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Judges' Results, Joyous Occasions and Just Giving
“Every night the stars come out to play”
Dear <<First Name>>,

For those of you have recently celebrated Easter and welcomed in the spring season, for many, it signifies a time to take stock, to count our blessings and see life through ‘new eyes'. Whilst a diverse team, here at Saruni, we are no exception.
From a new arrival at Saruni Ocean, an alternative night-time safari captured through a winning lens and prosperous blessings for a happy-ever-after, to the art of giving, celebrating the wander-lust of travel writing, and putting our guides on the map, we bring you our monthly newsletter, full of the joys of spring!

Happy reading, and as always, thank you for your support.

#WHYILOVESARUNI - Competition Winner
Our second #WhyILoveSaruni photo competition has come to an end and we are left with a myriad of beautiful images of what our guests enjoy most about the Saruni safari and beach experience! Thank you to everyone who submitted their photographs, and thank you to our panel of esteemed judges for helping us select the winners - Stevie Mann, Lorenzo Barelli, and Peter Behr. 

This year's winning photograph
is a night-scape of Saruni Samburu taken by Saruni guest Kellie Netherwood. This incredible photo of the starry skies and warm lights of the lodge shows how at Saruni you are 'a world away', and how you open your eyes day and night to the wonder and beauty of nature that surrounds you. Kellie's prize is an all-inclusive 2 nights stay for 2 at any Saruni propoerty, valued at almost $3,000!

One of our judges, long-time Saruni friend Lorenzo, writes of the winning image: “I was already impressed by this sensational picture when I saw it first on Facebook. From my point of view this has to be the winner picture.This picture represents the soul of the Saruni Samburu lodge, a place from “One Thousand and One Nights”…
Let’s hear what Kellie, the lucky Winner, has to say about her winning photograph:
"The opportunity to shoot the Milky Way above the stunning landscape of Samburu proved irresistible.  But it wasn't just the scene in front of me that felt so magical, it was the experience not captured on camera, of the group of Saruni staff and guests standing outside with me.  We had met for the first time that day, came from different parts of the world, living different types of lives - and found ourselves staring up at the same stars, exchanging game drive stories and sharing a simple but memorable moment under the magical skies of Kenya.This shot was taken with a Canon 5DIII on a tripod, f/2.8, 16mm, ISO 3200, 30 seconds."
Our first runner-up is Georgie Lockett with a peaceful and candid image of a wonderful warm family safari afternoon on the river bank watching elephant, and a perfect illustration of how the amazing Saruni guiding team can produce memories which last a lifetime. 
The second runner-up is Brian Cristiano with a colourful photo of a Grevy's zebra against a backdrop of pure wilderness - a fantastic image of one of Kenya's most endangered species. Both runners-up have received an all-inclusive 1 night stay for 2 people at any Saruni property, valued at almost $1,500!
Stork Landing at Saruni Ocean
We are thrilled to report a much-anticipated new arrival at Saruni Ocean – lodge managers Luca & Giulia are the proud new parents of Master Niccolò Leone De Marchis. All are doing well, settling happily into their new life chapter.
We can’t wait to welcome Niccolò into our very own Saruni family soon! Congratulations and wishing you all much happiness ahead.
Postcards Home
“Travelling - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a story-teller”
Ibn Battuta, Medieval Traveller & Scholar
It’s not just our holidaying guests who get to shout about their memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experiences on safari or at the beach with Saruni, we regularly welcome a whole host of working guests from the travel industry, press and media alike. Relive your Saruni visit all over again by checking out our revamped 'Saruni in the Media’ page across our websites to see what they have been writing about us.
A Blessed Day in the Mara
Congratulations also go to recent Saruni guests, Marco & Laura, from Italy, who chose the enchanting wilderness of the Mara in which to celebrate their marriage with a traditional Maasai blessing. The ceremony began with a celebratory song and dance during which the couple joined in traditional dances to mark their wedding. They were then brought to the village elders who offered prayers on their behalf and carried out a blessing ritual, before wishing them a peaceful life and a prosperous marriage. Romantic sundowners and an intimate private bush dinner under the stars and vast African sky ended their very special day. Wishing you both a very ‘happy ever after’.
Eyes on the Prize!
They say “you have to be in it to win it”, and 2 lucky winners certainly were recently when they won Saruni-donated prizes at recent events across the month here in Nairobi. Lucky Gale Brackenridge was the Overall Winner at the Air Kenya-sponsored Muthaiga Golf Club’s Ladies tournament which saw her taking home a 2 nights’ stay for 2 at Saruni Ocean on Kenya’s south coast – courtesy of Saruni & Air Kenya. 

Saruni is delighted to support â€˜My Ella Awareness Campaign’ in their efforts to raise funds to build a resource centre that offers programmes and services that aim to empower individuals with Down Syndrome to reach their potential. My Ella Campaign/MEDSAC held their 1st Annual Gala fundraising dinner at Tribe Hotel, Village Market, and Saruni donated a raffle prize of 2 nights for 2 at Saruni Samburu. Wishing Ella, pictured left, and the My Ella Campaign much success!

Through the Eyes of a Guide
The stories continue…..our ‘Through the Eyes of a Guide’ section seems to have captured your imagination, allowing you to see the Saruni experience through a ‘different lens’. This month we talk to Simon Lepasiele from Saruni Samburu. A sharp dresser, a young man who likes to laugh and to make jokes, Simon is forever immortalised in one of the iconic photos that describe Saruni Samburu to the world: sitting on a rock with a memorable sunset in the background, holding his spear. Here’s his take on things.......

Q. What is the most exciting / memorable story / sighting?
A. I have a great story! It involves a giraffe, a lion, and a crocodile. The giraffe came down to the river to drink water, meanwhile a lion was stalking this giraffe. As the giraffe was drinking, a crocodile jumped out and snapped his jaws around the giraffe. The leapt up and managed to escape the crocodile only then for the lion to attack the giraffe from behind. With one swift powerful kick the giraffe was able to rid the lion as well and managed to escape death twice!

Q. Why do you love Kenya?
A. This is my country and it is a beautiful country!
Q. What’s the strangest / funniest thing you have ever been asked? 
A. I would have to say the strangest questions I get asked are about the cultural differences. “Why do you have more than one wife?” “What do your beads represent?”
Q. When was the last time the wildlife of Samburu scared you?
A. Recently. I was walking in the bush and came across a lone bull elephant. He charged so I had to run. I hid and waited for him to stop and once I heard him stop a quietly got out of the area and continued on.
Q. What motivated you to become a guide? 
A. I love animals. I love working in the bush; working with my bird books, my binoculars, and tracking.
Q. What makes Saruni different?
A. Its’ privacy. It’s a very private lodge, in a private conservancy with an incredible view!
Q. What is your favourite animal species in Samburu? 
A. The reticulated giraffe. They are tall and calm with nice patterns and I particularly love the way the move; both legs of one side at a time.
You can email us your very own questions for our guides, by emailing Next month, Saruni Wild!
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