Hi, hello, I hope you’re having a wavy Wednesday!

It’s been warm in LA and I’ve been melting popsicles into my La Croix, and making my way through several pints of ice cream, including a fancy chocolate brownie, a Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia, a salted caramel chip, and a pretty decent vanilla bean I top with peaches and berries. 

I also spent the past weekend binging the Netflix show Indian Matchmaking and riding the waves of clashing emotion it inspired in me and others. I was at once filled with immense horror at this representation of Indian culture (which, if we’re being honest, I’m pretty removed from) and that people would treat life-long partnership like online shopping.

But then I was highly entertained and very taken with the matchmaker, Sima from Mumbai, who was able to soften and open up even her most demanding clients, so they could begin to know what they actually wanted. And I was intrigued by watching a certain anti-coupledom and pro-community ethos in practice (though still rooted in misogyny and other old, bad news) that prioritizes investment over all other qualities.

Obviously, the whole time I was yelling “If you were gay your life would be so much better!” but I did love thinking about how much fun it would be to watch a queer, family arranged partnership show. Can someone please make that for me while we’re all STILL in quarantine? Thanks.

Stay frosty out there,


Scenes from a Gender: Illustrated Moments of Trans Womanhood by Bishakh Som

These scenes are vivid, the tension is palpable, the settings so familiar.

Yes All Cops, Even SVU’s Olivia Benson by Quiniva Smith

This is a powerful piece on the significant relationship between survivors and the abolition movement.

Europe’s CuTie.BIPoC Festival Is a Life Raft in the Sea of Whiteness by Bailey

There are immense joys in specifically creating spaces for queer and trans peeople of color, and Bailey also captures how our communities can do better.

Anatomy Of A Mango: Skin by Dani Janae  

I'll let Roxane take this one.

Getting Done Up When You’re Coming Undone by Tiana Reid

As an avid appreciator of the private power-ritual of feminine presentation, I was excited and moved by this smart, emotional hair journey.

Artforum Interviews: Saidiya Hartman by Catherine Damman

One of the most beautiful minds I’ve encountered wonders, “How does one push against particular plots or impositions of the subject? Defy the script of managed and regulated life? Persist under the threat of death?”
While We're Here

📻 You Need to Listen to Bad Queers Podcast, Trust Us by Shelli Nicole

If Shelli is here to suggest that we listen to Kris and Shana tackle the multi-faceted experience of being Black and queer, I will listen.

💗Also.Also.Also: Remembering John Lewis by Natalie

What one person can do with a single lifetime remains baffling and impressive.

🔪 @twodykesandaknife

This account regularly makes me so happy and so hungry.
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