Everyone needs to talk about maternal vaccines
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Week three of National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM) is all about vaccines for babies and young children

Parents have reasonable (and some unreasonable) worries when it comes to their babies and young children, and sometimes vaccines can be part of those worries. This week we introduce to you a new blog post written by a mother of formerly unvaccinated children--and lots of other content--to help you kick-start conversations about vaccines for our youngest community members.

Spread the word this NIAM

Childhood immunizations protect against diseases worth preventing. Help get the word out this week!

  • If you have friends with concerns about vaccines, read our Vaccine Hesitancy Toolkit to find out how to start a discussion with them.
  • Tell others more about the diseases we can prevent through vaccines by sharing this CDC page.
  • Let others know why vaccines are important to your family by uploading your Why I Choose photo
  • Post our ready-made social media shares (see below) on all your channels.

Lastly, please share your story with your policymakers using this form.

Ready-to-share social media posts from VFV

Share these ready-made social media posts on your channels and personal profiles in order to kickstart important immunization conversations.


Click on this link, and share our video: Protect Babies and Young Children from Vaccine-Preventable Diseases.

Copy and paste these posts:
  • "I let go of so much fear, and, finally, armed with a whole new perspective and tons of information, I was able to trust that vaccinating my girls was the right and safe thing to do. Within days of making the decision, the girls had appointments with a new pediatrician who, with my consent, put them on an aggressive catch-up schedule. They are now fully vaccinated."
  • On-time vaccination is important. Read this NFID post!
  • "A few days later, Laura came down with chickenpox. The first couple of days, she was miserable, but had no scary symptoms. The next day, though, Laura had her snack and went down for a nap. She never woke up."
  • Your friends and family might know why you think vaccines are important, but do your policymakers know? Tell them here:


Use the hashtags #NIAM16#vaxwithme, #iamtheherd, #TeamVaccine in your own tweets, or copy and paste these tweets.

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Let's keep talking.

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