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Happy Monday, folks. Thanks for being here. 

This is one of those mornings (close enough; it's not *too* far from noon yet) that I wish just a little, eensie, teensie bit that I was still on Facebook or Instagram or whatever. Because this stuff is bananas, and oh how I'd love the instant gratification of posting it online and getting all those delightful little Likes and heart emojis. But I know it doesn't stop there . . . I'd lose about three months of my life if I ever went back . . . it's like smoking: you've gotta go cold turkey and never look back. 

But I digress. 

This morning (just now) I opened a new notebook, having filled up the old one. This is the only system that works for me: All my notes to self, to-do lists, client conversations, brain dumps, etc. go into one notebook at a time, and I only get to cross off the page when I've finished or filed every item on it. It works for me because I only have to keep track of one physical object (two if you include a good pen) and encourages frequent filing of information. I keep a stack of notebooks in a cabinet in my office so I never run out and get stuck with no way to record things. 

The notebook I pulled from the stack today had a single note in it. I have no recollection of writing in this notebook. There's no date, no header, no topic, no context, but it seems like maybe this was a REALLY BRILLIANT IDEA one day, good enough to write down on the second page of an otherwise unused notebook. Here's the note:
Clearly a moment of genius. If only I had ANY FREAKING CLUE what it meant, I could be well on my way to writing a bestseller novel! Or memoir! Or how-to book! 

Learn from my example, friends. As a wise woman once said, "If you can't be a good example, you may as well be a horrible warning." 

Wishing you thorough, comprehensible, legible notes now and forever,

Meghan Pinson

P.S. Here's an example of GOOD notes from another notebook. I had to look them up to make sure I'm not filling all my books with airy gibberish. I know exactly what this page means, and I'm just waiting for the windfall that lets me unplug long enough to write the dang thing. XO![UNIQID]

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