The Rational Organ

Issue I | Vol. I


The Rational Organ consists of rational monthly updates from the irrational mind of Mar Qaroll, a budding, passionate writer of original work on Patreon.

💀 Welcome to The Rational Organ!

‘Lo, ev’ryone! If you are here solely with the thought of, “What the hell, Mar, you’ve done so much already!” you are absolutely correct!! I’m killing myself with these emails, Patreons, sites, subomains, domains, newsletters, and all that branding nonsense!

But that comes with the territory of trying to be taken seriously, I’m afraid…

The Rational Organ is my supplemental newsletter for those who cannot or do not want to keep up with my Discord announcements, Facebook posts, and Twitter posts, but not my Instagram. At least, perhaps, for now.

This means The Rational Organ will include more “serious” things such as:

  • Promotions

  • Important updates

  • Stream announcements

  • Domain and server wonkiness


Speaking of which…!

💀 How is this going to work?

If you follow me anywhere (and I hope you do), you might know I have a personal blog, a development segment on Patreon, a Patreon feed, a Twitter feed, an Instagram account, a Facebook page, and now, a newsletter. So the question is:

◾ What is all of this for and why?

Why do I have all these things? I’m a nobody, not even a published author. No one knows my work by name or, hell, even my name. But I want to have a presence online, even prior to my “debut” as a published author.

I am deciding to take my branding seriously. I have to brand myself. That means doing things that make me uncomfortable and…well, generally doing things related to the dreaded Social Medias™.

Eugh. 😣

All I can really ask for is your support along the way. If you even slightly believe in my dream, believe in me…come along on my journey! 😊 Even just following me on my social media platform(s) or this newsletter will means you believe in me!

💀 I am on Patreon!

This is something worth celebrating!! 🥳 I feel like a big boy, now, workin’ with the Big Boy Toys™. Yeah!!

The tiers start at $2 in which you can get all of my current stories! As of now, I have a masterlist of free excerpts and short stories and the masterlist directory (with the first two free chapters!) of my first full-length novel, Human Shed Skin: Inhuman. I cannot wait to start uploading it in full!

Before you decide to do anything, or if you’re on the fence about it, let me explain the tiers…

  • The $2 Supporter tier can be a onetime support donation, if you like. Otherwise, along with getting a generous shout-out of your liking across my social media, you:

    • Have access to both my public and patron-only stories/work/images/promotions!

  • The $5 Tierling tier (yes, I know, it needs a better name) gives you:

    • Q&A Permissions to ask all your dirty questions and SFW queries.

    • I will read your questions live on Livestreams and possibly Twitch streams!

    • You also get access to my Discord to talk with me in live time! Whoo! 🤸🏾‍♂️

    • ALL Supporter benefits, too!

  • The $10 Margin tier gives you:

    • Voting rights! You can ask me what you want to see next in my feed!

    • Behind-the-scenes content, such as info, notes, sneak peeks, facts, and progress updates on future and current stories!

    • Advanced Discord access which includes voice chat!

    • ALL previous benefits!

  • The $15 Echelon tier gives you:

    • Constantly updating e-copies of my completed work! (If they need updating)

    • Complete Discord access, including watching my exclusive non-Twitch and Patreon streams with priority speaker in chat.

    • Personalized request-access! Wanna see something happen? I will occasionally open the floodgates for those requests from you!

    • ALL previous benefits!! 😮

I plan to add more benefits as I am able. 😊

💀 Last words

Little things worth mentioning…

◾ July Camp NaNo 2k21

I didn’t partake in April’s Camp NaNo, but this time, I do plan to! I will be working on a story I revealed the cover of on my Patreon!

Wrimos can check out more info on the novella below! 👀


◾ Streaming!

Speaking of Camp NaNo, the plan is to stream every day of July! I’ve been doing a semi-decent job of streaming every other day or so to get ready for that. I hope I don’t disappoint!

I plan to stream every night at 7PM EST!


Thank you for reading!

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