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A Senior Moment, a Bridal Sentiment and a Royal Appointment
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The beauty of Saruni is the diversity of the people that we touch with our experiences. Just read this newsletter: the story of an ex-askari who becomes a professional guide, mixed with the famous conservationist who becomes a knight and the many magical moments lived by those newly married who fall in love with Africa on safari with us.
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Best Saruni wishes,
Riccardo & the Saruni team
#WhyILoveSaruni - returns with a vengeance!
The competition returns.........‪#WhyILoveSaruni 2016 kicks off today, 1st of July, this time on INSTAGRAM too!. Send us your photos and VIDEOS (new feature!) that best represent why you love Saruni, and stand a chance to WIN BIG!
Competition details can be found here. We look forward to receiving your winning entries. And……ACTION!!
The Great Italian Cook-Off
Special guest chefs will be visiting Saruni lodges this July, training and inspiring our kitchen teams! Milanese couple Cristiana Ariotto and Gianni Minori are the owners and chefs at ‘La Sosta’ Restaurant in beautiful Swellendam in South Africa, and are the winners of the “Best Italian Restaurant in South Africa” award as voted in the Eat Out Mercedes-Benz Restaurant Awards.
On safari with Saruni, the food is as much a part of the adventure and luxury experience of Kenya as the panoramic, unspoilt views, the abundant wildlife, the enthralling culture. We believe the first thing that crosses the mind of any Saruni guest is “WOW! Look where we are!”, followed quickly by “WOW! Look what we are eating!”. Delicious fresh ingredients, coupled with Italian inspiration and local Kenyan flair in preparation and presentation, create a truly exciting culinary experience that compliments the authentic, luxurious and unique Saruni safari.
Cristiana and Gianni are coming to Saruni to infuse our cooking style and our chefs with their award-winning techniques, training and creativity, as well as some fresh new recipes for our guests to enjoy! Buon appetito!
M straight to M: what connects Munich to Mombasa?
Germany – and the rest of Europe - is closer than ever to Kenya. The leisure airline Condor has launched direct flights from Munich to the coastal city of Mombasa, with weekly flights that will make it easier to come and enjoy the marvels of the Indian Ocean  at Saruni Ocean and our Saruni safari properties across the Kenyan savannahs.
In full view of the Hide: a Samburu comeback
Our new photographic hide at Saruni Samburu may well be in its infancy but we are already seeing the wildlife getting used to it and considering it part of the landscape. Saruni Samburu lodge manager Johan recently captured these images of lion and oryx at the waterhole
A few steps from our photographic hide, our guests can… well.....literally hide and photograph. It is the first time in a many months that we see oryx at the waterhole. Karibu Tena, welcome back! 
Reading between the lines: A bookish dinner
Our creative Saruni Mara lodge manager Tom has created something special in the Masai Mara: a romantic dinner in our book-packed library, surrounded by tomes and words, stories and adventures, images and ideas. The photo speaks for itself and our guests love it. Well done Tom!
Safari Bride Offer: discount of a lifetime
Newly married? Planning to marry? Not that you need an incentive, but we thought to give you one anyway: if you book 4 nights or more for your honeymoon at Saruni Samburu or at Saruni Mara/Saruni Wild, you can get 50% off for the Bride. Read here to find out more.
An Insta-nt Correction
Our previous Instagram address has been taken offline and we have created a new, better one. We apologise for the inconvenience and we offer you the fresh, correct account address, full of images and delightful visual moments for our Instagram followers and contributors: NEW Saruni Lodges Instagram page here.
Last Minute High Season Availability
For those LAST MINUTE ENQUIRIES needing a loving home, we have some LIMITED AVAILABILITY across the Saruni lodges portfolio this high-season. For more details, please contact Hellen on or simply call us on +254 (0)735 950 903. Look forward to welcoming you to Saruni, now and in the future.
Great Grevy's Rally launches 45,000 photos
As you can see from the wonderful heading banner image at the top of our newsletter, the Grevy’s zebra in Laisamis (Samburu) are very healthy and are part of dynamic families. This is only one of the 45,000 photos generated by the recent Great Grevy’s Rallya very successful initiative to which Saruni lodges contributed. Before mid-July, the images will be uploaded to Zooniverse so that hundreds of online volunteers can assist with the aging and sexing of the zebras. By early August, the size and age structure of the population of the endangered Grevy zebra – common in Samburu but not in any other part of the country - will be known and the results will be released late August.
Through the Eyes of a Guide
Senior is one of the landowners who control the land near Saruni Mara, the relative of several staff members and a remarkable young man who wanted to become a guide at all costs and succeeded, showing determination and intelligence. Here is what Senior has to say:
Q. Your story is especially interesting: from askari to guide, and long days spent self-teaching about nature. What triggered your passion for nature and for the profession of guide?
A. I always wished to become a guide and believed I had the knowledge in a traditional sense but needed to get to grips with everything in the books as well. It was fun and I learnt a lot. I also learnt a lot from our other guides and used their stories for inspiration.
Q. What is the most exciting / memorable story / sighting?
A. One day at the river when we were waiting for the wildebeest crossing I was watching the crocs to see if they would go for the wildebeest. Suddenly we saw a hippo come from nowhere and take a wildebeest. This is unheard of behavior and was very interesting.
Q. Why do you love Kenya?
A. It is my home! I am very proud to be Kenyan.
Q. What’s the strangest / funniest thing you have ever been asked? 
A. Is it possible for a dik dik to kill a leopard!?
Q. What makes Saruni different?
A. Extremely high standards for the guests and the work done with the community are why I am proud to work with Saruni.
Q. What is your favourite animal species in the Mara?
A. Cheetah – very fast and the only the cat that does not eat carrion. It always takes fresh meat it has killed itself.
Q. What does it mean to be a Masaai in today’s modern world? How do you balance traditional way of life and modern way of life?
A. We are seeing lots of differences between traditional ways of life . For example to communicate we now use a phone whereas before we had to use smoke signals or travel for many days. It is good for us and we are benefiting from it. With our culture, however, we are getting worried. Education, inter marriage, religion all mean that the young Maasai have a wider choice of what they want to do and it is very interesting times. For example, young men no longer spend the years from 14-18 years old as a Maasai warrior going to protect the villages but go to school and church.
Q. A lot of people don’t know that the Maasai never hunted the wild animals. Can you explain why?
A. The reason is that we keep domestic animals. We believe that we were created by god and god gave us the cow. All cows are ours and they are all we need to survive. All other meat is not valued and therefore not good. Finally, we believe if we eat other meat then our cattle will run out and the tribe will die out.
You can email us your very own questions for our guides, by emailing Next month, Saruni Samburu!
Hidden Gem Nairobi Hotel: Ololo Lodge
Elizabeth and I have spent our fair share of time in city hotels worldwide, and don’t necessarily love them. But, having stayed here recently, this one we absolutely loved and we highly recommend: Ololo Lodge, at the edge of the Nairobi National park. Australian owners Craig, Joanna and their team are delightful company, and Ololo Lodge is a total jewel.
Despite being still relatively little-known, is becoming the cool place where to have a Sunday lunch overlooking the extraordinary wilderness that the park is, but also where to spend the night getting in the mood for the safari that starts the following day as you leave the lodge through the park. For their rates and availability you can contact us at We'll be back!
Page after page.....
As you may have now suspected, at Saruni we love books and we love to read. So why not why not get a better understanding of the Samburu and of the Maasai tribes, with whom we are partners in conservation - by checking out these great write-ups below, recently appearing online at Africa Geographic
Happy reading!
And finally....congrats to Ian Craig, OBE
Last but not least, the “father” of NRT and “uncle” of Kalama Conservancy and the man behind a lot of conservation in Kenya is now a knight: congratulations Ian Craig OBE - totally well-deserved. Read all about it and more NRT news, here. Thank you for all your continued support Ian. 
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