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Literacy Coalition Update

Since our last newsletter, much has changed. Here's some important information from the Literacy Coalition:

A Message from the Executive Director 

Hello and welcome to our latest edition of our LCNB newsletter!

We have exciting news for our Atlantic Fisheries project!  The Federal government has approached us to extend our project to the health sector.  We will be testing the transferability of our model, focusing on entry level positions in the senior health sector (nursing homes, special care home and assisted living facilities).  Although details are still being worked out, we are thrilled to have this opportunity and anticipate starting in early fall.

Congratulations to our 2020 Adult Learners’ Essay Contest winners: Samantha Paul, St. Mary’s First Nation, Dallen Vail, Saint John Learning Exchange, and Teisha Perley, Tobique First Nation, whose inspiring stories are featured in this newsletter.

As we move into August, we are preparing for a busy fall.  Along with the start up of our essential skills training for the health sector, we will be organizing our Annual General Meeting and the Dr. Marilyn Trenholme Counsell Literacy Awards Ceremony.  Stay tuned for dates!

I am looking forward to attending a virtual round table in late August, hosted by the Peter Gzowski Foundation for Literacy.  This will provide an opportunity to discuss the challenges that our organizations are dealing with and consider ways that we can help each other in these uncertain times.

None of us in the non-profit world have remained untouched by COVID-19.  While most everyone has mastered Zoom, we continue to explore how we can best use online services and technology to fulfil our mission.  We have included two articles on this topic that we think will be of interest to you: “3 Shifts Your Non-profit Needs to Make Right Now to Pivot Your Brand after COVID-19", and “Helping kids by texting their parents? Here’s what experts say about this exploding strategy”.

In this newsletter you will also find an excellent article on “How Libraries Play a Vital Role in Restoring the Economy”.

Read on to see these articles and more news and highlights!

Lynda Homer
Executive Director

Literacy Coalition Distributes PGI Grants to 28 Literacy Programs 

The funds raised through our PGI Literacy Dinner and Auction make a positive and lasting impact on the lives of children, families and adults in New Brunswick. In advancing literacies in every aspect of their lives, whether at home, in the community, in school or in the workplace.

Here are the programs LCNB has been able to support through PGI: Quality Learning NB, Laubach Learning NB, Miramichi Literacy Council: Mommy Reads to Me, Miramichi Literacy Council: Women's Correctional Centre Book Club, Greater Moncton Literacy Advisory Board: Adult New Writers Contest and Celebration, Greater Moncton Literacy Advisory Board: Literacy Roundtable, Science East Centre, Carleton North Imagination Library, Western Valley Adult Learning Association, Care 'n' Share Family Resource Center, Frye Festival, Adult Literacy Fredericton, Kings County Family Resource Centre Inc., Frontier College, The Fredericton Regional Family Resource Centre, Central Valley Adult Learning Association, Moncton Headstart Inc.: Children's High School Program, Moncton Headstart Inc.: Parents' Program, Family Resource Centre of Charlotte County: Cooking Kids, Family Resource Centre of Charlotte County: Literacy Initiative Programs, Famille et petite enfance fracophone sud inc., Tracadie A & B, and Centre de Ressource Familiales a la Petite Enfance de Westmorland Albert/Early Childhood FRC.

Reminder: Call for Nominations for 2020 Dr. Marilyn Trenholme Counsell Literacy Awards

Do you know an individual or organization that has made an outsanding contribution to literacy in New Brunswick?  If so, we encourage you to nominate them for a Dr. Marilyn Trenholme Counsell Literacy Award!

2020 has been an especially challenging year.  There have been many individuals and organizations that have stepped up in an outstanding way in support of literacy.

The awards will honour New Brunswickers in six fields.  Click the button below for more details.
Nominate Someone Special today!

Literacy Changes Lives!  Congratulations to our 2020 Adult Learner’s Essay Contest Winners!

We sincerely thank all of the learners who participated in our writing competition. We appreciated receiving your submissions and we hope you will enter again next year. 

Below are the winners of our 2020 Adult Learner Essay Contest, and a portion of their submissions.  To read the full essays, click
Samantha Paul – St Mary’s First Nation Adult Learning Centre (CVALA), Teacher: Joanne Wilson

“From a year ago to now I’ve changed in so many ways, and have grown into becoming a more confident person. I am strong enough now to know that my future is in my hands and that nobody can change that. My goals for the future after I graduate from the GED program is to attend NBCC, as I know that they have a prestigious course as a Personal Support Worker.”
Dallen Vail – Saint John Learning Exchange Community Adult Learning Program, Teacher: Dale Kilpatrick

“Fear of failure was still with me when I entered Dale Kilpatrick’s class. In my first month I wrote and passed four of my exams. That voice in my head that told me I was a failure soon was replaced with a new voice that said, “You might not be dumb. In fact you may just be smart.” That's when learning began to change my life.”
Teisha Perley – Tobique First Nation Adult Learning Centre (WVALA), Teacher: Susan Howard

“Since I was really young, my grandparents always stressed the importance of having an education. I knew going back to school would open many door to better my future. I want to feel accomplished and finish what I started. Making this positive decision to return to learning, is one of the best things I could do for my family and myself.”

We Want to Hear From You About LCNB's Literacy Asset Map!

Melanie has now been live for over a month!  We want your input about any improvements or changes you think can be made.  Let us know here.

Congratulations to LCNB's Outgoing Board Member!

Congratulations to our outgoing board member, Ella Nason, on her recent appointment as Acting Executive Director of the NB Public Library Services!  We will miss Ella on our board, but we know her many strengths and wealth of experience and knowledge will be put to good use in her new position.

Ella has served on our board at the Literacy Coalition of New Brunswick for the past 20 years.  We thank her for her significant contribution to the Literacy Coalition and wish her all the best in her new role.  We would also like to extend a warm welcome to Kate Thompson who will replace Ella on our Board as PETL representative.
Congratulations to our outgoing board member, Ella Nason, on her recent appointment as Acting Executive Director of the NB Public Library Services!  We will miss Ella on our board, but we know her many strengths and wealth of experience and knowledge will be put to good use in her new position.

Ella has served on our board at the Literacy Coalition of New Brunswick for the past 20 years.  We thank her for her significant contribution to the Literacy Coalition and wish her all the best in her new role.  We would also like to extend a warm welcome to Kate Thompson who will replace Ella on our Board as PETL representative.
Canadian Book of the Month
Summer Feet

By: Sheree Fitch

Canada's Dr. Seuss, Sheree Fitch, is back with a brand-new tongue-twisting picture book that celebrates all things summer. From those first barefoot days, wobble-dy walking over rocks and pebbles, to wandering-wild while searching for sea glass and, finally, huddled-up cozy at a late-summer bonfire, these summer feet flutter kick, somersault, hide-and-seek, and dance in the rain, soaking up all the season has to offer.

With Fitch’s classic lip-slippery, lyrical rhymes and Carolyn Fisher’s bright and colourful illustrations, Summer Feet will be an instant summertime favourite.

In The News

The world is a happening place! Here are some stories we think are worth reading (and one that might bring you a laugh.)

Bill that would add Indigenous languages teaching to all schools wins all-party support

July 2020 | Jacques Poitras | CBC News

A bill that would require New Brunswick schools to teach Indigenous languages to all students has won unanimous support from a committee of MLAs.

Members from all four parties voted on Tuesday afternoon in favour of the bill, which was introduced last month by Green Party MLA Megan Mitton.

"There's a long history of Indigenous languages being systematically excluded from our public school system," Mitton said during the debate.

"This is an opportunity for the revitalization of Wabanaki languages in our public school system."

To read on, click

How to Sell Books in 2020: Put Them Near the Toilet Paper
July 2020 | Elizabeth A. Harris | The New York Times

If you want to sell books during a pandemic, it turns out that one of the best places to do it is within easy reach of eggs, milk and diapers.

When the coronavirus forced the United States into lockdown this spring, stores like Walmart and Target, which were labeled essential, remained open. So when anxious consumers were stocking up on beans and pasta, they were also grabbing workbooks, paperbacks and novels — and the book sales at those stores shot up.

“They sell groceries, they sell toilet paper, they sell everything people need during this time, and they’re open,” said Suzanne Herz, the publisher of Vintage/Anchor. “If you’re in there and you’re doing your big shop and you walk down the aisle and go, ‘Oh, we’re bored, and we need a book or a puzzle,’ there it is.”

Big-box stores do not generally break out how much they sell of particular products, but people across the publishing industry say that sales increased at these stores significantly, with perhaps the greatest bump at Target. In some cases there, according to publishing executives, book sales tripled or quadrupled.

To read on, click here.

How public libraries play a vital role in restoring the economy
July 2020 | Kerry Gold | The Globe and Mail

Public library buildings are safe shelters and economic drivers that quietly operate within every community. They live in the bricks-and-mortar space as well as the virtual, assisting patrons with such life basics as finding employment, starting their own businesses and teaching their kids to read.

During the pandemic, libraries had to close their buildings to the general book-reading public, but facilities were used in different ways, for example, as food bank distribution centres and emergency computer labs for low-income groups. In recent weeks, they have slowly started to reopen, with a renewed understanding of the unique and essential role libraries play within the physical community.

To read on, click here.

Three Shifts Your Non-Profit Needs to Make Now to Pivot Your Brand After COVID-19
July 2020 | Kerstin Heuer | Charity Village

From personal to professional, COVID-19 has shaken up our worlds. No one has been left untouched, especially in the nonprofit sector. The challenges of the pandemic have been more pronounced for some non-profits than others, though. 


Because so many nonprofits are still stuck in the 90s! It’s unfortunate, but it’s the reality many are facing. They’re still using paper and pen instead of technology. They’re still highly dependent on face-to-face fundraising, marketing, and branding. 

Now more than ever, a functional and good looking online presence is SO important. Now more than ever, using online services and technology is critical. Now more than ever, being quick to adapt is a vital skill.

To read on, click here.

Helping Kids by Texting Their Parents? Here’s What Experts say About This Exploding Strategy
December 2019 | Ann Schimke | Chalkbeat Colorado

Texting programs aimed at parents of young children have proliferated over the last several years as smart phones have become ubiquitous and health and education groups look for new ways to get kids on track early.

They have names like Bright By Text, Vroom, Ready4K, Text4baby and Text2LiveHealthy. Some are open to all parents of young children, providing tips on activities that promote talking, reading, and learning. Others are more tightly focused, for instance targeting low-income parents whose children attend certain schools.

There’s evidence that such interventions can provide valuable nudges that help change behavior in parents and thus change the experiences their young children have. A 2014 study co-authored by the Stanford University researcher who later spun Ready4K into a commercial product, found that offering advice for parents via text on building early literacy skills increased the number of home literacy activities parents did with their children, upped parental involvement at school, and led to literacy gains among preschoolers.

To read on, click here.

Helpful Online Resources

Here is a list of online resources that might be helpful to you and your family as we go this extraordinary time. They include important information, ideas, literacy games, story telling sites and lots of fun activities for the whole family.

 How to Host Your Family’s Own Personal Summer Camp 
Are your kids wondering what will happen with summer camps this year?  With many camps not opening, making your own summer camp may be the best option.  To read this how-to from the New York Times, click here.

 Stress Management Guide for Adult Learners 
Our friends at ABC Life Literacy Canada have put together a guide to managing stress for adult learners.  It's an excellent resource that is especially useful in the midst of a pandemic.  To see the guide, click here.

 Department of Education Resources for Learning at Home 
NB Department of Education has prepared this resource as a support for families with children who are learning at home. Click the link “Learning at Home: Resources for Families”:…/depa…/education/learning_at_home.html

People Before Programs: How to Encourage Innovation and Creativity in Crisis
As service providers, we have been issued a call to action in these last two months. Never before have we been asked to rise to the occasion in ways that challenge us to step up in the face of our own personal fears, with little information and no guarantees. Some of us are left longing for the old normal; some for a new normal; and all of us are just trying to do our best in the moment.  To read on, click here.

 Family Literacy Resources from the Literacy Coalition Website 
Here are just a few of the many resources found on the Literacy coalition website under the Research and Resources tab at

Let’s Learn! A parent’s guide to giving your child a great start - Containing tips and ideas for encouraging family literacy in everyday life and lots of fun activities for the whole family.

Family Literacy in the Outdoors - Ideas for Enjoying the Outdoors  with your family - Natural outdoor spaces are rich learning environments for all ages no matter what the season or type of weather.

Sharing Books with Babies - This delightful vide contains helpful information and tips for parents wishing to support their children’s early literacy development from birth.Ideas for Enjoying the Outdoors  with your family - Natural outdoor spaces are rich learning environments for all ages no matter what the season or type of weather.

 Financial Literacy Resources From Credit Counselling Services of Atlantic Canada 
We do not know how long COVID-19 will affect our financial and job situations. This website offers financial literacy tools that will help you develop your budgeting skills and track your expenses.

 Health Literacy Tips from ABC Life Literacy Canada 

COVID-19 has changed the landscape of our health systems. Understanding how to navigate health and wellness in the midst of a pandemic is crucial.  This short article has several useful resources for increasing health literacy.

 Local Authors Online 
Have you explored the local authors of New Brunswick? Here are some authors offering uplifting story tellings, book readings and so much more! Don't miss out! 

NB Author Wendy McLeod MacKnight is creating a members-only Facebook group for kids, parents and teachers. If you’re interested in receiving an invite, email her at and she will send you an invite! She's also reading from her books on her Instagram IGTV channel!  

NS Author Sheree Fitch has created a podcast for ages 2 to 102, called Mabel Murple’s Popping Purple Wordspinning World consisting of "Nonsense Poetry and "Utter" Stuff". Click here for the link and scroll down.

Professional Story Teller Dr. Joanne LeBlanc Haley has created a YouTube storytelling series for children. Subscribe to her channel to view the stories as they are added each week. Click here for her Youtube Page.

 COVID-19 Family Resources 

  • Click here for understanding COVID-19 news coverage, how to stay calm for yourself and your kids and suggestions for what to watch, read, and play.
  • Here is an entire list of education companies offering free subscriptions due to school closing. 
  • Tips and resources that can help keep kids entertained, engaged and learning while stuck inside: Resources for Families During the Coronavirus Pandemic (There are things you can do with children on the Fun page.)
  • On The Loose: A Guide to Life Online For Post-Secondary Students: This document supports young adults who are experiencing new freedoms and challenges in their post- secondary life. It covers a variety of digital issues that students may require guidance on, including: schoolwork; money and security; relationships online; and trying to stay healthy. 
 Fun Learning Games 

Top Marks Literacy Games:
PBS Kids Literacy and Math Games:

Community Initiatives

 Born to Read NB 
Born to Read NB is an early childhood initiative that promotes the joy of reading aloud to babies. Parents of newborns in New Brunswick are given a bright red bag containing information on early childhood development and library programs and a special selection of books to read with baby. For more information about Born to Read NB, go to our website at If you are aware of a family with young children who was missed at birth or has moved here from another province and would like to receive a Born to Read bag, please let us know by email at or call President, Lynda Homer at 457-0331.Adult Literacy Fredericton

 Adult Literacy Fredericton 
Formerly Laubach Literacy Fredericton, Adult Literacy Fredericton provides a free one-to-one tutoring service to adults 18 and older who want to improve their reading and writing skills.  Anyone who is interested in upgrading their reading and writing skills, or in becoming a volunteer should contact the coordinator at 458-1396 or email

 Elementary Literacy Inc. (ELF) 
If you are interested in working with elementary students to improve their literacy skills, consider becoming a volunteer with Elementary Literacy Inc. To find out more and to register as a volunteer, visit their website.

 Frontier College 
Frontier College is a national, non-profit literacy organization that was founded in 1899. We work with children, teens, adults and families who need help to improve their literacy skills. We work with a variety of partner organizations to deliver volunteer-run, community-based programs across Canada. Frontier College is accredited under the Imagine Canada Standards program. To find out more visit their website or Facebook.

For more information, please contact Johnny St-Onge, NB Regional Coordinator, 506-450-7923,

 Learning Disabilities Association of New Brunswick (LDANB) 
LDANB is proud to be offering the Barton Reading and Spelling System in the greater Fredericton area. This literacy program aims to improve the reading, spelling and writing skills of those who have a reading disability (Dyslexia) or reading difficulties. Barton is a specialized one-on-one tutoring system based on the Orton-Gillingham method that teaches the phonemic structure of our written language using a multi-sensory approach. LCNB is proud to support LDANB by providing funding for financial subsidies for low-income families to be able to participate in this program. To find out more click here.

 Saint John Learning Exchange (SJLE) 
The Learning Exchange is Saint John's leader in adult education, training, and career development. They are a non-profit organization that has become an authority on innovative programming that meets the unique needs of everyone who walks through their doors. If you or someone you know is looking for support to meet academic or employment goals, they have the programming and resources you need. To learn more about the Saint John Learning Exchange visit their website.

 Community Adult Learning Programs (CALP) 
Community Adult Learning Programs can help you with things like GED preparation and digital literacy and just getting better at math, reading and writing. The Academic Adult Learning Program is flexible; You can join almost any time and work at your own skill level and pace.  If you have not finished high school, this program can help you get ready to write the GED test. The Digital Literacy program can be offered in an academic centre, a workplace or a community centre. You can find more information about the programs available in your area by clicking here.

 Laubach Literacy New Brunswick (LLNB) 
Laubach Literacy New Brunswick (LLNB) is a non-profit, charitable organization whose trained volunteers help New Brunswick adults improve their basic reading, writing and math skills through a free, confidential program. LLNB volunteers work one-to-one with learners, using materials relevant to learners’ literacy levels and daily lives. To learn more about Laubach Literacy New Brunswick and to become a volunteer please visit their website or contact them at 1-877-633-8899. Laubach Literacy NB has a new email address: - please update your records.

 Do you have community literacy initiatives you would like us to share? 
If you are involved in or know of a literacy initiative that should be shared across the province, we want to know about it! Send us an email or give us a call and we will include the information in an issue of our newsletter. We can be reached at or toll free at 1-800-563-2211.


Enjoy the weather and stay safe!
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