What are you doing to make sure teens have their vaccines?
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The final week of National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM) is all about teens and tweens

We want to be sure that our children are protected throughout their childhood and into adulthood, and the vaccines kids receive in their tween/teen years protect against some serious diseases--including cancer and meningitis.

Like launching children into adulthood, we want to launch the momentum from this NIAM into September. Read on and find out what you can do!

Keeping the NIAM momentum going

We are looking forward to September and what we can do to keep our communities talking about the importance of immunization. Help us keep up the momentum in a few easy ways:

  • Join Dr. Jennifer Reich on VFV's September 19th conference call by signing up here.
  • Help us finish our August donation drive by contributing to a fundraiser hosted by one of our generous friends.
  • Folks in Virginia are being asked to share their opinion about vaccine exemptions by September 3. Follow this link for more information.
  • Post our ready-made social media shares (see below) on all your channels.

Lastly, please share your story with your policymakers using this form. Only one week remains to get your story out there!

Ready-to-share social media posts from VFV

Share these ready-made social media posts on your channels and personal profiles in order to kickstart important immunization conversations.


Click on this link, and share our video: Teens and Tweens Need Vaccines.

Copy and paste these posts:
  • "Spreading the word about the benefits of vaccinating children is a personal crusade for my family and me. My mother lost her younger brother to meningitis in 1980, when no life-saving vaccine was available for the disease."
  • Are your teens and tweens up-to-date on vaccines? Find out here:
  • “Mayo routinely recommends HPV vaccine for all children started at age nine, all the way through age twenty-six,” Dr. Jacobson said.
  • Your friends and family might know why you think vaccines are important, but do your policymakers know? Tell them here:


Use the hashtags #NIAM16#vaxwithme, #iamtheherd, #TeamVaccine in your own tweets, or copy and paste these tweets.

Check out VFV's Pinterest and Instagram channels for more social media ideas!

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Infected for a Cause

Friends of Voices for Vaccines have allowed their Facebook and Twitter accounts to be infected by polio, influenza, mumps, and other VPDs in order to help raise funds for VFV.

Please follow the link above and donate now to help VFV combat vaccine hesitancy in every community.

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