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Time to get counting, clicking and hiding
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It feels almost impossible to see that 2016 has already entered its second month and in the Saruni family we don't want to waste time. Our calendar is already a beehive of initiatives in all our locations. I’m especially looking forward to the new hide at Saruni Samburu, the first in Samburu and one of the very few in Kenya. To be that close to our famed waterhole, full of birds life but also the focal point for all the mammals of the conservancy, will provide us all with endless thrills.
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#WhyILoveSaruni Extension
We are nearing the end of our #WhyILoveSaruni photo competition, and with all the incredible entries that have been coming our way, we decided to extend the competition for one more month! You now have until the end of February to enter your photos, and the winner will be announced in March

The theme for December seemed to have been African skies, with all three of our finalists' photos featuring starry, golden and cloudy horizons. Congratulations to our December finalists - Kellie Netherwood, Catriona May and Rick Hood! January saw many beautiful photographs being entered - so many that we have named 5 monthly finalists for January! From amazing images of lion in the trees and giraffe on the plains of the Masai Mara, to a rare caracal and beaming smiles of little Maasai girls - congratulations to Heather Shull Hood, Angie Trippitt and Simon Kent! 

Find out all the details to our #WhyILoveSaruni photo competition here, and enter your photo to stand a chance at winning a 2 night safari for 2 at the Saruni property of your choice - valued at almost US$3,000!
Festive times on safari
Guests staying over the recent festive season at the safari lodges were treated to a host of entertainment provided by the local communities. From ‘moran’ warrior dancing and singing, star gazing at bush dinners in the Mara, to a pantomime performed by local Samburu schoolchildren which saw them transformed into an elephant! Maybe the below image will inspire you to add to your wish-list a visit to Saruni next holiday season!
Hide and seek with Sergio Pitamitz
We are thrilled to welcome world-acclaimed National Geographic Creative Photographer, Sergio Pitamitz, back to Kenya this July, when he will lead a Photographic Camp at Saruni Samburu, Saruni Mara and Saruni Wild – an  8 nights/9 days journey combining Kenya’s most exciting wildlife-rich wildernesses. This is a unique safari specially designed for those who wish to discover the secrets of photojournalism and wildlife photography. Sergio’s special gift is in storytelling and image management: you’ll be taught by the passion and experience of a true professional. At Saruni Samburu, we are even building a cleverly positioned hide for the occasion. The hide, a photographers and naturalists paradise, will be dug into the sand that surrounds the lodge’s waterhole, allowing you to gain a unique perspective of all types of wildlife from Kalama’s famous herd of elephants to terrapins cooling off in the afternoon heat. For further details and rates, please contact or
Flash Sale - Jan & Feb
It’s not just shops that have New Year sales. To celebrate 12 years (going on 13) of Saruni, this January & February, Saruni is having a flash sale, making limited rooms available at Saruni Mara, Saruni Wild and Saruni Samburu at a special all-inclusive rate of US$400 per person sharing. Visit here for more details. Quick, they will be gone in a ‘flash’!
Saruni Ocean new pics
Talking of photos, have you seen the latest images of Saruni Ocean on our website. These brand new images, taken by longtime friend of Saruni and very talented photographer Stevie Mann. We think you will agree, Stevie captures the essence of every Saruni lodge exquisitely and he has done so again – magical Msambweni at its best. Why not come and see for yourself?
Kenya - the place to be
All eyes will be on Kenya this year for many reasons. Expect to see us a lot in the press – thanks to the below happenings (confirmed and rumoured!):
  • Celebrity-filled Ivory Stockpile Burning â€“ April 29 & 30. Leonardo DiCaprio, Elton John and Nicole Kidman are expected to attend, along with several heads of state attending the symbolic burning of the 120 tonnes.
  • Giants among men - The first ever Giants Club Summit to be held in Kenya. The President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, has invited Africa's presidents and CEOs to combat the poaching crisis at a conference in the country this April.  Read more here.
  • In June, the UK’s Prime Minister, David Cameron is rumoured to be paying us a visit. Read more here.
  • Fastjet Tanzania have just launched flights to Kenya making it easier than ever to travel between the two popular destinations. Daily flights have started between Dar es Salaam/Nairobi and Kilimanjaro/Nairobi with flights to and from Zanzibar/Nairobi and Dar es Salaam/Mombasa expected to be added later this year.
  • Kids go free! Kenyatta has waived the foreign tourist visa for children under 16 to "encourage family packages”, as part of the continued strategy to recover the growth in the tourism sector, starting this month and applying to all nationalities. 
 What more reasons do you need?
Through the Eyes of a Guide
Continuing into 2016 with our ‘meet the guides’ segment, this month, it’s the turn of Lepayon at Saruni Samburu. With Saruni for over 7 years, when Lepayon joined, he was unable to drive nor speak English. How things have changed! Read on to see what makes Lepayon tick. 

Q. What is your most exciting or memorable sighting?
A. It has to be one amazing day I had with some guests. We found a single teenage elephant walking alone then suddenly 12 wild dogs tried to attack it. Surrounding, yapping and biting in vain as the elephant used his weight to send them ‘packing’. Later that day we found a leopard with a dik dik kill up a tree and the same dogs surrounded the tree and forced the leopard to drop the dik dik!  

Q. Why do you love Kenya?
A. I love Kenya because it is my homeland due to our beautiful landscape and natural beauty which is still unspoilt and full of wildlife. 
Q. What’s the strangest / funniest thing you have ever been asked? 
A. Wow we get a lot of these! A few children have asked why I wear more jewellery than their mother which always brings some laughter.
Q. When was the last time the wildlife of Samburu scared you?
A. Last year… I was walking home and I bumped into a female lioness who was hiding her cubs in the bush. I ended up in between the cubs and the mother – this is not a good place to be! I had to get my red clothing and flap it so the lions thinks there are more people and is confused! 
Q. What motivated you to become a guide? 
A. Two big reasons. I love talking with new people and I love wildlife! The perfect job for me. 
Q. What makes Saruni different?
A. Saruni is very special because of our very special conservancy. No lights, no people. Also we work with local people and have extremely experienced local knowledge in every department. 
Q. What is your favourite animal species in Samburu? 
A. Elephant firstly because of their friendly personalities. They also have unique characteristics so you can get to know individuals very well. Secondly, dik – dik because they are very alive and everywhere here in Kalama. They are also far more intelligent than people think. They live in pairs with tiny territories which are fully self sustained by their own dung and marking patterns.
You can email us your very own questions for our guides, by emailing Next month, Saruni Mara!
Everything is just Grevy
This past weekend, Saruni has been proud to support the first ever national ground census of the Grevy’s Zebra population, which took place across multiple counties in Northern Kenya. The Great Grevy’s Rally lasted 2 days during which landowners, community members, conservancy managers and members of the general public were invited to become ‘Citizen Scientists’; counting and photographing as many individual Grevy’s zebra observed in their natural habitat. Saruni Samburu Head Guide Chris Letur accompanied visiting guests who all rightly ‘earned their stripes’ by snapping away. Find out more by visiting the Great Grevy's Rally website . A big well done to Belinda Low Mackey and her team who made it possible.
Staying with stripes, across February, why not include a visit to photographer Mia Collis’ ‘Zebra People’ Exhibition at The National Museum of Kenya. In collaboration with the Grevy’s Zebra Trust, the exhibition runs from 7th-29th February. 
Rocky times at Saruni Samburu
Don’t panic – only in the literal sense! Tom Harding, our imaginative Saruni Samburu Manager created a time-lapse video of our nearest focal point ‘Thumb Rock’. To be immediately transported to the rugged landscape of Samburu, watch the video here.
Trippingly good
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