Welcome to the June 2016 edition of the Literacy Coalition of New Brunswick newsletter. We've got some updates about the organization, news related to literacy in New Brunswick and much more. There are lots of exciting things happening at The Coalition; here are a few updates! 
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Literacy Coalition Update

Has it really been a month already? Here's some important information from the Literacy Coalition:

Provincial Literacy Report Released!

The Literacy Coalition would like to commended Marilyn Trenholme Counsell who has been a long time Member of LCNB for the outstanding job she and her co-chair did in preparing the recently released Literacy Report. We recognize the tremendous effort involved in producing this document which provides a focus and a call to action to advance literacy in New Brunswick.

To read this report please click here

Literacy Coalition of New Brunswick live on CBC!

The Literacy Coalition of New Brunswick was featured this month on CBC's "Information Morning - Fredericton". Our President Frank Hayes along with host Terry Seguin discussed the newly released Literacy report. To read more please click here

Farewell Message from Our Outgoing Acting Executive Director

After 9 months as Acting Director for the Literacy Coalition, I will be leaving to return to my work as a consultant for literacy and early childhood development. I am grateful for the partnerships and friendships I’ve made during my time with the Coalition. Our mission, to increase literacy in New Brunswick in partnership with others, remains deeply meaningful to me and I’m sure our paths will cross again in some capacity.  Literacy is an incredibly important cause, and I ‘m looking forward with optimism to seeing the progress that will be made over the next few years. Congratulations and best wishes to Christy McLean, our incoming Executive Director! I’m sure that she can count on your support as she embarks on her new and exciting role.

It has been an honour and a privilege to work with all of you.

Thank you, and I wish you all the very best in the future!



Welcome to our Incoming Executive Director!

We are most pleased to welcome Christy Bennett McLean as the incoming Executive Director for the Literacy Coalition. Christy assumes her position as Executive Director on July 1st. As the former Director of Communications for the NB Association for Community Living, Christy brings strong interpersonal skills and a background in Communications to the position. We know she is very excited to be joining us and she is looking forward with excitement to her new role.

LCNB at the Skills Canada National Competion!

The LCNB was proud to have been selected to be featured in one of the many excellent webcasts at the 2016 Skills Canada National competition! Our acting Executive Director Lynda Homer sat along side other great panelists such as; Paul Carter from NBCC, Dan Ferko President of Sirco Machinery Company Ltd, as well as Gillian Mason from ABC Life Literacy Canada who acted as moderator. Together they discussed the important issue of "Essential Skills as the Foundation of Learning". A big thanks to ABC Life Literacy for this wonderful opportunity!

Canadian Book of the Month

Canada is home to many wonderful authors, be it poems or novels you can find it all right here at home. The Literacy Coalition of New Brunswick is proud to shed light on the work of these talented people.

This Month's Feature Is "Keq Oc Ntolluhk? - What Will I Do?"

By: Veronica Atwin, Mike Parkhill
And translated by: Henerietta Black, Roseanne Clark
This month's book has been selected due to a special connection the Literacy Coalition of New Brunswick shares with translator Roseanne Clark. Roseanne, who is the translator of this fine children's book, will be working along side us in translating our "Let's Learn" booklet into Maliseet. We are honored to have the chance to share this experience with her, and to share one of her previous works with our audience.

"Matt cannot wait to tell his friend Jane that he got a job picking apples for Karen. Jane likes the idea and figures she would like to get a job too. She tries to understand what a job is and how to make choices to get one she will like".

"This book highlights what a job is and how to think about choosing one. The story ties in the Grandfather Teachings of Wisdom, as represented by the beaver. We learn that we all have special gifts. We must find out what they are and when to use them. Getting a job we like means using our special gifts to help us do well and enjoy".


Family Literacy in the Outdoors

What Does It Have to Do With Literacy?
  • Developing social and communication skills.
  • Exploring a variety of print. Mark-making, observing, recording, documenting.
  • Learning environmentally and socially responsible practices
  • Learning to recognize and record patterns and relationships in nature
To view the full article please click: 


 Summer Reading Ideas!


Did you know that you can find most of these great children’s books at your Free Public Library?

If You Find a Rock by Peggy Christian
Sticks published by PlayBac Publishing*
Spiders by Rebecca Gilpin*
Build a Bird Feeder by The National network for Childcare*
Bugs by Lucy Bowman*
Dogs by Emily Gravett*

A Tree is Nice by Janice May Udry
One Green Apple by Eve Bunting*
Baby and Mommy Go Walking by Lynda Homer*
The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle*
If Only by Neil Griffiths*
Hey Little Ant by Phillip and Anna Hoose*
Two Bad Ants by Chris Van Allsburg*

Who Says That? A First Book of Animal Sounds *
by Marguerite Muntane
Franklin the Turtle by Mrs. Vaag’s Kindergarten
Mud, Muddelicious Mud: Verse for the Very Young by Shirley Downey*
Spot Goes Splash and Other Stories by Eric Hill*
Back to the Beach by Heidi Jardine Stoddart*

Curious George Plants a Tree by Monica Perez*
The Carrot Seed by Ruth Crouse*
The House I’ll Build for Wrens by Shirley Neitzel*

What Makes a Shadow, by Clyde Bulla and Adrienne Adams
The Cloud Book by Tomie de Paola
The Lost World of Anasazi: Exploring the Mysteries of Chao Canyon by Peter Lourie*
Farming by Ann Love and Jane Drake*
The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnet

In The News

The news has certainly been interesting in the last month. Here are a few stories we think are worth reading.

Literacy Secretariat makes major recommendations to improve low N.B. rates

Tori Weldon, CBC News
June 10th,2016

The New Brunswick Literacy Secretariat presented a literacy report to Minister of Finance Cathy Rogers in Moncton on Friday, wth 37 recommendations aimed at improving the province's low literacy rates.

Marilyn Trenholme Counsell, co-chair of the secretariat, called on minister Rogers to make changes happen through strong leadership.

"I've been with this organization and attended meetings with that organization, wonderful work has been done but there's overlapping and there's not enough communication so that is one of the big challenges," said Trenholme Counsell.

"There isn't nearly enough sharing and perhaps too much being territorial, it just has got to stop and Minister I am sure that you will do this."

No funding announced

But while Minister Rogers said she is very committed to tackling the problem of low literacy levels, she did not announce any new money to make it happen.

"Not all solutions lie in more money. There are a lot of solutions that come with working together."
New Brunswick's deficit is estimated at $347 million in 2016-17. 

Trenholme Counsell agreed that what is already being spent could be better allocated.

"Giving money here, giving money there, it doesn't necessarily achieve what it needs to achieve," she said. "This is a new opportunity to make sure that resources are used to the best possible extent."

Actions needed

Trenholme Counsell suggested if literacy rates in the province are going to change, plans have to be turned into actions.

She suggested it start with asset mapping, to find out which groups are doing what and where
"I think this has been done before and I don't think it should take a lot of time."

"I noticed in the final report there's a call for a big meeting of stakeholders. We've done that so many times. A big meeting is great, we hear people and people meet each other, but I really think it's got to be determined leadership and a plan."

According to Statistics Canada more than half of New Brunswick citizens between the ages of 15 and 65 do not have the necessary literacy levels to compete in the workplace.

Rogers said the way to combat the problem, and implement the report is by creating a concrete action plan.

"They have to measurable, they have to be evaluated along the way  they have to be achievable and that's the only way we'll be successful."

Trenholme Counsell agreed it's time something is done.

"It's not good for New Brunswick and it's certainly not good for our citizens."

Copyright © 2016 CBC


NB public libraries open registration for 2016 Summer Reading Club

Tribune-Post Staff
June 13, 2016

FREDERICTON, N.B. – Young readers are invited to register for the 2016 Summer Reading Club, being held at New Brunswick public libraries in June, July and August. This year’s theme is Time Travel, and the slogan is Explore!

“After last year’s great success of recording the highest total of books read since the Summer Reading Club began, I am confident that New Brunswick’s young readers will be up to the challenge again this year,” said Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour Minister Donald Arseneault.

“Young New Brunswickers across the province are encouraged to develop a love of reading by joining the Summer Reading Club.”

Registration is now open at all public libraries and on the Summer Reading Club website. At this website, children will also find games, theme-related trivia and suggested reading lists, including books available for children with print disabilities.

Each year since 1991, children of all ages have been invited to join the Summer Reading Club. This is a free program that encourages reading during the summer school break and promotes literacy.
Last year, 320,414 books, magazines or websites were read during the Summer Reading Club, representing a 9.77-per-cent increase from 2014.

The program enrolled the largest number of children in more than a decade, with 11,822 children participating. This included three children who registered through the Provincial Talking Books-by-Mail Service, available to patrons who self-identify as having a disability that prevents them from reading standard-size print.

“Our government recognizes the importance of literacy,” said Finance Minister Cathy Rogers, who is also minister responsible for literacy.

“Programs such as the Summer Reading Club help nurture a love of reading, and a love of reading leads to higher literacy levels. The club is a fun opportunity for young readers to build their literacy skills, which are essential to moving our province forward and developing a qualified workforce for the future of New Brunswick.”

Children of all ages are invited to join in the fun happening at their local public library this summer. Contact information and more information are available on the New Brunswick Public Library Service website.

Copyright © 2016 Sackville Tribune Post


Anglophone West schools exempt from closure studies for one year

Emma Daive, Fredericton Daily Gleaner
June 19th,2016

The district has been granted exemption for one year from studies relating to five schools targeted for potential closures.

In a letter from former education minister Serge Rousselle, the district was told they were exempt from any studies under Policy 409 that would be triggered for study over the next year. In an interview after Thursday night’s district education council (DEC) meeting, chairman Mark Noël said that the council had requested in a meeting in April for the one-year exemption.

“If a school is triggered by the department saying we have to study it as per 409, we can either proceed in study or we can ask for an exemption for one, two, three or four years. We’ve asked for an exemption for one year ... Because it’s an election year and we have new members and we have vacancies,” Noël said. “So that exemption was granted.”

Any schools within the district that have enrolment of 100 students or less, or are at a functional capacity of less than 30 per cent, are automatically triggered for study under Policy 409. That policy guides decisions about school closures in the province.

“Policy 409 allows exemptions in some instances. In this case, the District Education Council (DEC) requested an exemption due to the timing of the DEC elections,”

said Jennifer Graham, director of communications for the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, in an email.

“The new DEC will only take office on July 1. Given that new council members will be learning their new roles and responsibilities and since undertaking a sustainability study is challenging work, an exemption of one year was granted for all triggered schools, at the discretion of the DEC.”

Shawn Tracey, director of finance and administration in the superintendent’s office, said the request for exemption was largely based around the new DEC council.

“With a new DEC, just getting oriented and the timelines associated with completing the studies under Policy 409 really aren’t attainable or achievable for a new DEC. So they asked the minister for an exemption and he granted it,” said Tracey.

In a previous interview with The Daily Gleaner, the district superintendent David McTimoney said the 2016-17 list included five schools to be studied. Doaktown Elementary School, Upper Miramichi Elementary School, Kingsclear Consolidated School and McAdam Avenue School were all triggered to be studied due to low enrolment numbers. Chipman Forest Avenue School was also triggered because of functional capacity, which relates to the amount of space available compared to what is actually being used. In data from 2015-16, the school had 171 students enrolled with a maximum capacity of 648, giving them a functional capacity score of 26.5 per cent. But for at least a year, the five schools don’t have to worry about closures.

“There certainly aren’t any planned closures, no, not in the next year,” Tracey said.

Copyright © 2016 Daily Gleaner


Literacy Coalition says early intervention must be improved

Vanessa Blanch, CBC News
 Jun 13, 2016

The Gallant government will act quickly to implement the recommendations made in a new report to improve literacy in the province, according to one expert.

Frank Hayes, the president of the Literacy Coalition of New Brunswick, said he believes re-directing money to fund early childhood initiatives should be the top priority for the provincial government.
Hayes said those funds would help identify children who are having literacy problems because of their home life or disabilities. And if they are caught early, the proper supports can be put in place so they are ready for kindergarten.

The report by co-chairs Marilyn Trenholme Counsell and Liane Roy was presented on Friday and includes 37 recommendations, but Finance Minister Cathy Rogers says there is no new money to implement any of them.

Hayes said the recommendation that legislation be introduced to ensure mandatory participation of every child in an 18-month assessment is "exceedingly important."

"The diagnostic testing of children at 18 months should occur so that if there were deficiencies and problems with individual children, interventions could be taken before those children enter the public school system," he said.

Hayes also wants to see regular testing of children throughout their school careers, so supports and interventions can be provided whenever necessary.

Parents are the final piece on his priority list.

"I really think that money should be focused on helping coach and train parents, who are with the children the rest of the time when they're not in school," he said.

Hayes points to Alberta's example

Hayes said many literacy initiatives in New Brunswick are led by volunteer groups and he hopes that after looking at what is available and measuring what difference programs are making, more money will be redirected to groups like his.

"Literacy is a pretty demanding area … what we're doing is pretty broad and it probably needs to be re-focused a bit so that we re-prioritize the dollars."

He points to Alberta as a province that is performing well when it comes to literacy scores.
He said New Brunswick should follow its example to encourage students to be critical thinkers and problem solvers.

"Family and social supports are tied very closely with education," Hayes said.

"[Alberta] also empowers teachers to have flexible and innovative curriculum and I think sometimes our curriculum is tied so closely to outcomes that we don't leave enough room for flexibility and part of literacy in the 21st century is the ability to critically think and to be innovative."

Hayes said literacy is essential to improving productivity and New Brunswick won't be able to move forward without improving the reading and writing abilities of its citizens.

"We're trying to move from those who work in the woods and on the oceans and in the mines to become more sophisticated … as technology changes people must develop better skills."

Copyright © 2016 CBC


Community Update

Public Library Activities:

Seed Library
Monday, March 21, 2016 until Monday, October 31, 2016 
8 :00  a.m.  -  12 :00  p.m.
Borrow seeds for your garden through our partnership with NBCHG. Please click on the title for more information.

Library Café
Monday, May 2, 2016 until Monday, August 29, 2016 
10 :00  a.m.  -  11 :00  p.m.
Enjoy a cup of coffee on us each Monday morning to ease you into the week.

Adopt-A-Book 2016
Wednesday, May 18, 2016 until Wednesday, July 20, 2016 
During library open hours
The Friends of the Fredericton Public Library invite you to support your local libraries in the annual Adopt-A-Book campaign. Please click on the title for more information.

Moms On The Move!
Jun 28 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am
Tuesday at 10:00am @ the Northside Trail Visitors Centre

Mom’s on the Move is a fun active free  group and a great way to connect with families in the community. Even though we are called“ Mom’s on the Move” everyone in the family is welcome to attend including expecting parents. Every week from May until October we will meet at the Northside Trail Visitor Centre on the North end of the walking bridge.  We will walk with the strollers or carriers for an hour within the city. Some weeks we will have a guest speaker or picnic and there will always be lots to chat about on the move. Please join us and explore all the city of Fredericton has to offer in the summer

Don’t forget to join our Facebook Group:
Moms on the Move – Fredericton



Community Initiatives

Elementary Literacy Inc. (ELF)
If you are interested in working with elementary students to improve their literacy skills, consider becoming a volunteer with Elementary Literacy Inc. To find out more and to register as a volunteer visit their website.
Frontier College
Frontier College is Canada’s original literacy organization. Located in Moncton and Fredericton, they offer homework and reading clubs, youth programs, one-to-one tutoring, teen programs, an adult literacy program, summer camps and much more! To find out what programs are available in your area call Frontier College at 450-7923 or visit their website.

Adult Literacy Fredericton
As of April 4th, Laubach Literacy Fredericton will be operating as Adult Literacy Fredericton. The organisation provides a free one-to-one tutoring service to adults 18 and over who want to improve their reading and writing skills.  Anyone who is interested in upgrading their reading and writing skills, or in becoming a volunteer, should contact the Coordinator at 458-1396 or by emailing
Learning Disabilities Association of New Brunswick (LDANB)
LDANB is proud to be offering the Barton Reading and Spelling System in the greater Fredericton area. This literacy program aims at improving the reading, spelling and writing skills of those who have a reading disability or reading difficulties.  Barton is a specialized one-on-one tutoring system based on the Orton-Gillingham method that teaches the phonemic structure of our written language using a multi-sensory approach. LCNB is proud to support LDANB by providing funding for financial subsidies for low-income families to be able to participate in this program. To find out more click here.
Saint John Learning Exchange (SJLE)
The Learning Exchange is Saint John's leader in adult education, training, and career development. They are a non-profit organization that has become an authority on innovative programming that meets the unique needs of everyone that walks through their doors. If you or someone you know is looking for support to meet academic or employment goals, they have the programming and resources you need. To learn more about the Saint John Learning Exchange visit their website.
LCNB Calendar of Events
The Literacy Coalition has a website calendar available on which you to share your community literacy events. To submit events to our calendar please send event information to To take a look at our calendar, click here.
Do you have community literacy initiatives you would like us to share?
If you are involved in or know of a literacy initiative that should be shared across the province we want to know about it! Send us an email or give us a call and we will include the information in an issue of our newsletter. We can be reached at or 1-800-563-2211.

Professional Development Opportunities


The SkillsNB program provides free online training available 24/7 to the citizens of New Brunswick. With SkillsNB, New Brunswickers can improve skills, build on existing education and work toward career goals. The SkillsNB online library includes over 6,000 resources including courses, videos, simulations, and books, with content in English and French. SkillsNB resources cover the areas of Business, IT, Desktop, Leadership, Management, Well-being and more! Visit the SkillsNB website at and click “Register”. Follow us on Twitter @skills_nb. Questions about the program or registration? Call the Program Manager at 1-844-462-1203 or email
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