iLead issue20 - 7 October 2013
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Issue - 20     7th Octobe 2013

Violence Against Women – Parliamentarians – Leadership 

Violence Against Women
Leadership: Preventing Violence Against Women & Man
Violence against women has been a core problem in Asian society especially in South Asia, was widely ignored by social and political leaders. The Indian panel code describes crime against women includes abduction, homicide, dowry, torture (Mental and Physical) molestation, sexual harassment of women under 21 years of age, according to government women in India is raped every 20 minutes that is average 72 rape per day. Then December rape happens in India which hit the very fiber of the society, social and political leaders woke up in full force, the media also started reporting on VAW. AFPPD and Partner for Prevention with AUSAID has been mobilizing parliamentarians and other opinion leaders on this issue since long. Recently Partner for Prevention with UNFPA, UN Women, UNAIDS and others conducted a comprehensive study and ask man about their views and experiences on violence against women, attitude and practice, childhood sexuality, family life and health. (Detail on
Clinton Initiatives on Violence Against Women
The annual meeting of Clinton Global Initiatives (CGI) had a discussion on how the leadership and partnership of man is critical in ending violence against women and girls, consider most widespread and society tolerated human rights abuse. This session also explores strategies for involving man and current initiatives and campaigns already under way –(Digital Journal)
Iran Approved Men Can Marry Adopted Daughter  
Parliament of Iran has passed the bill that allows the man to marry his adopted daughter while she is as young as 13yrs. The bill projected on the pretext that they are protecting the right of children. Currently girl under the age of 13yrs can marry with the permission of a judge, but marring step children are forbidden under any circumstances. Human right activists see this as a legalizing pedophilia—(the garden)
Get the Act Together – Nine Years Old Girl Tells US Congressmen
Referring to US shut down and unable to visit National Park, a nine year old girl send an email to three congressmen from her hometown, (Kentucky) asking them “They get their act together” she further said “At my school when we get into disagreement, we compromise, work as a team, use leadership and have a positive attitude and respect each other” I encourage you to do this in Washington D.C. –(US Media)
African Women Parliamentarian Give Priority to Family Planning
African women paliamentarians and other leaders want parents to allow their teenage daughters to access family planning and reproductive health services with a view of bringing down the increasing cases of early and unwanted pregnancies, risky, abortions and maternal deaths. They were attending two days meeting organized by “Partners in Population and Development” Africa office. Their view was that most parents especially mother still carry a negative attitude of family planning and reproductive health for their teenage daughters. Some of them think that by providing access to family planning services will lead them to promiscuity. They also call on African governments to increase funding towards family planning services.—(Rwanda News)
Sri Lanka MPs Sign up to Curb Corruption: John Hide Initiatives
Colombo - Parliamentarians from the Indian Ocean island nation of Sri Lanka have agreed to set up the 48th national chapter of the Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC). "It was tremendous to see nearly 20 MPs attend on a non-sitting day to establish their GOPAC Sri Lanka group and elect an executive committee reflecting MPs from government and opposition with gender equity reflecting the diverse ethnic and culture of democratic Sri Lanka," said GOPAC Oceania Chair John Hyde, who attended the meeting.—(
The Book on Women Participation in Politics Launched in Bhutan
“Raise your hand: Bhutan’s first elected women leaders” a research book was launched by Her Royal Princess of Bhutan. The book speaks about women participation and leadership and governance. The book has stories of some 30 elected from parliamentary and local government election in Bhutan.The book aims to inspire young women to become leaders. The book is sponsored by Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy.
One Young World Summit: Johannesburg
A global leader from business, politics, fashion, science and sports met in Johannesburg to give support to the world young leaders at the “One young world summit 2013”. Around 1300 young leaders from more than 180 countries reported to attend. Many high level dignitaries including Mr.Kofi Annan played the crucial role at the summit as counselors –(Huff Post Impact)
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Message for Leaders

“The Roots of Violence: Wealth without work, Pleasure without conscience, Knowledge without character, Commerce without morality, Science without humanity, Worship without sacrifice, Politics without principles.”—(Mahatma Gandhi)
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