Hey lovahs,

I have received an unprecedented number of amazing gifts over this week: a really good song about me, a graphic novel, a box of mandarin oranges, a bundle of flowers, a book about Japanese food, my favorite loaf of seeded sourdough, some beautiful writing and designs for Autostraddle’s first-ever Asian Pacfic Islander American (APIA) Heritage Month — stay tuned, there’s more ahead!

I also found myself more uncomfortable and angry with white people than usual. It’s probably about Ahmaud Arbery and dumbass lifestyle cooks on the internet and instances of anti-Asian racism in the lives of people I love and discussions on how whiteness shows up in romantic relationships and the way my white neighbor lines her plants up against my wall (because it gets more sun than hers) and the ignorance with which some people flaunt their entitlement.

But it was also a good reminder that this is normal. And that just because I'm inside, doesn't mean the world has yet changed. So stay balanced out there, friends, stay focused and fighting, give gifts to the people you care about, because they really can tip a rough day into a chill one.  



Honor Trans Elders: Cecilia Chung is the Trans Mother We All Wanted by Xoai Pham

You need to know the audacious Cecilia Chung. She’s a recognized trans activist, produced the first Trans March at SF Pride in 2004 and is a guiding force to her trans daughters.

Fatimah Asghar’s Got Game: Watch Her New Short on Anxiety at a Queer Sex Party by Kamala Puligandla

Come to remember what sexy parties feel like, stay because we all need a reminder that intimacy can be as thrilling as fucking.

Stepping Out Of Silence by Himani Gupta

Sometimes the concept of love is so abstract and remote, it feels impossible to locate yourself, let alone your desire.

Op-ed: For Ahmaud Arbery, A Prayer For The Runner by Patrisse Cullors and Damon Turner

How many more lives will need to be lost? How many more times will we say it before it’s believed? Black. Lives. Matter. #JusticeforAhmaud

The Virus Is Taking Away Our Homegoings by Biba Adams

Not only is COVID-19 hitting Black communities hard, it’s also making it impossible to practice these culturally historic funeral rituals that have long given folks peace and relief.
While We're Here

☀️ It’s Time To Take California Back From Joan Didion by Myriam Gurba

Please reference the title of this newsletter.


🍄 S L I C K: King of Cups by Junauda

Can you pass up psychedelic camping erotica by a known-pleasure activist? 

🎤 Verzuz: Erykah Badu vs. Jill Scott by Doyin Oyeniyi

Stream the songs to relive this magic moment.

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