Welcome to the April 2020 edition of the Literacy Coalition of New Brunswick newsletter. We've got some updates about the organization, news related to literacy in New Brunswick and much more. There are lots of exciting things happening at The Coalition; here are a few updates! 
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Literacy Coalition Update

We can't believe how much has changed since our last newsletter. Here's some important information from the Literacy Coalition:

A Message from the Executive Director 

We hope that everyone is doing well and is staying safe and healthy during these uncertain times. Like many of you, our Literacy Coalition team is getting used to working at home as we continue to advance lifelong learning while ensuring the safety of our staff and learners. 

All of our meetings and events have been cancelled or moved online due to the requirement for social distancing. Although the face to face classroom training for our Atlantic Fisheries project has been suspended, we’re using this time to test the effectiveness of our newly developed online curriculum and e-platform. We are also exploring the extent to which we can support participants’ connection to the internet and increase their online and digital literacy.

Our PGI grant application process is on hold until programs are back in operation and we have rescheduled our May 5th PGI Literacy Dinner and Auction to September 22nd. 
During April we celebrate Adult Learners’ Week( April 13-17) and NB Literacy Day( April 15th)!

NB Literacy week is a time to remember that literacy is a fundamental human right and that literacy skills are more critical today than ever. In conjunction with this week, the Literacy Coalition held their annual Adult Learners’ Writing Contest. A sincere thank you to all who participated in the contest. We received submissions from over 30 learners whose inspiring stories are being featured in our eBooklet on our website at The names of the winners will be announced at a later date.

We are most pleased to announce that the Honourable Brenda Murphy, Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick, has graciously accepted our invitation to serve as our Honorary Patron for the duration of her mandate. A message from Her Honour is included in this newsletter.

We know that we are learning many important lessons during this pandemic, not the least being how dependent we are on one another and how dependent we are on technology for our information source and social connections.  This newsletter includes links to some of the  excellent resources that are available to help us through this extraordinary time. 

Take care and be well !

Lynda Homer
Executive Director

PGI Literacy Dinner & Auction Rescheduled

Due to the concerns around Covid-19, we have rescheduled our May 5th PGI Literacy Dinner and Auction to September 22nd

We appreciate
everyone's continued support and commitment to advancing literacy in New Brunswick and improving the lives of the most vulnerable among us.

We are looking forward to getting back in touch towards the end of summer.

PGI Grant Applications Postponed

We would like to inform you that due to the current situation with the pandemic, our PGI grant process is on hold. For those who have already submitted their grant application, be assured that we will be keeping it on file.  We will be in touch with a new deadline date once the situation improves and normal work activities resume.

Nous vous informons qu'en raison de la situation actuelle de la pandémie, notre processus de demandes de financement « PGI » est en attente. Pour ceux qui ont déjà soumis leur demande de financement, soyez assurés que nous la conserverons. Nous communiquerons avec vous lorsque la situation s'améliorera et que les activités de travail normales reprendront.

Si vous avez des questions, veuillez contacter LCNB par courriel : Veuillez noter que tout notre personnel LCNB travaille à domicile et que la messagerie vocale du bureau LCNB n'est vérifiée qu'une fois par semaine.

Note: If your organization received PGI funding last year, a report on the activities of the grant must be submitted to LCNB before a new application is considered.
New Brunswick Literacy Day is an occasion to acknowledge the triumphs that many New Brunswicker's have had and celebrate the importance of literacy and life long learning in our lives.

We urge all New Brunswicker's to observe Adult Learners’ Week by recognizing the importance of lifelong learning in all aspects of our lives. 

As a leader in advancing literacy in New Brunswick, and co-chair of the Provincial  Literacy Guiding Team, we are optimistic that through the collective efforts of all of us, including community and government partners, we will achieve our shared goal of a stronger and more literate province. 

Adult Learner’s Week April 13-17th!

Adult Literacy Week is an occasion to acknowledge the triumphs that many New Brunswickers have and celebrate the importance of life-long learning in our lives.

In conjunction with this week, the Literacy Coalition held their annual Adult Learners’ Writing Contest, with this year’s theme being “Returning to Learning Changes Lives”. The over 30  inspiring stories submitted by learners are featured in our eBooklet on our website at We hope you will enjoy reading them.


Message from The Honourable Brenda Murphy, Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick

We are pleased to announce that The Honourable Brenda Murphy, Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick, has graciously accepted to serve as Honorary Patron for the Literacy Coalition of New Brunswick. Here is a message from her Honour.

"As we share the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic with the global community, I am pleased to have this chance to share a couple of thoughts with my fellow New Brunswickers.  I know many of you are experiencing stress associated with social isolation, financial impacts and uncertainty.  It is essential that we continue to work together against COVID-19 by following credible sources of information and following the advice of our government and its health officials. It is uplifting that most people are making the best of things; reading, spending quality family time, spring cleaning and finding creative ways to stay in touch with others while observing social isolation guidelines.  I have had the chance to speak with many impressive community leaders who are sharing their efforts to support their communities in innovative ways.   I encourage you to be cooperative, supportive and kind during these trying times.  And, please join me in expressing my profound gratitude to all of the essential workers that remain at work to ease the burden for the rest of us.  I know that the human spirit will triumph over COVID-19 and, as Queen Elizabeth II said recently, we will meet again soon."

Honourable Brenda Murphy
Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick

Thank you to FCNB for Your Donation

Thank you to the amazing staff of the Financial and Consumer Services Commissions for their recent and incredibly generous donation of $3,573.

These funds were generated through staff initiatives over the past year such as casual Friday donations, bottle returns, a silent auction and other events. We are deeply grateful for their generous support for literacy and the work of the Literacy.

Seen here is Lynda Homer, Executive Director of the Literacy Coalition on the left, being presented with the cheque by Sara Wilson, Acting Director of Education and Communications, FCNB.

Thank you FCNB staff!


2020 Canada Life Literacy Innovation Award

"It is with great pleasure that I announce that the 2020 Canada Life Literacy Innovation Award submission period officially opens today.
Thanks to the generosity and commitment of Canada Life, this award is presented to Canadian organizations offering a unique and innovative adult or adult-integrated family literacy program.
In addition to the top award of $20,000, up to four other submissions may be selected to receive $5,000 each. This award helps to build capacity for grassroots literacy organizations in Canada.
We invite you to visit, where you can find all necessary submission information. This year, the application can be done completely online. To submit your application, follow this link. Please feel free to share this link with your members. Applications will be accepted until June 1, 2020.

Back again this year: ABC is holding an information webinar on Thursday April 30 at 11.30 AM EDT to talk about how to apply for the awardWe'll highlight some past winning programs and why they were selected. 
Follow this link to sign up for the webinar. 

Best regards and best of luck with your application,"

Mack Rogers
Executive Director
ABC Life Literacy Canada
Canadian Book of the Month
You Are Never Alone

By: Elin KelseySoyeon Kim (Illustrations)

From the creators of You Are Stardust and Wild Ideas comes a new informational picture book that explores how humans are inextricably connected to nature. This book draws examples from the clouds and the cosmos, the seafloor and the surface of our skin, to show how we are never alone: we are always surrounded and supported by nature.this book presents the idea that we thrive through connections to the land and sea and sky, and togetherness is key to nature. It encourages inquiry-based learning, inviting readers to wonder, ask questions, observe the natural world, and engage with big ideas. An author's note at the end offers more insight into the research behind the text. 

In The News

The news has certainly been interesting in the last month. Here are a few stories we think are worth reading.

How to talk to your kids about the coronavirus (and ease their fears)

March 2020 | Vivian Manning-Schaffer | NBC
          Image: Mother and daughter chatting

"Whenever an epidemic like the coronavirus makes headlines, it’s easy for kids (and grown-ups) to glom onto the scariest tidbits of information and become anxious.

“Our brains and our kids’ brains are wired to be Velcro to the negative and Teflon to the positive — it’s called the negativity bias and exists as nature’s way to keep us safe,” explains Vanessa Lapointe, a registered child psychologist, parenting educator and author of “Parenting Right From the Start” and “Discipline Without Damage.”

“I often explain this as our ‘sticky tricky brain’ because it typically leads us to catastrophize things, having them feel much scarier and more overwhelming than normal.” 

Even though news about a virus like this as it spreads can be alarming, there are a few ways to reassure children by familiarizing them with how news stories are generated when it comes to things like coronavirus, Sierra Filucci, editorial director at Common Sense Media, says. “It’s an opportunity to build upon their media literacy skills, so they can understand why the news is reporting on stuff like this, why it's such a big story, and why seeing it everywhere doesn't necessarily reflect the actual danger to their lives,” Filucci says.

Lapointe and Filucci share their tips to help you ease your child's fears about the coronavirus by age."

To read on, click

13 Things Babies Learn When We Read with Them
March 2020 | Julia Luckenbill | naeyc

Parents reading to a baby

We all know that it’s good to read to our babies.  But what exactly are they learning? Here are just some of the things your baby can learn as you read together.
  1. Books contain wonderful stories and songs that I can hear over and over again.
  2. Reading time is a time when I am held and loved.
  3. You tell me the names of my body parts, the sounds different animals make, and that animals go to sleep too.
  4. Some books are especially enjoyable and I can hear them again and again.
  5. Every time we read I hear how words are used, listen to rich language, and learn new words.
  6. The letters, words, and pictures you point to, all have meaning.
  7. I can explore how books are the same and how they are different by tasting and touching them.
  8. There is always something hiding behind the flap; my favorite pictures are always in the same place in a book.
  9. Listening is part of communication and language includes listening and understanding. 
  10. Things come in different colors, sizes, and shape.     
  11. It’s fun to play with language, and explore rhythm, rhyme and humor.
  12. When I do something, another thing happens; if I point at a picture, my mom or dad will tell me its name. If I drop the book, we might stop reading.    
  13. I love books and one day I will love to read on my own.  

Helpful Online Resources

Here is a list of online resources that might be helpful to you and your family as we go this extraordinary time. They  include important information ideas, literacy games, story telling sites and lots of fun activities for the whole family.


Tools to Support Learning and Cope with Stress During COVID-19

During times of crisis and self-isolation, why it is important for organizations to continue running literacy programs, and how is that best accomplished? Blogger Brigid Hayes has found learning tools that are used by organizations to support learners online.
Read more

Department of Education Resources for Learning at Home

Department of Education has prepared this resource as a support for families with children who are learning at home. Click the link “Learning at Home: Resources for Families”:…/depa…/education/learning_at_home.html


Family Literacy Resources from the Literacy Coalition Website

Here are just a few of the many resources found on the Literacy coalition website under the Research and Resources tab at   

Let’s Learn! A parent’s guide to giving your child a great start - Containing tips and ideas for encouraging family literacy in everyday life and lots of fun activities for the whole family.

Family Literacy in the Outdoors Ideas for Enjoying the Outdoors  with your family - Natural outdoor spaces are rich learning environments for all ages no matter what the season or type of weather.

Sharing Books with Babies - This delightful vide contains helpful information and tips for parents wishing to support their children’s early literacy development from birth.Ideas for Enjoying the Outdoors  with your family - Natural outdoor spaces are rich learning environments for all ages no matter what the season or type of weather.


Financial Literacy Resources From Credit Counselling Services of Atlantic Canada

We do not know how long COVID-19 will affect our financial and job situations. This website offers financial literacy tools that will help you develop your budgeting skills and track your expenses.


Local Author's Online

Have you explored the local authors of New Brunswick? Here are some authors offering uplifting story tellings, book readings and so much more! Don't miss out! 

NB Author, Wendy Mcleod Macknight is creating a members-only Facebook group for kids, parents and teachers. If you’re interested in receiving an invite, email her at and she will send you an invite! She's also reading from her books on my Instagram IGTV channel!  

NS Author, Sheree Fitch has created a podcast for ages 2 to 102, called Mabel Murple’s Popping Purple Wordspinning World consisting of "Nonsense Poetry and "Utter" Stuff". Click here for the link and scroll down.

NB Author, Dr. Joanne Leblanc-Haley has created a youtube storytelling series for children. Subscribe to her channel to view the stories as they are added each week. Click here for her Youtube Page.

COVID-19 Family Resources          

  • Click here for understanding COVID-19 news coverage, how to stay calm for yourself and your kids and suggestions for what to watch, read, and play. 
  • Here is an entire list of education companies offering free subscriptions due to school closing. 
  • Tips and resources that can help keep kids entertained, engaged and learning while stuck inside: Resources for Families During the Coronavirus Pandemic (There are things you can do with children on the Fun page.)
  • On The Loose: A Guide to Life Online For Post-Secondary Students: This document supports young adults who are experiencing new freedoms and challenges in their post- secondary life. It covers a variety of digital issues that students may require guidance on, including: schoolwork; money and security; relationships online; and trying to stay healthy. 

Fun Learning Games 

Top Marks Literacy Games:  

PBS Kids Literacy and Math Games:

Community Initiatives

Born to Read

Born to Read NB is an early childhood initiative that promotes the joy of reading aloud to babies. Parents of newborns in New Brunswick are given a bright red bag containing information on early childhood development and library programs and a special selection of books to read with baby. For more information about Born to Read NB, go to our website at If you are aware of a family with young children who was missed at birth or has moved here from another province and would like to receive a Born to Read bag, please let us know by  email at or call President, Lynda Homer at 457-0331.

Adult Literacy Fredericton

Formerly Laubach Literacy Fredericton, Adult Literacy Fredericton provides a free one-to-one tutoring service to adults 18 and older who want to improve their reading and writing skills.  Anyone who is interested in upgrading their reading and writing skills, or in becoming a volunteer should contact the coordinator at 458-1396 or email

Elementary Literacy Inc. (ELF)

If you are interested in working with elementary students to improve their literacy skills, consider becoming a volunteer with Elementary Literacy Inc. To find out more and to register as a volunteer, visit their 
Frontier College

Frontier College is a national, non-profit literacy organization that was founded in 1899. We work with children, teens, adults and families who need help to improve their literacy skills. We work with a variety of partner organizations to deliver volunteer-run, community-based programs across Canada. Frontier College is accredited under the Imagine Canada Standards program. To find out more visit their 
website or Facebook.

For more information, please contact Johnny St-Onge, NB Regional Coordinator, 506-450-7923,

Learning Disabilities Association of New Brunswick (LDANB)

LDANB is proud to be offering the Barton Reading and Spelling System in the greater Fredericton area. This literacy program aims to improve the reading, spelling and writing skills of those who have a reading disability (Dyslexia) or reading difficulties. Barton is a specialized one-on-one tutoring system based on the Orton-Gillingham method that teaches the phonemic structure of our written language using a multi-sensory approach. LCNB is proud to support LDANB by providing funding for financial subsidies for low-income families to be able to participate in this program. To find out more 
click here.
Saint John Learning Exchange (SJLE)

The Learning Exchange is Saint John's leader in adult education, training, and career development. They are a non-profit organization that has become an authority on innovative programming that meets the unique needs of everyone who walks through their doors. If you or someone you know is looking for support to meet academic or employment goals, they have the programming and resources you need. To learn more about the Saint John Learning Exchange visit their 

Community Adult Learning Programs (CALP) 

Community Adult Learning Programs can help you with things like GED preparation and digital literacy and just getting better at math, reading and writing. The Academic Adult Learning Program is flexible; You can join almost any time and work at your own skill level and pace.  If you have not finished high school, this program can help you get ready to write the GED test. The Digital Literacy program can be offered in an academic center, a workplace or a community center. You can find more information about the programs available in your area by clicking 

Laubach Literacy New Brunswick (LLNB)

Laubach Literacy New Brunswick (LLNB) is a non-profit, charitable organization whose trained volunteers help New Brunswick adults improve their basic reading, writing and math skills through a free, confidential program. LLNB volunteers work one-to-one with learners, using materials relevant to learners’ literacy levels and daily lives. To learn more about Laubach Literacy New Brunswick and to become a volunteer please visit their 
website or contact them at 1-877-633-8899. Laubach Literacy NB has a new email address: - please update your records. 

LCNB Calendar of Events
Did you know you can share your community literacy events on the LCNB website?. To submit events to our calendar please send event information to

Do you have community literacy initiatives you would like us to share?
If you are involved in or know of a literacy initiative that should be shared across the province we want to know about it! Send us an email or give us a call and we will include the information in an issue of our newsletter. We can be reached at or toll free at 1-800-563-2211.
That's it for this edition of the Literacy Coalition of New Brunswick Newsletter!
Stay home and take care!!
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