We are in a time, dear friends!

Every day feels like a week. Every week feels like an eternity. Reality is changing all the time. I’m sitting on the couch eating a bowl of chili and I can’t remember for the life of me when I even made it, because what is time?

This week is about survival. That looks different ways to different people, but in our communities, it’s rarely done alone. It’s about unraveling each other’s knots, and holding the loose ends together so they don’t fray. 

My hope is that this letter will offer you a little solace and inspiration, something to remind you of where we come from and where we’re headed, and the collective power that continues to hold us in place.

Sending you long, strong, virtual hugs,

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Year of Our (Audre) Lorde: March’s Poetry Is Not a Luxury by Jehan Roberson

When in doubt, when survival and change seem out of reach, Audrey Lorde reminds us to turn to poetry to give name and form to the dreams and emotions that make us whole again. 

A Better World: Transformative Justice And The Apocalypse by Kai Cheng

Punishment is not the answer. Weaknesses and violence in our societal structures are being revealed right now, and as we move toward an unknown future, transformative justice will allow us to want better, be better and focus on collective harm reduction.


Roundtable: The Undocumented Activists Organizing a Strike and Building a New World by Christine Miranda

Meet four organizers in Movimiento Cosecha, who are working around the U.S. to build community, and fight for the rights of immigrants and undocumented workers and families.


Crushed by Tiana Reid

Let’s be honest, just because you can’t HAVE the somebody (or several) haunting your erotic thoughts right now, doesn’t mean you aren’t overflowing with want! Part of the power of crushing is surrendering to desire itself, and this is a beautiful piece on how that changes us.

While We're Here

💐 Asian American Feminist Antibodies: Care In The Time Of Corona Virus by various Asian American writers, artists and activists

From timelines of historical precedence of xenophobia against Asians in the U.S. to personal narratives and rich resource guides, this is the zine we’re keeping handy at all times.

📚 10 Books by Black Women to Read During Times of Uncertainty by the ZORA Magazine Editors 

Black women are no strangers to building a new world onto themselves from the fire and ash that’s given to them — which is also why we selected one of the books from this list, Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower, for our Read a F*cking Book Club on April 10th. 


 🛌 What I Wore To Bed by Shelli Nicole

It’s comfy, it’s intimate, it’s off the shoulder.

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