Project Highlight: Neerekshe
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P R O J E C T   H I G H L I G H T


Hope in the Deccan Plateau

L O C A T  I O N:

Muranpur Village, Karnataka, India

P R O J E C T   L E A D E R:

Mr. Shadrach Peters and Mrs. Gladys Peters

D E S C R I P T I O N:

Neerekshe serves in the underdeveloped village of Muranpur. The project aims to provide education for poor children, many of them being Dalits, primary health care, medical services and vocational training. There is a special emphasis on the girl child. EHA Canada funds the Gerri Carrol Centre that provides food to pre-school children. We also assist in building hostels for poor and orphaned children.

"Train children in the right way,
    and when old, they will not stray."  
Proverbs 22:6

Most of our support goes to EHA units and projects in North India. An exception is Neerekshe which means "hope". It is located in Muranpur village on the hot, arid plains of the Deccan Plateau. Neerekshe is the brainchild of Gladys and Shadrach Peters. On retiring from a thriving ministry to university students, t
hey moved from the high tech city of Bangalore to this remote location. They started a school for poor children, many of them Dalits. The work began as a creche in a cowshed attached to Shadrach’s ancest
ral home. It relocated to a 13 acre campus with proper buildings housing classes from grade 1 to grade 10. Beginning with 20 students, there are now 200. EHA Canada helped build a Boys’ Home where 42 boys live as they attend the school. A Girls’ Home is now nearing completion.

Female illiteracy is a big problem in rural India. The Peters have a special love for the girl child. Education, combined with spiritual nurture, will save them from a life of misery marked by poverty, bonded labor, sexual slavery and other evils. This labor of love is motivated by the supreme love of and for our Saviour. Here are a couple of stories illustrating their work.
She was first called Yelamma but changed her name to Elisabeth.  She grew up in a village where child prostitution is rampant. Her parents, being very poor and fearing for what might become of their daughter, arrived at Neerekshe’s doorstep and asked the Peters to take over her care. Elisabeth lived in their tiny home and learned to read and write. She learned fast. Her teachers, recognizing her talents, sent her to Bangalore to continue her education while living in the home of the Peters' son. She is now studying to become a nurse. She is also maturing in her faith. 
Maria  has a similar story. Her father said they were tired of taking care of her and brought her to Neerekshe. She is now enrolled in a computer course in Bangalore. She is growing in her faith.

Rajashri, escaping an abusive marriage, came to Neerekshe with her two boys. The elder son went to another Boys’ Home and then to University in Bangalore. Rajashri and the younger boy stayed on in Neerekshe. All of them have grown in their faith.
On March 25, Gladys and Shadrach had a pleasant surprise. Ten children walked 8 kilometers in the scorching heat. Temperatures at this time of the year soar to 45C.They had come to attend the Good Friday service. This journey was especially difficult for one of the girls (seen here in the picture) who suffers from albinism. After worshiping, they were fed and sent home - only to return on Easter Sunday!
A VBS will be held from April 19 to 24. 300 children are expected to attend. Please pray for the children, teachers and volunteers.

We are privileged to partner with Gladys and Shadrach in their ministry of love to these who our Lord might describe as the “least of these”. Thank you for your support for these and other projects. Do pray for this very needy and challenging ministry. Remember the VBS  starting on April 19.
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