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The tides are definitely turning as more and more people recognize that vaccinating is the default decision for keeping our children healthy.

As these tides turn, Voices for Vaccines is growing bigger and gaining new members every day. We couldn't be more pleased, and we invite you to help spread the word about Voices for Vaccines.

Also, as we grow, our expenses grow as well.  Please consider making a donation today to Voices for Vaccines so that we can continue making advocating for immunization easy.

Support the Student Filmmakers of Invisible Threat

When the high school students at CHSTV set out to make a film about the immune system, they were unprepared for what would happen next. After a newspaper article announce the film, anti-vaxxers began calling the school and writing blog posts targeting the students and their film. All but two adults backed out of the film, but the project went ahead at the insistence of when one student reminded them about the lesson they had learned on a previous project about the Holocaust: Remember what happens when good people do nothing.

Invisible Threat is now complete, and its National Launch was May 1 in Washington DC. The period post-launch has re-invigorated the anti-vaccine protest of this high school film, and their protests have been organized, relentless, and national. Anti-vaccine group A Shot of Truth recently put out a press release impugning the film by claiming the students were not the driving force behind it and they were, rather, pawns of pharmaceutical companies. The press release has been republished on anti-vaccine social media platforms, from National Vaccine Information Center to Age of Autism to The Greater Good (documentary) and has the backing of Autism One. Anti-vaccine activists across the country have responded by calling and sending harassing emails and letters to the students' school in hopes of dismantling the entire program.

Please send your support to these students and for Invisible Threat! Read, personalize, and send this email to the the student filmmakers.

May Member Call: Parents are Called to Advocate

The anti-vaccine movement might overwhelm parents, but advocating for immunization is both important and easy. To discuss advocacy and to demonstrate how to use VFV's tools to promote high vaccine rates in your community, Voices for Vaccines' Parent Advisory Board member, Karrie Delaney, will be joining our May call. 

Karrie Delaney is a wife and mother of two children. She is a communication strategist committed to charitable work. As a Parent Advisory Board member, Karrie represents Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Join us for this call on Friday, May 16 at noon EST (9 am Pacific). Please register by May 15.

To join the call, you must email us at


A few minutes of advocacy can make a big difference

Recent studies have suggested that there is nothing we can do to persuade the ardently anti-vaccine parent.


But there are many things each of us can do right now that can make a difference in the minds of those unsure about vaccines
  1. Be public about the fact that you stand behind vaccines. Wear a pro-vaccine t-shirt or simply tell somebody that your children are fully vaccinate because you believe in the importance of protecting them and your community from disease.
  2. Download one of our toolkits!  We have a number of toolkits that you might be able to use in whole or in part, so check out our TOOLS page. If you need any assistance or have any questions, feel free to email us at (If you have used our toolkits, take our surveys to help us make them better: Click here to take the Kick the Flu out of School survey Click here to take the New Parent Toolkit survey
  3. Sign a pro-vaccine petition, or participate in the comments section if you cannot sign in order to show your support. One new petition asks the Alberta government to make vaccines mandatory for school entry.

Quick Takes

  • Shannon never realized the importance of the flu vaccine or of advocating for immunization until Colton fell ill and was hospitalized. Read her post, Colton's Battle, and share it with others. 
  • Dr. Paul Offit took on the toughest interviewer on television: Stephen Colbert. Catch the interview here.
  • Religion is not the third rail of immunization advocacy. In a well-written blog post, Christian writer Rachel Stone takes on religious exemptions for vaccine requirements and finds them unsupportable.
  • The students of CHSTV are not alone in being harassed by the anti-vaccine movement. VFV's PAB member and staunch vaccine advocate, Dorit Reiss, was recently the target of anti-vaccine threatsWe intend to eradicate all forms of harassment by bringing them out into the light and exposing them for what they are--cowardice borne out of desperation. 
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Change is coming.

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