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To be honest, when we originally imagined sending this email to your inbox (and we’ve been planning it for months!), there was no way to anticipate the world that this lil newsletter is coming into. Kamala and I were just talking to each other about the heavy load of our worry and how it can feel like drowning.

We know you’re feeling it too — we know that times of impossible crisis and hardship always effect queer and trans people of color that much harder. That QTPOC sex workers, artists, freelancers, those of us in the service industry (which is to say, A LOT of us) are pressed about our next check. That panicked cries of closing borders in the name of supposed “national security” causes pain for those of us whose family lines criss cross countries and oceans. That every new virus comes with it newly varnished waves of xenophobia that leave our Asian fam scared to as much as cough in public. And we know who's cleaning the offices, the schools, the public transportation. Who's delivering food and stocking grocery shelves. Who isn't given the luxury of "staying home to flatten the curve." It's us.

No, this isn’t the coming out party that we envisioned for ourselves, but fuck it WE ARE HERE. We’ll hold each other down this week, and the one after that, and all the ones to come. We’ll remind each other to laugh or take a break to dream instead of worry. Kamala and I wanted to create a space for us, a biweekly celebration of dope QTPOC content by the Black and Brown living geniuses among us. You can hit us back at this email address and let us know what’s good — do you love it? We hope so. Got a hit tip? Send it our way! This is a new ride for all of us, and you know, we’re feeling it out.

We love you and we really mean that. 

Kamala & Carmen


Black Trans Women on Sending Abundant, Overflowing Love to Zaya Wade by KUCHENGA

Because it will NEVER get old to see this Black trans girl being her beautiful self and receiving so much love and support from her, yes, very attractive parents! We love hearing Black trans women share what Zaya Wade’s coming out has done to heal and bring a spark of hope into their lives.

COVID-19 Is Bringing Out Deep-Rooted Racism in the Bay Area by Fiona Lee

As Asian people living in non-Asian cultures, we're often used to being both totally invisible — obscured by whatever narrative is dominant in any particular place — and a conspicuous alien. This piece speaks to both at once, offering a small glimpse into the American historical precedent and very real consequences of our current pandemic.


“Twenties” Review: Lena Waithe Writes Herself Into Her Groundbreaking New BET Series To Mixed Results by Carmen Phillips and Natalie Duggins

If you’ve been having meh feelings about Lena Waithe’s work — nobody is saying she’s not stylish — you’re not the only one; Natalie and Carmen share some of these critiques of her show Twenties. What we whole-heartedly loved anyway: languorous, hot sex featuring a fine Black butch character.

A Rent-Stabilized Room of Her Own by Jehan Roberson

While it may seem unimaginable for so so long (especially because we are queer women of color trying to live as writers!), there can come a time and a place when you realize that living with roommates is just the excuse you’re giving yourself for not living up to your full potential. 


What I Wore by Shelli Nicole

Shelli’s take on the “What I Wore” series is about being cute and showing off what a babe she is, and is intentionally not a thesis statement about teaching white folks some greater lesson about the plight of being a marginalized black woman in America. #BlackFemmeWorldwideTakeOver

While We're Here

🔮Dawning by Davia Spain

Davia is captivating and her voice is beautiful. Check out her album — a classical, jazzy, electro haunting that will jiggle your insides and transport you to outer space. 

🤩Living Legend (Official Video) by DJ Kayslay featuring Jadakiss, Queen Latifah & Bun B. 

Queen’s hair is achingly perfect, and everything matches, from her duster coat down to the butter pecan timbs. She also starts doing the cry baby against a brick wall. All bets are off.


🍑The Art of Pleasuring Woman to Woman by Feminista Jones 

OK Listen. Here’s a thing we saw and just thought “hot.” Apply as you see fit.
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