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The idea behind these newsletters is that they will support, inform and guide you to be able to access expert substance misuse training, news and service updates.  Each newsletter will give a round up of what has been going on over the last couple of months.   We have the summer ahead of us and for many young people that is a time of parties and festivals.  There are some important messages you can be sharing with your young people.  First of all you can highlight the risks of drinking in the sun.  Sun burn and dehydration go hand in hand with beach parties and festivals.  Day time drinking and drug use can often mean more substances are consumed due to the greater time available to use them.
Using drugs at festivals has its own set of risks.  Often people are buying substances without any knowledge of what the substance contains.  Remember Legal does not mean Safe!  Anybody using a 'Legal High' is becoming a Guinea Pig.
Did you know we work with children of substance misusing parents? 
to find out more.


Y-Project is the section of our service that works with children who have grown up around substance misuse.  We work to carefully support these young people and provide them with insight into staying safe, substance education, support networks, advocacy and a range of other supportive functions.  This work often see's us working closely with social care, health and education.  

A great part of the Y-Project work is holding Y-Project days where we carefully select young people from the Y-Project to spend the day together to talk with one another and share time together doing fun activities such as den building, making murals, watching movies, cooking and crafting....Not to mention camping and climbing!  each group day is very bespoke and designed to enable and empower the young people who attend.

TheY-Project young people can be as young as 5 or 6 years old.  We have a specific referral form for Y-Project that you can access here

One of the young people we worked with wrote this Blog post for our website:- 

‘I started going to Y-smart in October time, this was because one of my relatives has an alcohol problem.  The Y-Smart people deal with young people who mainly have substance abuse themselves, and they also work with young people whose family members have a substance abuse issue.
From my experience with my worker, I think that they need to carry on helping young people whose family members have substance abuse issues, as the young people who are affected by this will more than likely turn into family members that have these issues.  By supporting the young people who have been affected by these members, they are letting the young people understand that it is not their fault their relatives are like the way they are.
From going to these meetings, me and my relative have been getting on so much better and they have gone to go and get help from the organisation that my worker gave me a leaflet on, which is RISE.  By having these meetings I have become stronger as a person and can only thank my worker for this, as she always used to tell me that I could not have done enough for my relative, and that I need to start being proud of the person that I have become.
This organisation have worked fantastically with me in the short time that I have been seeing them.  I can see amazing things to happen within the next few years if they carry on.
The cut off age shouldn’t be 18 but when the young person leaves home!’
Young Person 18

Working with Young People

The great thing about working for Y-Smart is the variety and rand range of interventions we have at our disposal and within that  wide scope of possibility creativity thrives.  We thought it would be a good follow up from our last newsletter that focused on NPS use to show you a fantastic set of lyrics produced by one of the young people we have been supporting.

Legal Highs

Legal highs has always killed people

Not for humans consumption

This s**t should be illegal

Its only five pounds

You can buy it in a shop

Any city any town

Most people take it to cover up the pain

But all its really doing is messing up your brain

You think your ok

But its driving you insane

Start taking it social

Then you take it every day

It gives you all kind of issues

To do with your mental health

(Read More)

If you have young people that you are supporting that are using New Psychoactive Substances or other party drugs then talk to them about meeting with Y-Smart.  You can access our referral form here.  It is a quick and easy process and in less than three weeks your young person could be receiving specialist substance misuse support.

If you have been hearing about a substance and you aren't sure what it is please email us with the information you have and this will be fed into our database about New Psychoactive Substances or street drugs.  Email
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