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week of September 8, 2022

Suppressing information about treatments

The claim:

A much-reshared video is claiming that COVID vaccines contain nanostructures that self-assemble to become blood clots.

The facts:

The video features "rubbery blood clots,"  claiming they are caused by the COVID vaccine. Their evidence comes from an interview with an embalmer who claims that these clots occurred in 93% of her cases and all were related to the COVID vaccine.

The embalmer is not a doctor and cannot determine the cause of death. She claims the clots are only associated with those who were vaccinated, yet admits that she doesn't know the vaccination status (if or when) of all the cases.

The embalmer claims that two patients died within days of getting vaccinated, but the doctor in his report claims people can live with these clots for quite a while until they are large enough to prevent oxygen flow. The doctor adds that he is 80-90% certain that the clots are "caused by the spike protein." Of course, SARS-CoV-2 also has spike proteins.

What about self-assembling nanostructures? Anti-science grifters like to use scientific terminology most regular people are not familiar with. This one is an emerging technology that has pretty cool possibilities. However, we know what is in a COVID vaccine, and those ingredients are not going into your body and building little structures. 

Is monkeypox gone?

The claim:

Many folks who are inclined to believe that public health emergencies are scams think monkeypox has disappeared because it isn't in the news as much.

The facts:

Monkeypox was declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) by the WHO on July 23, 2022. Along with that declaration came several recommendations on mitigation and control strategies including increased surveillance, vaccine campaigns, and a call to protect and engage at-risk communities. If a warning was issued and headed, the disease might be mitigated to some degree. 

Still, monkeypox is not gone. As recently as Tuesday, 677 new cases were reported in the United States.

Sanitation and clean water

The claim:

The ongoing water crisis in Jackson, MS became an opportunity for this Twitter user to score some internet fame by claiming sanitation and clean water, not vaccines and pharmaceuticals, reduced diseases in our communities.

The facts:

Clean water and sanitation are extremely important for the health of a community. Readers of the British Medical Journal rated the "sanitary revolution" as the greatest medical advancement since 1840. The CDC considered clean water and improved sanitation as one of the greatest public health achievements. There is no doubt that clean water and sanitation are instrumental in creating healthy societies.

This doctor who claims his medical education came from "three days in the vision pit" complete with voices, is the one issuing this warning about the resurgence of diseases such as measles and smallpox.

Although indoor plumbing and sanitation were standard in the US in the 1930s, it wasn't until the vaccine was released, in 1967, that measles rates started to plummet. Similarly, eradication of smallpox didn't occur until 1980, including in areas still today without running water and sanitation systems. Vaccine campaigns reaching every corner of the globe are to thank, regardless of sewage systems. 

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