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Don't HIDE - catch the Honeymoon Express
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Kenya’s tourism and conservation community are experiencing a very busy year. It seems that the eyes of the world are once again set on the savannah and the wilderness where the safari industry was born a century ago, and where Angelina Jolie-Pitt will soon start filming the film that may just become the ‘new Out of Africa’. At Saruni, in what seems to be our own Year of the Rhino, we are charging towards high season at full speed, polishing up our silver from the fabulous beach of Msambweni, to the endless landscapes of Samburu and the migration plains of the Mara. Our monthly updates are filled with new stories and we wish you happy reading and thank you, as always, for your support.

Best Saruni wishes,
Saruni Ocean Honeymoon Offer
Waking up each morning to the sound of the Indian Ocean lapping gently on the shore and the slight rustle of swaying palm trees........Enjoy early morning walks on the 4km-long undiscovered, pristine white-sand beach, followed by relaxing beauty and health treatments at the Sarunity Wellbeing Space.

The perfect honeymoon?  Get more ‘honey’ for your money with our exciting new Saruni Ocean Honeymoon Offer.
Book 5 nights or more for your honeymoon at Saruni Ocean and get 50% off for the Bride. Also enjoy a complimentary 60 minutes’ ​‘Romantic Duet’ treatment. Valid for bookings now until 6th January 2017. No offer is cumulative with any other.
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Rhino Charge 2016 - Spectator-tastic!
May in Kenya without the unique and thrilling conservation fundraiser event that is the annual Rhino Charge competition, would be like Wimbledon tennis without strawberries & cream. This year, Saruni was proud to partner for the 2nd time with Tarpo to provide the Rhino Charge Luxury Spectator’s tented-camp (18 tents for 26 people), in the, as ever, closely-guarded location of Loita Hills, revealed last minute to competitors and spectators alike. A massive ‘well done’ to our very own Tom Hartley, Saruni Ops Manager, who worked tirelessly with Tarpo to make it all possible. A great success – congratulations to the winning team and all who participated in the event which raised more than KES139,000,000 - a new record. We hope to get involved again in 2017. 
Between a Rock and a HIDE place
Following my recent visit to Saruni Samburu, I am delighted to report that the eagerly-awaited photographic hide is very much in place, is ‘hidden’ well, and is so in harmony with the surrounding landscape that today, the family of 7 x Kalama elephants coming to drink from the waterhole directly in front of the hatch didn’t even ‘click-on’ to our presence. A few finishing touches inside and out remain – then it’s lenses-at-the-ready time. Images to follow next month. 
#WhyILoveSaruni 2016
Staying with capturing your unforgettable Saruni moments on film…by popular demand, the competition returns...‪ #WhyILoveSaruni 2016 will kick off again on the 1st of July, with new rules and new ways to enter and WIN BIG! Competition details will be released soon, so be sure to check out our Facebook page Saruni Lodges, and to watch this space!
All aboard the Safari Express
Want to discover the rugged, unending scenes of Samburu, and delight in the teeming open plains and sweeping horizons of the Mara, but short on time? Experience our exhilarating 3 nights/4 days’ safaris of a lifetime, as captured beautifully in the ‘Samburu Express Itinerary’ and the ‘Mara Express Itinerary’. Who says great things don’t come in small packages?
Travel Lightly and Pack for a Purpose
Saruni is a proud member of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows our guests to make a lasting impact on our local communities, when staying at Saruni Mara, Saruni Wild and Saruni Samburu. If you save just a few kilos of space in your suitcase and take supplies for area schools or medical clinics in need, you’ll make a priceless contribution to the lives of local children and families. Please click here to see what supplies are needed for local project/s. Get packing for a purpose!
Through the Eyes of a Guide
Some of you may have already had the pleasure of meeting Saruni Samburu’s latest addition to the guiding team – Sammy Lemiruni. Despite only being at Saruni for a few weeks, he has become part of the family, and whose company and passion for his work has been much enjoyed already by our guests. A Samburu from the community who owns Kalama Conservancy, Sammy has a coveted silver 'badge' from Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association. Let’s hear what he has to say so far…..

Q. What is the most exciting / memorable story / sighting?
A. I would have to say it was the occasion that served as the gateway for me becoming a guide. It was back when I was a spotter (before Saruni) and I was with two guests and the guide and the vehicle encountered a problem. The guide was unsure how to fix it though I insisted I was able to. After the guide finally gave the go ahead I was indeed able to fix it and we could continue on. When we got back to the lodge the guests told the owner of the occasion. A month later those same guests came back and specifically requested I take them on safari – it was a very exciting moment in my life and my career!

Q. Why do you love Kenya?
A. It is a country of diversity. Throughout the reserves and parks in Kenya there are geographically unique and beautiful areas and they are preserved through conservation efforts. It is not just the beauty of the parks and reserves but it is how, in every corner of Kenya, there are always people smiling.
Q. What’s the strangest / funniest thing you have ever been asked? 
A. Politics. Sometimes guests ask particularly detailed political questions of areas far away from where we are. Some people come here and speak politics of their home country; though I tend to offer knowledge of politics in Kenya in its’ entirety of a country.
Q. When was the last time the wildlife of Samburu scared you?
AQuite recently – about 4 days ago actually! I was on a game drive with two guests and we were in a lot of greenery, amongst the Salvador Pasica trees or “Tooth Brush” trees and we were looking for leopard. We were close to a herd of elephants grazing peacefully and suddenly they started to run – I knew something was up. Then suddenly from the right a bull elephant trumpeted and charged only then for another bull elephant to charge from the left. I stepped on the accelerator and got us out of there. The elephant continued charging after us for a couple of seconds more before stopping.
Q. What motivated you to become a guide? 
A. It was in high school when the aspects of a guiding life became a passion of mine. I joined a wildlife club in school and we had meetings with other organizations like ‘Save the Elephants’ in which they tested our knowledge all the meanwhile expanding it. After I finished high school I went home to look after my cattle though within 6 months I wanted to further my true passion. I came to Kalama conservancy (several years ago before Saruni) and though there were no positions available the company offered me a beginning position as a dishwasher. There were some guests in-house whose children began to recognize me and with whom I became friends. The guests then asked the owner if I could accompany them for the rest of their safari. Following this, the owner asked if I could continue on and offered to pay my college fees where I obtained a diploma in Tourism Management as well as a diploma in Tour Guiding Administration.  In 2011, I sat for my Bronze guiding accreditation where I received the highest marks of 90 others sitting for their Bronze which allowed me to graduate from a driver/ spotter into a full time guide. 3 years after my professional career in the bush, I sat for my Silver and next year I am going for the Gold!
Q. What makes Saruni different?
A. Saruni is extremely unique. The lodge is located in a conservancy where you do not see a single other camp nor any traffic. If we want to go into the reserve, it is only a short drive but it is stunning being based in the conservancy itself. Saruni has a strong standard of hospitality, guiding, and management, and representative of a top quality Safari.
Q. What is your favourite animal species in Samburu? 
A. The reticulated giraffe. They are extremely beautiful and they are doing well in numbers, unlike for example, the Rothschild’s giraffe which is facing a diminishing number, the reticulated giraffe steadily thrives in Samburu.
You can email us your very own questions for our guides, by emailing Next month, Saruni Mara!
Destination Excellence - Trip Advisor Accolades
We are thrilled to have recently been awarded from Trip Advisor a 2016 Certificate of Excellence for Superior Service at BOTH Saruni Mara & Saruni Samburu – and it’s all thanks to you, our loyal Friends of Saruni, past and repeat guests, who have taken the time to share your Saruni experiences with the world on Trip Advisor. Asante sana – and we can’t wait to welcome you back.
"Saruni Rocks" - The Luxury Safari Company
Fantastic to read a recent posting by The Luxury Safari Company, entitled ‘Saruni Wows Again’ – “Exciting news for photographers, both experienced and those passionate beginners, our friends at Saruni are leading the way in African wildlife photography.  Their new photographic elephant-proof Hide (the first of its kind in Kenya) is available to guests from July 1st 2016”. A fabulous write-up of Saruni Samburu and some great images, check out the article here.  
And finally..........
This Wednesday 1st June is Madaraka day, celebrated by all here in Kenya and by Kenyans around the world marking the country’s anniversary of self-rule ahead of full independence. Enjoy the public holiday!
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