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NPS - Legal Highs

This edition is going to be an NPS Special.  What's NPS I hear you say!  NPS stands for New Psychoactive Substances.  You will have heard them called 'Legal Highs' but we try and steer away from this term if possible as it might suggest that these drugs are safe/legal.

Exeter has had some good news over the last few months.  We have seen two headshops cease trading NPS in the city.  The most recent of which being Hush which has now stopped stocking NPS in it's shop.  The government are looking very carefully at how they can control the setup of these organisations and the products they sell.  More legislation is expected from the Home Office very soon.  In the meantime they have released a toolkit for people working with young people who are using NPS.  Some of the exercises in here can be really useful in starting meaningful dialogue about a young persons drug use. You can download the Toolkit here

Would you like to attend a 1/2 Day Training Session on NPS - Legal Highs? Keep Reading to find out more.
YSmart Blog Extracts....
NPS Myths




Not every young person is taking them!  So you don’t have to feel like you need to take them to fit in.   Many young people tell us they will not touch them.  This blog will uncover what you think you know about legal highs… Read More...

Harm Reduction Advice Around Legal Highs
Best not to use them but if you do….
  1. Find out as much as possible about a legal high before you take a specific legal high- but don’t believe everything you read or hear information may be inaccurate information.  Most are from Headshops just trying to sell them so may make them look good.  Look at sites that have the best information such as FRANK.COM
  2.  Be aware you cannot guarantee what you’re taking.  Be prepared you could have a nasty reaction.  Avoid taking alone but try to be with a friend preferably who isn’t taking them at the same time.
  3. Synthetic Cannabinoids mimic other drugs ie Black Mamba or Herbal Haze, which mimics cannabis but may be much stronger.  Try to remember the  ‘bits’ at the bottom of the bag can be the strongest part
  4. Start Low and go slow!  Use tiny amounts to start with and increase slowly –strength can vary a lot.  Wait for at least an hour before deciding to take more.
  5. Avoid using if in a low mood.  They could depress you even more especially if you take alcohol with it.

Read More NPS Harm Reduction Advice......
NPS 1/2 Day Training

Do you want to know more about NPS?  Would you like to feel more confident when talking about NPS with your service users.  We are now taking expressions of interest for our new half day course on NPS.  This training will give you knowledge around what NPS does to the people that use it, how people use the various synthetic drugs, how people access it and what support they might need in stopping. 

This Training is perfect for:-
  • Social Workers
  • Carers
  • Teachers
  • Police Officers
  • Youth Workers
  • Doctors
  • Family Workers
  • School Nurses
  • CAMHS Workers
  • YOT
  • CSE Workers
You will come across young people who are or have used these untested products.  This training is designed specifically to give you the tools to ask the right questions so they can get the support they need to reduce their risk.

In the first Instance we are asking people to register an interest in attending the course emailing with NPS in the Subject.  There is no obligation on your part at this point but it helps us assess the appetite for the course.


Foundation Training

We have a Two Day Foundation Course running on April 23rd and 30th in Tiverton.  Places are limited so we recommend you book on to this quickly.  Remember that for many of you this Training is FREE! For example if you are a DCC Social Worker this course is Free.  For those that don't qualify for free training it is £65.  Which is still pretty amazing for a 2 day course if we do say so ourselves!

To find out if you can access this training for Free give us a call on 01271 388162

The Foundation Course covers the following...
  • To understand the context of substance misuse and young people
  • To explore reasons why some young people are more at risk of substance misuse
  • To identify protective/vulnerability factors for YP’s substance misuse
  • To explore drugs, their effects and legal classifications
  • To raise awareness of the impact of parental substance misuse on young people
  • To explore the cycle of change and basic strategies to support/encourage change
  • To look at the ‘Tier’ system/confidentiality and competency to consent to treatment
  • Information about local/national services to support Young People around substance misuse
  • Using a screening tool to identify substance misuse
  • Using case studies to consolidate learning.
For those of you that have completed the Foundation training then you can book onto the Enhanced Substance Misuse Training. 

If you haven't done this training take a look on the Training Page to see when you can come along.
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