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The idea behind these newsletters is that they will support, inform and guide you to be able to access expert substance misuse training, news and service updates.  Each newsletter will give a round up of what has been going on over the last couple of months.   We have the summer ahead of us and for many young people that is a time of parties and festivals.  There are some important messages you can be sharing with your young people.  First of all you can highlight the risks of drinking in the sun.  Sun burn and dehydration go hand in hand with beach parties and festivals.  Day time drinking and drug use can often mean more substances are consumed due to the greater time available to use them.
Using drugs at festivals has its own set of risks.  Often people are buying substances without any knowledge of what the substance contains.  Remember Legal does not mean Safe!  Anybody using a 'Legal High' is becoming a Guinea Pig.
Did You know we now provide AQA Unit awards on drugs and alcohol? 
to find out more.


Do you know enough about drugs and alcohol to be able to support your young people and get them into treatment.  At Y-Smart we are very lucky to have an expert trainer Mr Simon De'ath.  He will be taking more people onto his training courses.  You need to complete the foundation course first and we cover an array of topics over two days.  You really leave the training feeling like you have the narcotic knowledge of Pablo Escabar but without the feeling that Interpol are after you!  We cover the following...
  • To understand the context of substance misuse and young people
  • To explore reasons why some young people are more at risk of substance misuse
  • To identify protective/vulnerability factors for YP’s substance misuse
  • To explore drugs, their effects and legal classifications
  • To raise awareness of the impact of parental substance misuse on young people
  • To explore the cycle of change and basic strategies to support/encourage change
  • To look at the ‘Tier’ system/confidentiality and competency to consent to treatment
  • Information about local/national services to support Young People around substance misuse
  • Using a screening tool to identify substance misuse
  • Using case studies to consolidate learning.
For those of you that have completed the Foundation training then you can book onto the Enhanced Substance Misuse Training. 

If you haven't done this training take a look on the Training Page to see when you can come along.

In January 2013 the BBC showed a highly praised documentary that focused on the New party drug scene which includes 'Legal Highs'.  We call these New Psychoactive Substances (NPS).  The film is called Crazy For Party Drugs. Follow the link to view the film.  Although this film is already outdated in some ways due to the fast paced changes we see in NPS drug use; the film will give you some insight into the party scene subculture where young people are using Katamine, Mephedrone as well as NPS.

The Angelus Foundation which is a charity set up specifically working with those effected by NPS have launched this video highlighting the risk of NPS use.

See the video Here

If you have young people that you are supporting that are using New Psychoactive Substances or other party drugs then talk to them about meeting with Y-Smart.  You can access our referral form here.  It is a quick and easy process and in less than three weeks your young person could be receiving specialist substance misuse support.

If you have been hearing about a substance and you aren't sure what it is please email us with the information you have and this will be fed into our database about New Psychoactive Substances or street drugs.  Email
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