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Real Warriors, Sacred Mountains & Silver Horizons
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As they say, never a dull moment in Africa. Last month brought us much excitement, expected and not. You can read it all here below in detail, but I personally think our Q&A session with Francis Lenyakopiro, one of our guides at Saruni Samburu, and somebody who despite of a couple of trips around the world, and several diplomas, remains very rooted in his traditional culture – is particularly illuminating. The Mount Ololokwe climb by our friends Mario & Silvia brings back memories of my own climb a few years ago. A special welcome into the Saruni fold to Andrea Jeska, celebrated reporter from ‘Die Zeit’ in Germany and an ‘old Africa hand’ who visited us and marvelled at what Northern Kenya has to offer. Like many other Germans and guests from the rest of Europe, she can now travel to Kenya using Lufthansa, a welcomed return to our skies.

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#WhyILoveSaruni - in full swing!
From a double rainbow over the Indian ocean at Saruni Ocean (our header image!), to the vivid colours and famous elephant of Samburu - beautiful entry photos to our #WhyILoveSaruni competition are pouring in! Each photo captures a unique and memorable moment on a Saruni safari or coastal visit, and we are hugely impressed by what our clients are sending through! Congratulations to our October finalists: Brian Cristiano, Robyn Kriel and Sharon Earp. 
Find out all the details to our #WhyILoveSaruni photo competition here, and enter your photo to stand a chance at winning a 2 night safari for 2 at the Saruni property of your choice - valued at almost US$3,000!
Lufthansa, Karibu to Kenya
Airlines land and take off every day, but Lufthansa’s special return to Kenya after an 18 year absence marks a significant moment for the tourist industry and for Jomo Kenyatta airport. The German airline is now flying from Frankfurt to Nairobi with 3 direct flights weekly using an Airbus A340. Many European destinations are now much closer to the bush and beach of Kenya. Another reason to visit or return. 
Living with the 'Moran' - Samburu Warriors
Ahead of Lufthansa’s recent announcement, another important German institution, ‘Die Zeit’ newspaper showcased our ‘Warrior’s Academy’, following a visit by renowned journalist Andrea Jeska to Saruni Samburu. Andrea, who has travelled extensively and reported from all over Africa, told us “that the Samburu culture is still very special and it inspires me to come back for a more in depth research on it. Saruni is a wonderful and magical place”. For those German speakers among you, you can read her article in full by visiting our website, simply click here.
More Moran
Staying with the Samburu culture, another well-known author and photographer, Mark Eveleigh, has written about his own memorable experience with Samburu warriors, in his recently published article ‘Blood and Black Leopards’ for Private Departures Magazine, South Africa. If you have ever wondered what the Samburu’s staple diet of blood and milk (“the Samburu Shake”) tastes like, read Mark’s adventure to find out!
Going for gold
The results are in! As hoped for in our last month’s newsletter, we are delighted to be able to announce that, along with Saruni Mara, Saruni Samburu has now been awarded its silver eco-rating by Ecotourism Kenya. The rating agency assured us that achieving gold level, for both lodges, is only a few steps away. We are working hard to make it happen! 
Wild dogs and Englishmen
A big thanks to long-time Saruni friend Max, who along with this wife Lisa, recently visited Saruni Samburu and took many pictures of rare sightings of African wild dog. However, Saruni Mara also has received its fair share of wild dog sightings, noticeably an early morning baby impala kill by a hungry pack of six, just outside the Owner’s private villa, Nyati House
Latest Travel Advice: TRAVEL!
Looks like the Kenya coast is very much back on the map for both UK & US citizens visiting Kenya following the recent lifting of both US & UK travel advisories to popular areas. This should result in a much welcomed boost to the coastal tourism industry just in time for the high season. To check which areas are covered by the U.S. Department of State and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, please check their websites.  
Top of the Rock
Italian Alps aficionados Mario & Silvia, recent guests at Saruni Samburu and long-time friends of Saruni, added an adventurous climb to the top of nearby sacred Mount Olokowe to their list of impressive achievements.They told us “Mount Ololokwe is one of the most exciting mountain trails we have walked for years”. Why not add a climb to your 'TO DO' list next time you find yourself in Samburu?
Through the eyes of a guide
Ever wondered what it’s like to see Africa through the eyes of a great Samburu guide?  Eloquent, well-educated and travelled, but also very traditionally rooted in his own ancient culture, Francis Lenyakopiro (pictured here with recent guests The Lockett family), is keen to reveal it all. As a senior guide at Saruni Samburu, Francis is the perfect person to explain why this relatively undiscovered part of Kenya is so special.

Q. What is your most exciting or memorable sighting?
A. Watching a martial eagle fight and kill a bat eared fox in 2012 here in Samburu National Reserve. It was so special to watching bird of prey take down another predator – shows me that there is still so much to learn and see as this something I have never seen or heard of happening before.

Q. Why I love Kenya
A. It is my home country and it is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the world. I have been to the US once in 2011 – but I still love Kenya and it will always be home!

Q. What questions do you get asked?
A. It's a long list of questions and all of them are very interesting. I get lots of questions about my family and it is very special when guests get to meet my children and relatives when they visit our village.

Q. When was the last time wildlife scared you?
A. Several years ago I was walking home and I came across an injured bull elephant. He had dislocated his knee whilst crossing the river and was very threatened so it charged me! I ran away extremely quickly back to my family in the village! Luckily when you are in the vehicles on a game drive you are extremely safe!

Q. What motivated you to become a guide?
A. I grew up loving nature from a very early age. Every kind of creature from a lizard in my home to the mighty game of Samburu that was always on my doorstep. I felt I connected on a special level with the wildlife and made it my top priority to work with nature so it a job that makes me extremely happy.

Q. What makes Saruni different?
A. The location of our lodge is very unique! It blends into the rocks in a magical way. We have a very experienced team of guides and trackers who all grew up here so they know the area extremely well. Kalama conservancy is ours exclusively to drive in which makes us very proud and we see some incredibly special and wild sightings that no one else can!

Q. What is your favourite animal species in Samburu?
A. Three main favourites I will mention. Of course the leopards because they are so beautiful and majestic, elephants because I have had the most amazing experiences with them and respect them very much. Finally aardwolf because they are so protected and rare – we are very lucky because we see many on Kalama Conservancy at night. 

You can email us your own questions for our guides, by emailing Next month, Saruni Mara!
Broaden your horizons
Banish those upcoming winter blues by checking out our latest Saruni Ocean images here. But don’t just visit Msambweni from the comfort of your armchair or confines of your desk, come and experience it for real! Bookings are coming in ahead of the coastal high season, and you too can relax, unwind and rejuvenate amidst palm-fringed, secluded shores and natural, sun-warmed rock pools. Sheer bliss. Don’t just take our word for it – read up on the latest Saruni Ocean Trip Advisor comments
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