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Week of January 31st, 2016

Free Trade Agreements: Bil Oil's Secret Weapon vs. the Climate Justice Movement: Will NAFTA Destroy the KXL Victory? Special Guest Speaker: Author and Activist Bill McKibben of Plus: TPP to be signed Feb 4!!!!! A National TPP Conference Call and Webinar -- Sunday, January 31st, 7:30 PM EST / 4:30 PM PST  -- Register at   -- Additional Presenters: Ilana Solomon, Sierra Club Responsible Trade Program * Nancy Price, The Alliance for Democracy * Emilianne Slaydon, TPP Media March * Margaret Flowers, Flush the TPP / * Adam Weissman, TradeJustice NY Metro * Andrea Miller, People Demanding Action * and More!



Tell Trade Ministers: “Do not sign the TPP! (Open Media)

Defend International Labor Rights: Tell Congress to Stop the TPP!


The Case Against ObamaRyan’s TPP (Lifezette, Undated)

Obama, GOP Leaders May be Plotting TPP Sneak (Polizette, Undated)

Polls Show Americans Oppose Our Trade Policy but Like Trade (The World Post, 5/11/15)

Peruvian Unions and ILRF File Labor Rights Complaint Against Peru (International Labor Rights Fund, 7/23/15)

Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Faces a Long Road to Approval and Entry Into Force (Sidley, 10/20/16)

The TPP Hands Control Over Trade To The World's Wealthiest (HuffPost Politics, 1/20/16)

Economy minister Amari vows "accountability" over bribery allegations (Kyodo News, 1/20/16)

Government says TPPA deal won't undermine Treaty of Waitangi rights for Maori (Stuff NZ, 1/21/16)

What a Misleading Chart on U.S. Trade Looks Like (The Wall Street Journal, 1/25/16)

Trans-Pacific Trade Pact Would Lift US Incomes, but Not Jobs (The New York Times, 1/25/16)

How The Presidential Election Could Endanger Obama’s Big Trade Deal (HuffPost Politics, 1/27/16)

Mulcair asks if PM often signs 'things he doesn't agree with' (Huff Post Politcs, 1/28/16)

New Zealand Police Intimidate Anti-TPP Activists in Their Homes (Telesur, 1/28/16)

Japan's 'TPP Chief' Resigns Over Corruption Scandal (The Diplomat, 1/29/16)

U.S. Will See Smallest GDP Impact From TPP, According to World Bank (Spend Matters, 1/29/16)

Signing TPP: a step back for Canada (Yahoo Finance, 1/31/16)

Bernie Sanders And Big Business Find Something They Can Actually Agree On: Neither thinks Hillary Clinton is really opposed to the TPP trade deal. (HuffPost Politics, 1/29/16)

Octagon declared a 'TPP-free zone' (Octago Daily Times, 1/30/16)


NY AG Schneiderman: Don’t Let TPP Gut State Laws (Politico, 4/19/15)

CityViews: Queens Biz Owner Knocks Obama’s Trans-Pacific Trade Deal (City Limits, 1/20/16)

President Obama dodges Pacific Trade Deal threat to the environment (Friends of the Earth, 1/21/16)

Close to signing,TPPA can be stopped (Otago Daily Times, 1/21/16)


 Council of Canadians' Maude Barlow on Keystone XL Pipeline NAFTA Suit The Globe and Mail, 1/9/16)


Will the Trans-Pacific Partnership Deal Survive? (Bloomberg Business 1/20/16)

ISDS - Giving foreign corporations the right to sue governments (GetUp! Australia, 12/9/15)



Trading Down: Unemployment, Inequality and Other Risks of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (Global Development and Environment Institute, January 2016)

New Zealand Law Foundation Expert Papers on TPP


The TPP Is Not A Massive New Market for US Exports (US Business and Industry Council)


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