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Issue II | Vol. I


The Rational Organ consists of rational monthly updates from the irrational mind of Mar Qaroll, a budding, passionate writer of original work on Patreon.

💀 July Camp NaNo 2k21 – WIN!

Well, I won, but I didn’t finish the story of She’s One of Us. You cannot believe how much that disappoints me. I don’t even have enough for a complete arc.

I even tried to complete book two of the Human Shed Skin subseries while I was at this to make it possible to upload a complete book after Inhuman, but it seems that will not be happening.

This is all despite making it past my initial word goal of 25k. I tried, y’all.

Yes, I know there are still twelve days left in the month but the story has been moving at a snail’s pace and it…doesn’t look like it’ll be going anywhere.

What does this mean? Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t have much to post onto Patreon right now, to be honest. Not too proud of that, because it seemed like I did when I first made my account. Everything seemed to make sense…

And now I feel like an absolute dunce because of it.

And so…

◾ Going forward

With the overall incompletion of HuShS Book Two, I’m forced to work on it some other time. That will not be in August, nor will it probably be any time again this year.

There are many other projects I need to put my focus on, namely things in my sci-fantasy series, Inverse Sequences.

I plan to return to the Reon System later this year! Perhaps for NaNoWriMo! 😁

💀 August intentions

This August, I plan to participate in the 31 Day Short Story Challenge hosted by The Writing Network. It is in 12 days!! I’ve already worked on at least 35 prompts that I plan to share before the month is over to give a taste of what may come in August. 👀 Look out for that post!

Just like my intentions for this month, I intend to stream every day of August when life permits. I look forward to it!

💀 Last words

Little things worth mentioning…

◾ Facebook thoughts

I’ve considered leaving Facebook. It isn’t a site I actually use, and now that I have a newsletter, it’s more like a chore than anything else…

Furthermore, I’ve not had much successful interaction on the site. I’ve had it for some time and only one person has consistently interacted with my posts since…2020? If not earlier.

The same, in fact, goes for Twitter, save for the interaction bit…

◾ Marketing thoughts

Humor me for a moment as I give a brief insight into what’s been going through my mind as of late. Read ↓↑

I’ve realized, folks, that the place I lack as far as trying to brand myself is…marketing. It is the hardest part of self-publishing, undoubtedly. At least, I think so.

I’ve had to think hard about how I’m going to do things and how I’m going to go forward with this conundrum. The truth is, I don’t know. And if I leave Facebook and Twitter, my likelihood of being “seen” drops considerably.

I’m not in the right headspace for marketing, to be honest. I’d need help and time and dedication that I don’t have right now.

That makes me wonder…What am I doing all this for? I don’t want to strike it rich or anything. I just want to have people to enjoy my work as much as I do. But it seems the world of an artist nowadays makes it that it’s not so simple…

In other words, I’ve legitimately realized…I may never do writing as a profession. It might always have to stay a hobby. And not because I want it to remain’ll just have to be that way.

I’ll keep everyone posted via my personal blog on how things progress. Depending on the content and how pertinent it is, I’ll also update on my Patreon.

Thank you for reading!

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