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Samples measurement

Sensor Sense Newsletter

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The valve controller software belonging to the ETD-300 ethylene detector in combination with the valve control box has been upgraded and some additional features have been added. Most important improvements are cited:

Increase your measurement capacity

In the standard configuration of the ETD-300 and valve control box you are able to measure up to six channels consecutively. With the recently upgraded valve controller software, you can easily connect multiple valve control boxes to the ETD-300, the software will automatically recognize them and extend the amount of channels. A second or third valve control box will give you more freedom in measuring larger amounts of cuvettes. Please contact Sensor Sense for advise in case of interest.

Samples measurement

Next to the convential Continuous Flow and Stop & Flow measurement modes, a third mode has been added to the valve controller software: Samples. This mode is designed for multiple samples screening in which each sample is analyzed once. The new valve controller software is available for all customers using the valve control box. Please contact Sensor Sense for a software update of your system.

Recent publications citing the ETD-300

The ETD-300 ethylene detector is frequently cited in scientific journals. It is favored for its sensitivity, fast response time and real time measurements. Some selected publications:

Nitsch L, Kohlen W, Oplaat C, Charnikhova T, Cristescu S, Michieli P, Wolters-Arts M, Bouwmeester H, Mariani C, Vriezen WH, Rieu I. ABA-deficiency results in reduced plant and fruit size in tomato. Journal of Plant Physiology 169 (2012) 878–883

Thamarath Pranamornkith, Andrew East, Julian Heyes. Influence of exogenous ethylene during refrigerated storage on storability and quality of Actinidia chinensis (cv. Hort16A). Postharvest Biology and Technology 64 (2012) 1–8

Joonyup Kim, Rebecca L. Wilson, J. Brett Case, and Brad M. Binder. A Comparative Study of Ethylene Growth Response Kinetics in Eudicots and Monocots Reveals a Role for Gibberellin in Growth Inhibition and Recovery. Journal of Plant Physiology 160 (2012) 1567–1

Brittany K. McDaniel and Brad M. Binder. Ethylene Receptor 1 (ETR1) Is Sufficient and has the Predominant Role in Mediating Inhibition of Ethylene Responses by Silver in Arabidopsis thaliana. Journal of Biological Chemistry 287 (2012) 26094–26103 

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