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week of June 9, 2022

Is monkeypox actually Shingles?

The claim:

In another attempt to blame vaccines for literally anything, one hypothesis being spread is that the monkeypox outbreaks are actually cases of "vaccine-induced Shingles."

The facts:

A digitally altered image claiming that CTV News published that 95% of 24 cases of monkeypox across Canada were actually Shingles. This image was supposedly published on or before March 22, 2022.

No record is available anywhere proving that this article existed, and days later, on March 25, the Public Health Agency of Canada reported only 16 cases of monkeypox. Because this article was clearly fabricated and the image was altered, this claim is an example of disinformation. 

Insurance and VAIDS

The claim:

Anti-vaxxers, claiming that the rise in illness and death over the last two + years can be attributed to "Vaccine-Induced Autoimmune Deficiency Syndrome," are pointing to this video of an insurance company CEO and his explanation of their current underwriting.

The facts:

This CEO website calls vaccines "experimental gene therapy shots," promotes Ivermectin as a preventive and a cure for COVID, and calls the pandemic a "plandemic." The odds are that he knew what he wanted to conclude and went looking for data to support it. 

However, even though he concludes that "VAIDS" is causing a rise and death and illness, there's no actual science that connects vaccines to any autoimmune disorder. But while the vaccine isn't connected to autoimmune problems, we know that COVID-19 infection itself can definitely lead to autoimmune complications.

It's also notable that excess deaths (the number of deaths exceeding what we would expect) rose when the pandemic began, not when vaccination began. Over 1 million Americans have died from COVID-19.

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

The claim:

For the past 18 months, anti-vaxxers have actively promoted the idea that vaccines are causing all forms of death, primarily by scraping and posting VAERS data. They are now focused on a single type of death--the type that has no apparent cause. They point to Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) as proof that COVID vaccines are killing people.

The facts:

Sudden deaths, which can happen in infants, children, or adults, are always difficult to accept. If there were a correlation between SADS and vaccines, we need need to see a rise in cases of SADS after widespread vaccination began.

But those statistics have been neither compiled nor released, and we need numbers to draw a correlation. Drawing a correlation just because of a gut feeling or based on individual cases is not science.

What do we know? We know that SADS has been on researchers' radars for a long time and is not brand new.

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