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Importance of Training

Through proper training, even impossible can become possible. On the other hand, without training the easiest task also seems difficult to complete. Training plays a very important role in our life. Here is an inspiring illustration.
One day in the king’s assembly, an interesting discussion was going on: Is it possible that a goat refuses to eat the hay if it is kept before him? Is there any such trainer, who can train it to do so?

One of the assembly members stood up and said, ‘My Lord! I can do it.’ He got two weeks to train the goat.

Two weeks later, the man came with the goat in the assembly of the king. Hay was offered to the goat. Goat turned his face as soon as he saw the hay. Everyone was surprised. The king said, ‘How can this be?’ Wherever the goat turned its face to, hay was served there and each time it refused. The king asked with surprise, ‘How did you make this impossible task possible?’

The man replied, ‘My Lord, I took the goat into the forest and put hay before it. No sooner did it start to eat, I would beat it with an iron rod. Within three or four days, whenever hay was served it would turn its face away. The goat thinks that if he starts to eat hay, it will be beaten. Now it is completely trained. Whenever you put hay before it, it will not eat it.’

This story is related to desires and ambitions. Desires rise constantly and even in sleep too. During his sleep man does so many things. He dreams and sometimes speaks too. Desires are constantly active during day and night. The cycle of non-abstinence never ceases. As soon as desire emerges, one needs to hammer it with a rod. He should be determined to refuse enticing desires and decide not to fulfil them. The consciousness of rejection can be awakened in the form of – ‘I will not accept it; I will not eat this today; I will not speak ill-words; I will not do this work.’ Through frequent resolutions, our brain can be trained and the consciousness of abstinence can be awakened. This is the process of training or awakening the consciousness of abstinence.

The Problem Caused by Non-Abstinence

In Sutrakritanga Sutra, we find a description on:
1. Adharm (State of non-righteousness)
2. Dharmaadharm (State of partial righteousness)
3. Dharm (State of righteousness)

The description about non-righteous people is so dreadful that it makes our heart tremble. It can be compared with today’s prevalent problems of terrorism, violence, and cruelty. In people with partial righteousness compassion takes the place of cruelty and he begins to avoid unnecessary violence. A disciplined life limits accumulation and consumption of products. The state of righteousness is guided by complete discipline and control. These three states can be compared to avrati, vrataavrati and vrati respectively. The thriving problem of our modern age is caused by avrati. An avrati (non-abstinent) society is devoid of code of conduct, rules, and regulations. People living in such a society have no restrictions over their evil activities such as stealing, robbery, murder, cruelty, barbaric activities, kidnapping, terrorism, etc. Therefore, this is the most dangerous segment of the society.

The second category is slightly improved and commencing towards spirituality. Here people are rather thoughtful and inclined towards righteousness.

The third category of dharmi or vrati leads a puritanical righteous life. The person with an awakened  consciousness of vrat thinks that uncontrolled consumption is not in favour of spiritual life. It must be disciplined. Life is not good without control and regulation. Therefore, he understands the techniques of restraints and practices them. Practitioners of the third state are totally dedicated towards the spiritual path. Such souls have control over the unlimited desires and consumption of materialistic pleasures. They know the techniques for restricting these and practice them fervently.

Excerpts from "Who is a Jain Shravak ?" by Acharya Mahaprajna 

News - December - 2019
Uvasaggahar Maha Anushthan
On 21st, December, 2019, JVBNJ hosted Uvasaggahar Maha Anushthan, a collective chanting of Uvasaggahar Maha Mantra 108 times. Uvasaggaharam Stotra is an adoration of the twenty-third Tīirthankara Parshvanatha. This Stotra was composed by Acharya Bhadrabahu. Chanting of this mantra with full faith can eliminate obstacles, hardships, and miseries. During the Anusthan the participants tied 108 knots on a yellow yarn which can be used to cure various ailments. The event was sponsored by Jai Chand Ji Dugar and family. The Uvasaggahar jaap chant helped in awakening of consciousness and filled our body with positive vibrations. The power of the collective recitation just pulls the wandering thoughts and helps us control and feel energy following through our body and mind. This magical journey lasted for about two and half hours. Samani ji requested for tap to be done along  with the jaap. 
News - December - 2019
W.I.N Event and Food Drive
W.I.N arranged a special event on Conquering recession and Global risk to stay wealthy by prominent capital markets content creator and talking head in the media including CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN and BBC,  Ash Ranjan. He is a well known and highly reputed Wall Street Strategist and Wealth Manager. The program was attended by various age groups with a purpose to gain financial education. It was a simple, easy to understand discussion to empower financial well being by not getting rich but by staying rich. Members used this opportunity very well to ask relevant questions which helped them to clarify lot of misinformation.
Later in the day JVBNA arranged the food drive for under privileged children in Newark. It was very peaceful seeing joy on little kids faces. The group felt lot of satisfaction on concluding the year on great deed. We hope to continue to this good work every year and help the needy in every way possible.
Educational Events
  • Agam Classes
  • Parallel session for Parents during Gyanshala
Upcoming Events
  • Holi - 14th March, 2020

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