Introducing the European Adaptation Newsletter

On behalf of the EU funded FP7 project 'BASE', it is our pleasure to welcome you to the first issue of the biannual European Adaptation Newsletter. Here you will find latest research and activities from the BASE project as well as climate adaptation news and events from across Europe.

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In this Issue:

  1. Featured Story: Flooding in Central Europe
  2. Adaptation Dialogues: German Baltic Coast
  3. BASE Project Policy Brief: Challenges for adaptation planning in Europe
  4. The New EU Climate Adaptation Strategy
  5. About the BASE Project
  6. Bulletin Board: Upcoming Events and Notices
  7. The Adaptation Snapshot

Featured Story

Central European flooding: Focus on the Czech Republic

Recent floods in Central Europe have revealed the vulnerability of Europe's infrastructure to extreme weather. BASE partner CzechGlobe reports on events in the Czech Republic, where a number of BASE case studies are located. Full story here

Adaptation Dialogues

In this feature, BASE researchers meet with different stakeholders to discuss perspectives on the environment, climate change and adapatation activities. For our first issue we visit Timmendorfer Strand, a historic spa resort on Germany’s Baltic Sea and one of the BASE case study sites.
Edgar Schmidt of the Timmendorfer Strand Coastal Committee discusses how citizens and decision makers collaborated to oversee the design and implementation of a flood defense system. “Working for 10 years in the community council, we saw climate protection measures go nowhere because the political salience was missing, which we hope is now appearing,” he says. Full story here

Latest insights

The latest climate adaptation news from the BASE project and across Europe

BASE Project Policy Brief

The first BASE policy brief identifies the key challenges faced by European decision makers in creating appropriate adaptation strategies. These are focused on:
(1) uncertainties and insufficient knowledge;
(2) the need to improve assessments; and
(3) the need to improve mainstreaming of adaptation in policy.
The policy brief highlights the implications for adaptation measures and avenues of research that could facilitate enhanced decision making.  Full story here

Release of EU Strategy on Climate Change Adaptation

On 16 April 2013, the European Commission adopted a broad new Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change, which aims to enhance Europe’s preparedness and capacity to respond to climate change impacts at local, regional, national and EU levels. It provides a framework for policy coordination, targeted action, and mechanisms for monitoring and evaluation of adaptation efforts. The BASE project provides key support to the EU strategy by strengthening the knowledge base and providing tools to guide decision making on adaptation towards a sustainable Europe.  Full story here

About BASE

The EU funded research project "Bottom-Up Climate Adaptation Strategies for a Sustainable Europe" (BASE) supports action for sustainable climate change adaptation in Europe. BASE makes both experience-based and scientific information on adaptation meaningful, transferable and easily accessible to decision-makers at all levels. Learn more
To read and explore the latest outputs of the BASE project, please browse our publications page. Here you can find:

Bulletin board

Latest news for those interested in climate change adaptation in Europe
  • Adaptation in Europe - Addressing risks and opportunities from climate change in the context of socio-economic developments
    EEA Report No 3/2013
    This recent report from the European Environment Agency provides policymakers with information to support adaptation planning and implementation across Europe.  Read more
  • DCE Science for the Environment conference
    Aarhus, Denmark, 3-4 October 2013
    Join researchers to identify knowledge gaps and future research needs for the EU's Horizon 2020 Programme.  Read more
  • EEA grants conference: Too much, too little - The role of water in adaptation to climate change
    Lisbon, Portugal, 7-9 October 2013
    This conference will explore policy and practice for climate change adaptation in cities, agriculture and coastal areas.  Read more

The Adaptation Snapshot

This issue's Adaptation Snapshot comes to us courtesy of Ester van Baaren from Deltares, the Netherlands. Here a group of farmers collaborates to ensure their fresh water buffers are more resilient during peak droughts.
Would you like to see your own adaptation picture here? Send us your photos! Your submission will be included in the BASE snapshot gallery on our website and you will have the chance to see your picture featured here as the next Adaptation Snapshot.

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You have received this newsletter on a one-off basis, because we believe it to be of interest to you. You are not automatically subscribed. Please subscribe here if you would like to receive future issues (twice a year).

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