be receiving specialist substance misuse support.

If you have been hearing about a substance and you aren't sure what it is please email us with the information you have and this will be fed into our database about New Psychoactive Substances or street drugs.  Email
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